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The Disciplines
THE SECOND WELL TRUST presents 'The Disciplines'
Compiled from many Teachings from The Songee Energy 1995 – 2000


Creating a Sacred Placee
Increasing the Vibrational Energy of the Chakras
Raising the Colours with the 4 x 4 x 4 Breathing
Opening Prayer
Closing Prayer
Returning the Colours to the Earth

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This is a very important teaching from The Songee Energy, the Opening and Closing Prayers and the whole process as a Spiritual Discipline.

The disciplines involve our physical, mental and emotional selves promoting our awareness of self and spirit and we begin this by creating an environment for our spiritual work to take place in.

The whole process needs to be completed, 'The Breathing', 'Relaxation of the body', 'The raising of the colours through the chakras', The 'Opening Up' prayer, the 'Work' you intend to do – Divination readings, Meditation, working with Spirit whatever you have planned - and when this work is completed there needs to be a 'closing down' prayer to honour the spirit people we have worked with, to thank Oneness and to bring the vibration of each of our chakras to our every running speed by the passing of the rainbow colours back to the earth.

Creating a Sacred Place

PURPOSE is to have somewhere safe and quiet without interruption to practice our spiritual work and to fully be who we are, in trust and confidently be recognised for our individual uniqueness.

Select somewhere where we will feel safe.

Clean it thoroughly on the physical, opening the doors and windows. We may use lavender flowers, or salt to cleanse and balance the negativity or darkness that may be in the space.

Gather together all the things we may need for the work we are going to do which means we must have a sense of focus as to our intent. This is not to control the events however preparation is necessary. Eg music, journal, aroma oil and burner, incense, candles, what books you may need, turn the phone off if you can hear it ringing in your space. It is very disruptive to the gathering energies and the space we are moving into to be interrupted by having to leave the room because we forgot something.

While we are doing this we are already beginning to move from our everyday life into our spirituality and we begin to relax. It can help to imagine we are leaving our daily cares outside the door to be taken up again when we have finished our spiritual work. It may be necessary to discuss the space with your family and its purpose. By making a Do Not Disturb sign for the door will indicate when you are in there and are not to be disturbed. Sometimes it is necessary to tell them the only reasons they may disturb you whatever you decide for yourself.

When all things are gathered begin to cleanse the outer boundary of the room using either Blessed Water, Sage smoke or incense smoke moving in a clockwise manner.

Light a candle either white or select a colour you have knowledge of that will assist you in the special work you are going to do. Place it in a central place towards the north or in the center of your space. It is better for you to sit in the center and face the north. Were you to have an altar or some piece of furniture as a focal point in your room it is best placed in the north unless you have some special reason for doing it differently.

By intuition we will have obtained what aroma oils and/or incense would be suitable. Now is the time to set these going.


Sitting comfortably, our hands resting in our lap and with our back straight and one foot slightly in front of the other slowly take in and expel 3 deep breaths. This begins the relaxation process by letting go of what we have been holding onto all day.

'Get ready to breath (Expel the air already in the lungs) breath in deeply into the lower chest in 3 short intakes, hold the breath for a moment and then release it slowly with the mouth wide open.'

Do this 3 times.


These are done simply and without strain or forcing in any way. Groups of muscles are gently tightening and then relaxed.

Remember to breathe in the usual way during these exercises and not to hold the breath while focusing on mastering something new.

'To relax the muscles of the feet: CURL UP THE TOES, then Relax

To tighten the muscles between the ankles and the knees: KEEP THE HEELS ON THE FLOOR LIFT THE TOES UP TOWARDS YOUR HEAD feel the muscles of your shin and calf tightening, then Relax

To tighten the muscles between the knees and the hips: START TO LIFT YOUR FEET OFF THE FLOOR, feel the muscles of your thighs tighten, then Relax

To tighten the muscles of the buttocks: TIGHTEN THE MUSCLES UP AND FEEL YOURSELF LIFTING OFF THE SEAT, then Relax

To tighten the muscles of the lower abdomen: PULL YOUR TUMMY IN AS THOUGH YOU ARE ATTEMPTING TO TOUCH YOUR BACK BONE FROM THE FRONT, breathing normally DO NOT HOLD YOUR BREATH, then Relax

To tighten the muscles of the chest, because the chest cannot be squeezed smaller we expand the muscles stretching them so that they achieve a tautness. We do this by taking in a deep breath through the nose, holding it briefly then releasing it through the mouth, then Relax

To tighten the muscles of the hands: we imitate the action of the feet, CURL UP THE HANDS INTO FISTS, AS TIGHT AS YOU CAN, then Relax

To tighten the muscles between the wrists and the elbows and the elbows to the shoulder: KEEP THE HEELS OF THE HANDS ON YOUR THIGHS LIFT THE FINGERS UP TOWARDS YOUR HEAD, feel the muscles in the fore arm tightening, HOLD THIS POSITION then HUG YOUR ELBOWS INTO THE SIDES OF YOUR BODY, feel the upper arm muscles tighten, then Relax BOTH ARMS

To tighten the muscles of the shoulders and neck: LIFT THE SHOULDERS UP TO THE EARS AND PULL THE EARS DOWN TO THE SHOULDERS, feel the muscles tense up, then DROP THE SHOULDERS DOWN TOWARDS THE FEET, and Relax

To tighten and stretch the muscles of the face: WITH YOU EYES CLOSED, STRETCH, PULL, TWIST. GRIMACE, YAWN, FROWN, PURSE YOU LIPS, WRAP YOU LIPS AROUND YOUR TEETH, PULL ALL SORTS OF FACES, feel all the muscles of the face moving and stretching in areas that you do not normally feel, this Relax'

Increasing the Vibrational energy of the Chakras
Bringing Alignment and Healing to the Chakras

The raising of the rainbow colours from the earth through each of the chakra centres realigns them and brings healing into the chakras which radiates into the surrounding organs and systems.

The colours themselves also replenish colours in the centres where they are needed. The chakras vibrate and turn at various levels, angles and speeds/vibrations depending on what we are doing and how we feel. When it is activated the Kundalini energy moves up and down the chakras, as well as through the chakras centres. It is very common for the chakras to be out of alignment through many different causes.

By bringing the colours up through the chakras the vibrational energy is quickened, the chakras are realigned where required, healing energies and colours are left in the chakras which need them. It is like an 'Opening Up' into the spiritual realm. This process assists us to use our psychic gifts more readily and helps to put us in touch with our intuitive power.

RAISING THE COLOURS with the 4 x 4 x 4 Breathing

By using a particular method of breathing assists this process. We call it 4 x 4 x 4.

A gentle breath in to the count of 4, holding it to the count of 4 and breathing out to the count of 4.

We imagine a pool of light (as though we are standing in a puddle) and as we breathe in the colour, it comes into the pool of light, as we hold our breath the colour travels upward as though a vacuum is created by the held breath, and as we breathe out the colour fountains out the crown chakra to flow around us within the field of the aura we have around our bodies. We do not have to MAKE any of these things happen. They will occur all by themselves with the correct breathing. We will become more aware of the process by practice.

The count is the rhythm of heart beats and the process can be very quick. This is easy to feel by placing several fingers over the pulse in our wrist, located underneath/inside of the arm on the thumb side of the wrist. When a group of people do this together it is usual for their heart beats to be regulated to the same rhythm.

We must sit with our spine straight, a good position is to sit forward a little on an upright chair, one leg in a usual position and the other bent and tucked a little way underneath the chair. This position always makes the back straighten as the body becomes held by our center of gravity.

Raising the Colour with the 4 x 4 x 4 Breathing

Begin by -

Closing our eyes and becoming focused on our breathing.

Take a breath in through the nose deep down into the abdomen counting to 4

Hold this breath to the count of 4

Then gently exhale through the mouth with the lips pursed together as though down a straw, to the count of 4

Rest and take a small breath in and out

It helps to practise this breathing technique a few times before you begin to start imagining the colours.

'Get ready to breathe (expel the air in your lungs) 'Colour' Red
IN 2 3 4
Hold 2 3 4
Out 2 3 4
Rest - Take a normal breath

And repeat with each of the other 6 colours -

Then - The WHITE LIGHT Feel The White Light gather together and flow out through the Crown Chakra to blend with the other colours.'

When all the 7 rainbow colours spiral together they produce the Pure White Light and can be seen as such.

The Chakras

Imagine the colours as being clear and very clean. The following may help you to realise each of these colours :

1. Base is The Colour Red - Imagine a beautiful red rose.
2. Sacral chakra is Orange - Imagine a juicy ripe Orange.
3. Spleenic Chakra is Yellow - Imagine a bunch of yellow daffodils
4. Heart chakra is Green - Imagine all the many beautiful greens of nature.
5. Throat chakra is Blue - Imagine the sky on a clear Summers day.
6. Third eye chakra is Indigo - Imaging the night sky a cool deep velvet darkness.
7. Crown chakra is Purple - Imagine a beautiful African Violet with its rich royal purple flower.

There are 7 main chakras however we also need to gather the White Light.
This Light is already inside of us and is a part of our Oneness Energy, our Divine Essence. We imagine some of it gathering together and allow it to flow out of the crown chakra to blend with the other colours. The spinning of the rainbow colours forms a white light.

The Opening

It is important to next gather all the people together, ourselves in the physical and those in the spirit.

'We welcome our Doorkeepers and Guardians to come close and to blend their colours with ours
We invite the Guides and Helpers and those in spirit who come to teach, to be taught, or simply to be
And All Together As One' . . .

The Opening Prayer is important as it helps us to focus our attention on the purpose of the work that we intend to do.

The purpose is to safely practice the skills of our Spiritual and Psychic Development

To learn how to acknowledge and honour the Supreme Power that is present throughout our Lives and Beyond

To learn to recognise and acknowledge the interventions and presence of those Souls in Spirit who come to be with us during this time of learning

To learn to FEEL the Power build as we say the spoken word

The Prayer is quite simple; it begins with personal events, the daily life, and expands outwards to encompass the planet and beyond. Just as the Opening of the Chakras takes us from every day 'running' so to speak, the prayer takes us also from everyday 'running' to a more expanded awareness.

Say the Prayer Slowly, honour the words, allow the energies to get to the places we are requesting them to go to.

The Prayer is as follows:-

. . .'We entreat the Creator, the source of all Light, Love and Power,
For Protection, Guidance, Harmony and Healing.
The Healing to go to -
All those people who's names are written in the Healing Books,
To all the people we have encountered in our daily lives, that need healing
And to all the people in sick beds, Hospitals, Prisons and Institutions throughout the world.
May it go to the Heads of Governments of the World to help them govern WISELY AND WELL with HUMANITY and MERCY.
May it go to all the places of the world where people are suffering from famine, floods and man's inhumanity to man.
May it go to all the creatures of the Planet,
Those that live on its surface, beneath its surface,
In and on it waters, that fly in its air,
From the very largest to the very smallest,
To the trees and plants,
To the rocks and earth,
To the Planet itself
For all of this we say
Thank You and

This is a very powerful Prayer. The first sentence is always appropriate to assist with whatever we intend to do.

Intended Work

Now we do the Work of whatever is intended. It is very important that we write down our experiences.

For meditation it is best to go straight into it from the Prayer as the vibrational energy would be shifted.

Closing Prayer

When our intended work is completed we need to lower this high vibration we have been to do our spiritual work to a lower vibration which is more in keeping with our everyday activities.

First we need to gather spirit and ourselves together and acknowledge and honour the assistance and guidance we have received -

'We close our eyes and focus for a moment on all we experienced that evening, from when we walked in to how we feel now.
We invite all those in spirit to come close one more time
Then all together as one
We say thank you – to the Creator the Source of all Light, Love and Power for the Protection, Guidance, Harmony and Healing
We ask that the Healing Energies go to each and everyone of us here and that it goes out to all the people whose names are written in the Healing Books and out into the Universe to wherever it is most needed.
And for that we have experienced and all that we have shared, the laughter, tears, ideas, companionship and Love
We say, Thank You and So Be It
Now we say thank you to all those in spirit and ask you to stand back please
We say thank you to the Guides and Helpers and acknowledge that you walk with us in our daily lives and ask you to stand back please
We say thank you to the Doorkeepers and Guardians and acknowledge that they walk with us in our daily lives and ask you to stand back just for a moment please so your colours are disengaged from ours.'

When we talk to the Creative Power our words do not need to be governed by a script however these words are somewhere we may start from. It is important to follow a Disciplined Process as it ensures safety. This is a very important teaching of Songee's, the Opening and Closing Prayers and the whole process as Spiritual Disciplines.

On the occasions we are not intending to do any spiritual work and just need to enjoy the healing, grounding and centring energies of the colours being drawn up through the body and returned to the Earth, then we may not need to say the Opening and Closing Prayers and may be content to sit quietly in contemplation for some minutes between raising the colours and then returning them back to the Earth.

Returning the Colours to the Earth

When we have finished the tasks of spirit work we have set out to do, we need to complete the cycle and return ourselves back to an everyday condition which is suitable for each one of us. It is not a safe practice to remain in a high vibrational state and go out and drive the car for example.

As we breathe in, our intention is for each colour, one by one, to come into the crown chakra and pass down our bodies through each of the chakras. There is no count for this as it will happen by intent. The words need to be said slowly and quietly so the process of each colour fits into the words for that colour.

As we breathe out - the colours leave through the soles of our feet and return back to the Earth.

'We begin with the last colour first,
The Pure White Light gathers itself together
Spiralling back into the body like liquid silk, through the Crown Chakra. Filling up all the nooks and crannies, all the empty spaces so that none remain coming back home to where it belongs.

Now we bring in the other colours and as each breath is taken in the colour will spiral down through the Crown Chakra like liquid silk. Flowing on down through the body, leaving a little of itself behind as it goes, on to the feet and back to the earth.

The colour PURPLE now,
Flowing in through the Crown Chakra like liquid silk . . .
Down through the body leaving a little of itself behind as it goes,
On down to the feet,
And back into the earth.

Now the colour INDIGO,
Flowing in through the Crown Chakra like liquid silk . . .
Down through the body leaving a little of itself behind as it goes,
On down to the feet,
And back into the earth.

Now the colour BLUE,
Flowing in through the Crown Chakra like liquid silk . . .
Down through the body leaving a little of itself behind as it goes,
On down to the feet,
And back into the earth.

Now the colour GREEN,
Flowing in through the Crown Chakra like liquid silk . . .
Down through the body leaving a little of itself behind as it goes,
On down to the feet,
And back into the earth.

Now the colour YELLOW,
Flowing in through the Crown Chakra like liquid silk . . .
Down through the body leaving a little of itself behind as it goes,
On down to the feet,
And back into the earth.

Now the colour ORANGE,
Your Chakras are beginning to slow down now, as the colour ORANGE
Flows in through the Crown Chakra like liquid silk . . .
Down through the body leaving a little of itself behind as it goes,
On down to the feet,
And back into the earth.

Now as the last colour flows back into our body our Chakras will slow down to a vibration that is comfortable for us at THIS time of our day.

The colour RED now
Flowing in through the Crown Chakra like liquid silk . . .
Spiralling down touching each of the Chakras in turn,
Leaving a little of itself behind
As it goes on ...
Down to the feet,
And back into the earth.
So completing the cycle,

We say Thank You for all we have learnt and discovered, and for the assistance we have received

And we are now prepared to go forth and Honour our Earth Lives.'

Tidy up and put away the things we have worked with. It is not good practise to leave our journals and spiritual things around for other members of the family or other people to look at. Make sure the room is safe before we leave it, blow out candles and turn off music, restore everything to order.

Then make sure we have something to eat to help us become grounded.

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