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My Father's Prayer

THE SECOND WELL TRUST presents 'My Father's Prayer'.
A Teaching from Songee My Father's Prayer, 13th August 2003


Opening Prayer
The Father's Prayer
My Father who is in the Heavens ...
Thy Kingdom Come
Thy Will be Done
Forgive me my trespasses ...
Lead me not to temptation
Deliver me from evil ...
The Lord of chaos
For Thine is the Kingdom ...
Who is Jesus
The Prophets
Doorkeepers and Guardians
Choosing the Destiny Path
The Truth
Acceptance and Forgiveness
Personal Truths and Oneness Truths

Roberta-Margaret is talking to the guests at a Songee Gathering before she goes away to channel the Songee Energy. For the benefit of a first time guest she is explaining full Trance Channelling.

Roberta-Margaret is saying, Basically what have you experienced by the way of any trance work or have seen before?

Only things I have done myself.

OK (More people arrive and are introduced to Roberta-Margaret's husband) How are you?

We are just talking about trance stuff. You know the different depths of trance or the different levels of communication between ourselves and spirit? We have the one where we are conscious and they come and talk to us and we can hear them and see them or whatever depending on what our gift is and we are quite conscious about that and then there is the one where we maybe get a little bit more spacey and we start to sort of you know looking beyond and that's kind of going a bit deeper.

You have the overshadowing which is where you are sitting in a group or in a meeting like that and you can feel the energy of the spirit people coming and overshadowing, coming into your aura and into your own light and if you are looking at someone else sometimes you can see that happening to them you can see the shape of their faces change and the shadows on their face alter and change shape and there is a person, a totally different person and some people see it for a split second and some people see it and can hold it for a long time and that again depends on your gift and how well developed that gift is. Also too the person that the spirit energy is coming, using it depends to on their gift and how well able they are to be a channel for that to happen. Some people do it quite unconsciously and unknowingly.

Yes I've seen that.

And other times again they are not consciously doing any channelling they are just focusing on the fact the something is going on and then these people will come in. We have had loved ones present themselves and overshadow and things like that in between me coming back and my doorkeeper or guardian going. We would only do that with permission of my doorkeeper and guardian. So I have very strict rules and they abide by those rules. And they help me with that.

Now the next stage on from that is, that's probably the beginning of a semi-trance. Then you have the semi-trance again which goes in a little bit deeper again where you are aware of everything that is going on around you in the room. You can go into semi-trance when you are doing meditations and you can take that to whichever deeper level you need to go and when you come back you will have very good memories of what you have done on your journeys of where you have been but its been well managed all the way through. You know exactly what has been going on.

Deep trance channelling is different. You conscious mind is totally separated from the unconscious. You are just not there. Spiritually you are absent, you go and the energy that is going to work with you will come through, or a spirit person will come and work through you and you are totally absent. And that is deep trance. And that is what I do.

So when I go from here I am out there doing rescue work or sitting on top of a mountain or whatever I get to do. And here is the reality that you people are experiencing but this is not my reality. My reality is what I am doing out there. So when I come back my reality is not related to anything that has happened here at all. So I can not relate to anything you might say to me on a personal level. If you tell me that you experienced something I would listen and I am very pleased to get feed back about any energies you've seen, any spirit person you might have seen, any overshadowings that might have happened or occurred, I am pleased to hear all that, I'm really delighted. I can't give you any feed back on information you have been given on the night because I am not here, I am not privy to that. And I only get it second hand if I listen to the tape or I hear usually a condensed version from Christene. She gives me a condensed version at the end of the night about what's happened and even then I don't always remember it because I'm still sort of bringing my bits and pieces back together. So, that is really what happens to me when I go away.

OK. Is that what you are familiar with?


Are you familiar with that? Are you all right with that Bright? That's what happens to me and as I have explained before, because I am a very human person and I make mistakes and do things same as anyone else. And when I come back from my trips, sometimes it depends on how well they manage me bringing me back, sometimes Sally is a bit impatient with me. If I am busy doing something she says you got to go back now, and I say I'll just finish this, and she says no go now. She will push me, and she will say no, no, no, go now. And she will go like that (pushing motion) and I will come in with a crash, I will crash land. And I'm afraid the first word out of my mouth can often be a very bad word. So please excuse me before I even get there because it doesn't happen all the time.

OK. Now we will do our opening prayer.

Opening Prayer

Close your eyes and take a few deep breaths and relax. OK we are going to say our prayer to our God, the God of Light, Love.

First of all as you relax your body and enter into a state of being receptive to the energies of Light and Love to come and work with you tonight. We need to welcome your Doorkeepers and Guardians to come and stand with you and to blend their colours with yours. We invite the guides and helpers and all those people in spirit who come to teach, to be taught or simply to be.

And altogether as one we entreat the Creator the source of all Light, Love and Power for protection, guidance, harmony and healing. The healing to go to each and every person here and all the creatures, to go to all the people whose names are written in our healing book or your healing books where ever they may be on the planet.

To all the people we have encountered in our daily lives that might require the healing energies from the Creator. We ask for healing energies to go to all the hospitals, sick beds, prisons, to the institutions throughout the world.

May it go to the different heads of governments of the different countries of the world, that they might govern wisely and well with humanity and mercy.

May it go to all the different places of the world where there may be suffering, floods, famine and man's inhumanity to man. And may it go out beyond.

May the healing energy go to the creatures of the world, those that walk on its surface, those that burrow beneath, those that live in and on its waters and those that fly in its air, to the very largest and the very smallest.

May it go to the mountains, to the trees, plants, rocks, to the very Earth itself,

For all of this we say Thank You and So Be It

I am going to listen to this (the music) and tootle off, ok.

Songee comes to channel through Roberta-Margaret.

Songee: Greetings to you.

Greetings Songee.

Songee: I am here. So this night I have something for you. It is important that his thing is done this night so that you may have assurance.

The Father's Prayer

Before we begin I am going to first of all let you know the story of it. When the wordings were first given to human kinds they were given to you be the one you know as Jesus. So when you speaking the words you are to remember that you bring with you with the words, the Power of Jesus. You understand. The words that you are given are the words that enable you to speak directly to the Oneness, to the Creative Power, to your God, whatever you have name for It, this.

Now, we have to pause for a moment.

We shall wait for a moment ...

(Another Guest arrives)Hello, late again come in. Songee is here already, come on in.

Songee: Greetings to you. Oh eternally late one.

That's one of my questions.

Not tonight Josephine.

Songee: Not tonight, you preparing yourself first, you need to have a seat, you need to be comfortable and you need to have just a moment to take a deep breath. So when you are so, you must say, is that right?(Songee waits) I am not hearing any breaths. Down into the middle self, come, breath and ...

Sorry for being late.

Songee: Now I am about to embark upon a story. I have say-ed to these people, you have to bear in mind that the wordings that you have been given came from the one you know as Jesus. These wordings have been given to you to enable you to speak to the Creative Power that which you have different names for, you know. Now, this was given to the peoples for purpose you know. It was given so that your mind be able to say in your speakings to Oneness without the mind going every which way, you know. And there are certain essential things that you need to do, each of your day to prepare youself for the day that is to come, you know, so that you are ready to embark upon your journey of life.

My Father who is in the Heavens

Now the saying that you have, is, Our Father who is in the Heavens, is that right?


Songee: We are going to change it, slightly, because this was wordings given and in the interpretation it was made to be for global, everybody. What you are going to do is to make it personal. This is how Jesus intended it for you. Do you understand? Not that the way you do it is wrong only you need to have this teach.

So you say, MY Father who is in the Heavens, say it out load. (The people repeat this line) And then you say, All holy is your name. Is that right?

Thy Kingdom Come

Now the next part of the story is, you say in the wordings that you had before, Thy Kingdom come, Thy Will be done. Is that right? In this wordings you say the same similar thing, the difference is, what you have here and what you have here. First of all before we go further, what do you understand by the Kingdom?

The Kingdom is out there.

Songee: Oneness, Kingdom. What understanding have you, this is one understanding.

I know.

Songee: You know, you keep your mouth to yourself. Everybody else you tell I what is this. Thy Kingdom come.

(Everyone offers an idea.)

Songee: That is another one.


Songee: What else anything else.


The Universe.

Songee: The Universe. Very grand is it not? Very grand. Now I offer you something else to consider. It is the, somewhere, Ahh. Lets see. Jesus wanted you to know this wordings for this purpose, Thy Kingdom come. The Kingdom is You, you, you. You are the Kingdom, you the living, breathing you. Do you understand? So when you say, Thy Kingdom come, you are saying Oneness I am Thy Kingdom and I come to Thee.

Now, feel the difference in the Power as you see this in yourself. You are coming in humbleness to Oneness and saying I am Thy Kingdom and I come to Thee. Not to anybody else, not the anywhere else, you are coming to Oneness, is that right? Thy Kingdom come, Thy Will be done. Say it with the feeling of this new feeling, Thy Kingdom come, Thy Will be done. And where is it going to be done? On the Earth, this body is living on the Earth in an Earth body, in an Earth life. And so it needs to be done in the Kingdom on the Earth as it was in the Heavens, you know? As Thy Kingdom come, Thy Will be done on the Earth as it is in the Heavens as it was before time when I was in spirit with You, help I to be Thy true Kingdom here on the Earth. So I how to be that Kingdom. These are the thing that you are beseeching Oneness when you say them, the words that I have given here, in this way. Ponder on it just for a moment and say them.

Are you ready?

Thy will be done

Thy Kingdom come, Thy Will be done on the Earth as it is in the Heavens. Feel the Power, the Power will change. Whatever Power you felt in these wordings before will become 200, 300 fold, more, than ever before when you say this, because it comes from the heart and from your Soul and not just from the mind that has practised the words, you know. So this is it.

Give me this day my daily bread.

What is the next part? What's the pali?1 Give us this day our daily bread.

What does that mean?


Songee: Certainly. What do you need for nourishment?


Songee: What else?



Songee: Money, fiscal. Fiscal needs, means to trade, to do barter, very important sometimes to feel the pennies. Is that right. And what of the nourishment for the Soul? Always you must remember that the wordings you are given are not all for the Earth, it is for what is in the Heavens also. So what you need now is nourishment for your Soul to enable the Soul to continue the journey of life. To do all the things upon it and within it.

So when you say these words, say them slowly like this, Our Father, My Father, you know? You say it slowly from the beginning, all the way through. And each phrase, contemplate the meaning behind the words.

So it is, Give us, No, Give ME this day MY daily bread. And when you say this, the daily bread it all this. You stop. You pause for a moment and you talk to your Father and you say, "All the things that I need of this life, I owe to you. You are the One that brings them to I. You are the One that helps it come to the life. So I am asking You please You know best all the things I need, please I ask of this bread of life to come." Do you understand?

So you have, are you ready, Give me this day my daily bread, what's next?

Forgive me my trespasses

Forgive, it used to be and still is, Give us this day our daily bread and forgive us our trespasses as we need forgive those who trespass against us. Now this can make peoples feel very good about themself. Is that right? I am going to forgive everybody and then they will all in return forgive I. Is that right? Pat yourself on the back because all the we are going to do this.

Now change it. Forgive I, me, my trespasses. And you stop for a moment and ponder on all of your trespasses. All the many did you --- that person this morning. What is it, this day? Did you discount somebody, did you dismiss somebody out of hand? Did you make them small, did you belittle them? Do you have a bad 'Thought' in your head? And I am saying the 'Thought' word because this gives you an indication of your fear, when you have this you have fear. Fear of what you are saying, what is being say-ed or what is about that situation that make you do this thing. So it may have been that you do this thing and say to youself, "I 'Thought' That!" Now the wording you use now is Ponder, on all these things, on all these iniquities that you do, each of your day.

Now you cannot ponder on the ones that you might do during this day coming, supposing you say this wordings in the morning of your new day, you have to ponder upon the ones that you did the day before. And ask, Please not to repeat them this day, this is a new day. Not repeat them Please. You want Oneness, the Creature to help you do this. You want your Father to help you to do this today, is that right?

So, Please Father is Heaven I am asking you to forgive I all these things that I am aware of doing and all the many things that I am not aware of doing. And I ask you please to take that thing that is inside I that says I am sorry, I am sorry for what I have done, I apologise for all that I said and done. So in apologising and in saying that you are sorry, feeling it inside of you all goes to Oneness, Oneness takes it to all the people that you have done this to and leaves it with them to forgive it. You will feel the forgiveness when it comes to you, you don't have to seek it, you will feel it inside of them and in the spirit.

So, Forgive I the trespasses as I, while you are doing this there are a lot of peoples out there all saying the same wordings, somewhere, and they are all asking for the Father to ask you to forgive them all the bad things they have done to you. So you are in turn saying I accept their apology, I accept their, recognition of their wrong doings towards I. And in doing so forgiveness will go out to them and in turn forgiveness will come back to you and so it goes in a circle ---. Do you understand? So, Forgive I my trespasses as I forgive those who trespass against I.

Now with your eyes closed and feel it inside. Say the words, Forgive I my trespasses as I forgive those who trespass against I.

Lead me not, into temptation

Now the biggest one of the lot. Lead us not into temptation. Ho My Goodness! You could go all the way up to the sky and back with this one. Is that right?

We need to schedule a couple of hours for this.

Songee: For the temptations?

No for the whole thing.

Songee: Oh I believed you just meant for the temptations alone you could do this thing because you could make a great big long list of things for yourself. However the temptations, what is the temptation?

Things that are going to lead us astray.

Songee: What is leading astray?

Too many ice creams.

Is that astray, that's not astray.

Songee: It is when you are watching your weight. Keep going, we have, we have more yet. Temptations, what is the temptation?

(Comment not heard)

Songee: That is one.


Songee: That is another.

When you think of something ...

Songee: When you do what, when you 'Think' you do! That's right. When you do what?

When you think you do something in promising ...

Songee: You Think! What is 'Think'?

The guest laughs as he realises he is saying the bad word 'Think'.

Songee: Aha. You have it. You are quite correct. Change the 'Think' to believe because what happens is peoples believe that in doing something it is going to bring them a great happiness. And then convince themselves of it, the truth of it and they begin to live the illusion of it, until, the Light shine and the illusion falls away and they realise that they are left with nothing.

So Temptation. Temptation is anything at all, that takes you away from your connection to Oneness and to Jesus, you know. Anything, that takes you from that connection. You don't give up your connection to Oneness or Jesus for anything. Sometimes in the past humankinds have had to hide it and pretend that they don't have it however they don't give it up. Some peoples have died for their belief and their connection to Oneness and to Jesus. Some people before they knew of Jesus would died for their connection to Oneness, you know. So anything that takes you away from this. All the little whisperings in your ear that tell you bad things, that take you away from your love and your connection to Oneness. And that includes all those many things that you have mentioned because you are asking your Father in Heaven to come and enter into the Kingdom, that is you, to bring the Christ Power into the Kingdom, to welcome it and to enable you to be truly a representative of the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth for Oneness.

I can see you pondering on this. And I can also see how some of you are looking and saying to yourself, "Oh my goodness I am falling over a little here, my Kingdom's a little bit battered. It has not got all its bricks in the right place." Is that right. All the towers and things they are not all built properly. Some of them are a little bit slanted and falling down. Your Father knows this, He knows that you are not perfect while you have Earth body this is very difficult for you to be and to do. This is how it is you have these wordings to remind you of your perfection before you came to the earth ...


... into temptation, not into temptation is that right. Lead me not into temptation. Make sure you have the right way of saying it. Lead me not into temptation, is that right. How do you usually say it?

Can't remember anymore.

Songee: Lead us not into temptation and so on and so on and so. It gets put into one long sentence, is that right. Instead of contemplating it. Now are you ready. Close your eye. Take a deep breath. Lead me not, into temptation, remember to pause between the not and into temptation. Lead me not into temptation. Say it again. Lead me not, into temptation and then the next bit is and deliver us from evil.

Deliver me from evil

Oh my goodness that is frightening is it not, Ohhhh. What is evil? We have temptation and we have evil.


Dark energy.

Songee: One say yourself, one say dark energy, what have anybody else to say.


Songee: Negativity.


Songee: Satan.

Other people.

Songee: Other people.

Other bad people.

Songee: Other bad people. Now let us have a little philosophical discussion about this. Because it's important you know. Are there truly bad people?


Songee: Any other voices.

People doing bad things get you into trouble.

Songee: Keep going, keep going. Deliver us from evil and the philosophy behind that.

(Someone spoke something.)

Songee: That is right. In order to pray to a God of Light and Love and Oneness you have to accept the reality of a negative power. As there is a positive so there is a negative, so it is. You have to accept it. You cannot accept one without the other.


Songee: Why! Why? You answer it.

I would say because if you are forgiven there is no wasted --- ---

Songee: You are saying that in the event you are forgiveness there is nowhere to go for help?

No if Oneness forgives all then there is no need for help. That is how I say there are no bad people for the things they do.

There is reality.

Songee: If Oneness is a reality then this fallen one ...

The Lord of chaos

This is who we are talking about. Its like everything is opposites. Yeah because there is no balance without opposites, that's how I consider it. So how could there be Light if there is no darkness.

Songee: It you have a belief in angels then also you must also have a belief in demons. In the event there is one there must be the other.

Then the demons are ourselves.

Songee: That would put you and everybody else one this Earth in the category of the fallen angel. It would make you, born to the Earth, evil, would it not? Do you truly believe that you have been born evil.


Songee: So. What I am asking you to do is to look. This is a discussion and it is for you to look at different ways of looking at this thing. However in order to understand goodness you need to understand evil also, how it works, the way it works, how the lord of chaos works. How he operates in your life so that you can enable the Power of Light and Goodness to work in your life.

The little one wanted to get comfortable. (Songee is talking about one of the dogs who was working hard at scratching up a nest to go to sleep in).

I know and it makes a terrible noise of the tape and when I am transcribing it is awful that is how come I talk to him.

Songee: So you only have to say scratch, scratch, is that it. I come back now to what we are saying because it is important. It is a big part of what we are doing.

When you are practising your art and craft of seeing and hearing those in spirit, when you are practising your art and craft of talking to Oneness, you need to be able to discern between the words of the demons and the words of the angels, you know. For in the event you don't learnt to discern between them you could become very, very conflicted.

What happens, first of all I explain how the Lord of Chaos begins operating. He will look inside you and he will find all your weaknesses, all your fears, all the terrors that you have buried down deep inside of you, all of you unsurities. And he will send a little imp, or he will send a demon to whisper in your ear. To say to you such things, that can not be done, that can't work out, you don't do that right, you never do it right, what makes you believe you could possibly do that, and because of your insecurities inside of you, you believe it, you listen to it, and you begin to manifest it. You begin to make it your life. This then corrupts the Soul. The Soul becomes corrupted. It becomes conflicted and it becomes lost. And in its loss it will cry out to Oneness, Oneness I am lost I don't know where to go, I don't know what to do. And so the angel will come and talk and will say through the doorkeeper, guardian and all those others who come to work with you, "This is what you need to do, have heart, have courage. This is what you can do, this is how you will manage it, come we will help you, we will show you how to do it, come you are quite protected we are here." And for moment you believe and you go and begin to follow and then all your doubts and insecurities start to come up to the surface once more and then comes the demon again within and says what did I tell you, I told you you couldn't do it, I told you it would all go wrong for you so on and so forth. And before you know where you are, you are living this over and over again.

There are in your life those things that are part of the temptations, this is the reason they go together a little, where you are tempted to do things that you know are wrong and so you fight doing them and then you do them and you convince yourself that it is alright to do them, because nobody is going to find out. However you know that you have done it and this will then add to all the things you have buried inside of you. And this is another thing for the demon to comes and talk about and pester you with, whisper, whisper, whisper in your ear, you know. Torment you with it.

So this is what happens, this is how it works, this is what occurs, and it occurs to everybody. There are Souls on this Planet who pray to Oneness all the time. They talk to Oneness breakfast, noon and night, sometimes in their sleep and they come to their waking and they say, "I am a good person, I am a very good person, I am kind and I am humble and I do good things for people." In the telling of this, even unto them self they are not being kind, they are not being good and then they go one step further they say, "That person over there is not good, they don't listen they don't learn it, they don't go and pray to Oneness every day, every week even in this place of worship. They don't honour Oneness, not as I honour Oneness. They are bad people because they don't do that. They go to this place of worship, that is not a good place of worship. The best place of worship is the one that I go to." And there are people like that. Is that right?

(Comments were made which were not able to be heard on the tape.)

Songee: This is how the lord of chaos uses good Souls and corrupts them into believing that they are the only ones who are right and everyone else is wrong. And as you say you have had much conflict --- --- --- ---. It is the lord of chaos whispering, saying, you are they only way to --- --- --- ---, you are the only one that is right, listen to I, I am telling you the truth.

This is evil. This is evil at work. The other way that the lord of chaos works is not just using good people. Into the world are born Souls that have not been good, that have been part of that realm that you call hell and they are dark even already in themself and they are born to the Earth to cause chaos.

Their Souls are not good. These Souls can be born into any place, in the family, in any culture and they will begin the whisperings and they will create the chaos. You cannot drive the demon out because it is incarnate in the life, in the body, so you can not drive it out. What you can do is ask the Father of Light to come and protect you from it, to protect you and your family and around you and to look at the lessons that this creature has come to bring in this life where everything has a purpose in this thing and you need to know what is the purpose of this they are coming into your life. Mayhap it is to make you stronger, to learn how to fight the negative energy, and the chaos that is within. Because this is where it is at its most powerful because it holds the chaos within you. It antagonises your own chaos within you and the lesson rise up.

Very good. I am very impressed with that. Thanking you. I am very impressed with this. Spirit people have come to say that you have here, ah, what is it - moving picture, moving picture. Fil-im, film, (Songee is unsure of this word) that is right and it is about the story about a young man who has to resist the chaos around and resist the chaos within himself in order to win the day. Do you know this thing?

There are lots of movies like that. Lots of films.

Songee: What is it? A War of the Stars this thing.

Star Wars.

Songee: Oh is that it.


Songee: Oh very good. It is to do with fighting the chaos within, it is a symbol in this film that you have this symbol of the young man who is journeying to do battle and in doing so has to face the chaos within himself, such it is with everybody. You face the chaos within yourself so these Souls come to you to show you your chaos. And enable you to find a way to combat it and to be strong in the face of it. Your chaos does not ever go away, do not be given the illusion will, Puff, disappear like that. You need your chaos to teach you when you are beginning to stray. It is your - your bell, that rings, that says to you, "Wake up you are going off your path." You know. This is what it is. You have to be aware of it. It is there for you to recognise, to have and to learn and to know about. So use it. Use it all of your life.

So evil is many different things, evil will whisper it, will contaminate, it conflict you. So when you talk to Oneness you are saying to Oneness, "Please Oneness I need Your Power of Your Light, put it around I, come into the Kingdom and protect I from the influences of this evil, all influences of evil, not one but the very many. Anything and everything that I don't know about even. You know what they are, protect I from them. Show I how to be strong in the face of it." You know? So when you say this words you are saying all this thing, all these many things.

Forgive I the trespasses as I forgive those who trespass against I. Lead I not into temptation and deliver I from all influences of evil.

Is that right?

Now do you feel alright with that last part? Enough to say it for youself, not for I, for you, you are asking Oneness to protect you from all influences of evil, is that right... Is that right? So you agree, or do you disagree? Its alright to disagree. Do you want to say it.


Songee: Those of you who are ready to say it.

And deliver I from all influences of evil.

For Thine is the Kingdom

Songee: And then you come to the next most important part. For Thine is the Kingdom - remember that you are the Kingdom, Thine is the Kingdom the Power and the Glory, for always, wherever. You are saying Father, I am Yours Forever, Always. Now are you ready?

For Thine is the Kingdom, the Power and the Glory, and you are giving the power and the glory to Oneness, for ever and ever. And you can say Amen, Aloha.

So Be It

Songee: So Be It, what ever you need to say to confirm your commitment to this. So shall we say it all together as one -

My Father who lives in the Heavens, all holy is Your name
Thy Kingdom come,
Thy will be done upon the Earth as it is in the Heavens
Give me this day, my daily bread
And forgive me, please, my trespasses
As I forgive those who trespass against I
Lead I not into temptation
And deliver I from all influences of evil
For Thine is the Kingdom, Thine is the Power and the Glory
Amen So Be It

Remember that you are the Kingdom. It is not a big mystery, thy kingdom come, you are the kingdom come to the Earth and to represent God's Kingdom on Earth. And when you, all of you join together, what is it say-ed? What is it that Heysus say-ed? When two or more join together, is that right, when two or more join together in Thy name, then you have your connection, you can do it on your own and you can do it with another. And when your spirits are joined then you will always be in power with Oneness.

This is important for you to all know this thing because you need to say this thing each day of your life for yourself. Bring it into your life, give it true meaning now and bring the power back to the words. The words have been given to the people and the power has largely been lost because the understanding is not quite there, its almost there but not quite.

Now have you any questions for I this night?

Who is Jesus

Songee you have been talking about Jesus as though he was very special, although we know that there are other prophets, other messengers that got sent, different people will recognise their own and perhaps have the same kind of wording that they say themselves. Is there any particular reason why Jesus has found a particular place with the Oneness?

Songee: To answer this I have to go back to the beginning. In the beginning was Oneness and Oneness created the Son with the Breath, with the Holy Breath created the Son, you know. In the Beginning was the Son, always. The Son has presented the Energy of Himself upon the Earth many times. You have a knowing of one such prophet that came to the Earth that you call Melchizedek, you know this one? You not know this one? Melchizedek was prophet, teacher, elder of the people who came and set down the rules and the rules for the people and belonged to a particular group of people. This Energy of this One came down to bring this to the people, you understand. And then departed, later this same Energy came to be reborn as the One you know as Heysus. So there is rebirth of the Soul to come back again and there will be again another visitation.

Now this is the One that is part from the Mother Father God, you understand. You have the Mother Father God and you have the Son, the creation of those Two. Now ...

Sorry, did that happen before the split?

Songee: That has always been, it is always been in the beginning it was and will always be. Now, in the beginning with this there are many other energies, many other Souls, you know and this Souls have at different times come to the Earth to fulfil certain tasks to prepare the way for this energy to come upon it, this is not making small of the other energies, it is giving you a picture only, you understand, of how this thing come to pass. Throughout the history of humankind, going right back to the beginning before ever the concept of the Heysus was coming to the people there have been visitations of different Souls coming to guide the peoples of the Planet forward in their development in their understanding and to bring them forward in knowing and in knowledge and in wisdom, do you understand. So you can go back as far as you would like, back to the before time when peoples did not have speaking words and lived in caves and were more as animals than humankinds, you know this day, you know. You can go so far back and within those groups of peoples would be born, one, that would come and would change the whole way that things were done and in doing so there was progress.

It wasn't always easy, it wasn't always a good life for the one that come, indeed when you look back through your history of all the peoples, the prophets as you call them who come to you Earth to teach the humankinds the lessons of life, what is it they are greeted with? What it is that they are told? You are speaking nonsense, you have something wrong with your brain, you do not fit in with this society, you have to leave it. And in the event you won't leave it we will beat you up until you do. So on and so forth, all these many things. How many of your peoples who come to be prophets come and then go away into the wilderness for years of your earth life until they surface once more and say, "Now is the time, you will listen now." You know. They have gone away and hide themselves away and while they are hiding themself away they are talking to Oneness, they say, I don't want to do it and Oneness say you are going to do it, and so on and so forth, and they have this struggle and in the end they give up and they say alright, what am I suppose to do. And Oneness says it is about time, do it Now, go. You know. And so out of the wilderness comes this bedraggled looking figure that says to the peoples of the Earth you are going to do this, unless you do this the God in the Heaves is going to smite you down. You know. And because of their connection with Oneness they have the voice, they have the connection with Oneness and Oneness will tell them, tell then to do it otherwise I am going to send the locust, I am going to send the winds to blow away all waters of the lands and so on and so forth, you know. Or I am going to send much rain down to you to make more waters of the land so that you have no where to live and you have to go and take to the waters like the fishes, you know. And believe I Oneness can do anything, all things.

And the rainbow.

Songee: That is part of another story, that is the promise that you never ever get drowned again. Bear in mind though that Oneness does do many things. You want to have sunshine, you can have sunshine, no matter what anybody says to you that you cannot have sunshine, you can have sunshine however you cannot be selfish about it, it may have been that it is needing the Earth to have some water for the earth. So you will have your sunshine for a little bit, then you will be told its done now you had your sunshine, go because now it is time for the waters to come to the Earth, you know.

So these things can all come. This is all possible.

The Prophets

Songee: So all the Souls that have come into the beginning of the conception of life, of humankind on this Planet have come from the Souls that were there in the beginning with Oneness and The Son, you know. And they have come to pave the way, they have come to bring the teach, they have come to show others how to do this things, how to be strong in the Light, how to be strong in the Oneness. You have the Buddha that came to teach how to bring that Power of Light, is that right. And so many others that came to teach, Elija who came to teach to bring messages, all are spirits of Light from Oneness who have been sent to pave the way and bring a message to the Earth to the people. What does it mean, the prophet?


Messenger is a bit different. Prophet is someone sent by God to speak to the people. Messenger brings a message, like the Gospel, the Torah, the Koran these are called messengers. But everybody else who has been sent to earth to talk to people is a prophet. That's the way I understand it.

Songee: That have the voice of God and brings the message of God to the people, is that right. He brings the message and the She brings the message from God, the voice of God to speak to the people, is that right. So this is as a prophet and the prophet will say, this God says is what is to come, is that right. The prophet says, I bring you this message from Oneness and Oneness says that this is the event that are going to take place in time to come. Believe it or not as you desire. This is it, is that right.

In the many moons to come some peoples may say to the Songee Energy is prophet, to say that things are going to come to the Earth, to the peoples of the Earth, for indeed this has been done many times however I am saying to you Songee is not prophet. I have no claim to this title, I am not so grand. I come to bring you truth.

Doorkeepers and Guardians

Songee: So you can look at it and you can discern for yourself so that you will learn to talk to Oneness and learn to talk to the angels, you will learn to talk with your own special people that have come to walk with you on this Earth, the people in spirit that walk with you, your Doorkeeper and your Guardian, you know. Don't dismiss them out of hand, don't pretend they don't exist, they do exist. For most people they operate in silence and in the quietness of the not knowing. You have come to ask questions, you have come to hear the truth so you have the right to know about the Doorkeeper and Guardian and you also have a right to work with them and allow them to work with you, to assist you with your task of this life. For you are coming to listen to the truth for one very big reason, you have a job to do for Oneness and unless you hear the truth, unless you absorb it correctly you will not do your job as well as you might.

Certainly there are those that do the work for Oneness without this knowledge and do it very well. However it does not preclude that these are acting in any way. The Doorkeeper and Guardians is always helping, is always there within, working with them and assisting them. It is your Doorkeeper or your Guardian that prods you and says, its time you went to do something about your life, time you got off your behind-self, you know? And reminds you what it is that your task is on this Earth.

Is that with ... (The rest of the question could not be heard on the tape.)

Songee: Oh this is a big question, everybody want to know this question, it is very simple answer. And Heysus gave you the answer, I am sorry to come back to the same character, Heysus says to you, to love one another. Your task in life is to love, to learn to love, to pass that love onto others, to teach others about that loving and how that loving works and how you share it among yourselves. The love without condition.

You have many different loves, you have love of man for woman, you have love of mother for child of father to child. These are good loves. They carry conditions with them, always they will carry some conditions, always. That is normal, natural in the scheme of things. It is a natural part of life, however your love for Oneness and your love for the spirit energy has no condition. And then your love that you ...


About the love without conditions and the love that has condition.


So why does He inflict the pain and suffering of the individual.

Songee: Why does who?

Why does ...

Songee: Who inflicts?


Songee: Oneness does not inflict, I will explain to you because you will get lost otherwise. Oneness does not inflict pain and suffering on individuals. When you come to the Earth you have for yourself arranged for certain thing to happen upon your life. Everything from the moment that you put your toe into something and go ouch. Everything is planned for you as you have designed it for yourself. You have designed it this way so that you will learn lessons of life, so that you will learn lesson of love, so that you will learn to ask questions, so that you will learn forgiveness, and how to do forgiveness, and I say DO FORGIVENESS because forgiveness is a doing. It is not something you do in your head, it is something that happens to you. You have to be able to accept pain that has been inflicted upon you by another and learn the lesson of it. And when you have learned the lesson of it then you say, "Thank you. Thank you for the pain you have just inflicted because I have learned something from it." And in doing that then the doors open and forgiveness happens.

I thought that took a lifetime.

Songee: That's right.

Why, would, in that case why would you choose it yourselves to do that.

Songee: Exactly, exactly.

We are all mad!

Choosing the Destiny Path

Songee: Before you come to the Earth you have at your disposal much knowledge. You look at your life that you have been living many times, different lives, you look at the life you are going to come into. You look at all the things that you have learnt, you look at the things that you have not learned so well. You look at the things that you want to develop more and improve on and so you make, a plan, for yourself of how you are going to achieve it, you see, this is what you do and then when the time is right you are born to the Earth, complete with your plan, in place, you know. However ...

I wouldn't have chosen this thing.

Songee: However, Oh trust I you choose it. I use your word, you CHOOSE it, before you came to the Earth. Once you get here you have to just get on with it. And in doing that you learn as much as you can. You will learn how to make it less, how to lessen some of the pain, however you will have written into your pattern that you will look for this, do you understand?

Oh I understand that bit.

Songee: You will write it into your pattern of your life that you will seek that answers of how to make it better, how to improve it, what do - "Father I am Thy Kingdom and I am on the Earth please I need Your Power to help I to be Your Kingdom, so shed some Light on this would You please." You know. "Shed Your Light on it, bring Your Light." And at those times when you are most despairing, then Oneness will send somebody to you, some good kind friend who will say, "Oh for goodness sake sit up and go and get a life." You know. "Don't do this anymore you are putting yourself into a big hole, time to get yourself out of it." And then there will be someone come along and say, "Poor Soul you have put yourself into a hole, would you like to get out of it? Here is a ladder for you, you can climb out for yourself now." You know. And you will be given the means by which you can do it. You will be given some assistance. It will come to you from somewhere, always it will come to you, you have only to be open to it.

How long --- ---(Words not heard)

Songee: For how long, what?

I have been open to it all my life.

Songee: Oh my goodness, is anyone bursting at the seams to answer this?

Well today is a big --- --- ---

No its not about the life path I agree but it's the reason what would happen to help me find that answer.

Songee: So, you are here! You have been asking for an answer. How did you come to be here? It is not a trick question.

Somebody told me I might get an answer here.

Songee: And how often did you get tell-ed to be here, or suggested for you to come to be here.

The first time it was suggested I did something about it.

Songee: And prior to that what happened.

I was looking.

Songee: And where did your looking lead you?

Inside myself.

Songee: Very good. So you see you get your answers. Your answers were given to you. What is missing is your recognition of the answers. Your need now is to recognise the answers when they come up and bite you on your nose, you know. You are here. End of story. You are here. This is it!

There are more truths, more answers. All the answers that you need are here and you can find them you have only to open your eyes and your ears and receive them and they will come to you whether from the Songee Energy or from the people that you are with here. Everybody has an inquiring mind and the Soul that is seeking a pathway, and the spirit that is connected to Oneness as is yours. So you are in among kindred spirits, you understand. So you are - what is kindred.



Songee: Family, you belong to the family of Oneness, to the brotherhood of mankind, or humankind and you belong to the great family of Oneness, of the Creator. So you are kindred spirits. Each of you searching, each of you looking for your own answers to your own questions and it does not matter how diverse those questions and those answers are, everybody will find some truth in it for themself.

The Truth

Songee: The difference is when I say for you this is a truth I give you. This you will all have and it will all be the same for you.

It will not be different for this person, this person, this person. The truth when I speak it for you is the truth of Oneness, and I will say to you, this is a truth I give you. This is different from your personal truth, each of you have your own personal truth. Do you understand? That each of you have your own personal truth. And then there is, The Truth, The Truth of Oneness and that will not change since the beginning of time to the end of time it will remain the same, and you will be able to apply that truth, the principle of that truth, to all aspects of your life and it will always come up with the same answer. Do you understand?

So is that to say that someone in this life, who was having a hard life has to do that to find the truth?

Songee: Not in the way you are ...

Not necessary.

Songee: ... Meaning it. They are looking for their personal truth. Your life, your trials of your life are your seeking for the lessons of your Soul, your personal truth.

From past lives?

Acceptance & Forgiveness

Songee: From all the things that you have divined from other life times, certainly. And the things that your Soul has decreed that it wants to learn. When you start to practise the art of acceptance and then start DOING the actions of forgiveness of each other, "Thank you I have learnt the lesson, that's wonderful lesson you have taught I. It wasn't very nice, it was very uncomfortable, most unpleasant however I get the point, now I have a better understanding." And as you say that, so the forgiveness, you will feel it, it will come inside you.

Somebody steals something from you, something that is precious to you and it causes you great misery and great hardship because they have stolen it. What might the lesson be for yourself? Now we are going to do surposings because the lesson of this is different for everybody. Mayhap it is that you are careless with the things that you require for your life. Mayhap you have asked Oneness for to have this thing in your life and you have taken it for granted and you have not looked after it, so Oneness arranged for it to be taken away from you.

Could it also be that too much importance has been placed on it, ownership of this thing?

Songee: That is right, that's right, that is another aspect of it, as I say there are different lessons involved in this thing. I am giving you one thing for you to all consider it. And there will be many different things. This is certainly true and what I have say for you is also truth. So this is indicative of you for a personal truth. Do you understand?

When you say to the person that has stolen the thing that you have, "You have you have taught I a lesson, I have placed too much value on that thing, you are welcome to it, may God go with you." Then you will feel the power of love come from Oneness to you which will then go, and the whole thing will be healed. And mayhap you will find that Oneness will say to you in the fullness of time, "You have done well. I am going to make sure that you have this thing returned to you." Mayhap not the same thing, mayhap you are given the ability to replace it in some way. Do you understand? This is personal truth.

Personal Truths & Oneness Truths

Songee: When I say to you, as a Songee Energy this is a truth I give you, I am giving you something to measure your life by, something to sit there next to, an event of your life and you can say to yourself, "If I apply that truth to that situation what would the answer be? Suppose I apply that same truth to a similar situation ten earth years, twenty earth years in time to come, will it still apply?" Yes it will. "Were I to apply ten, twenty year behind time, would it still apply?" The answer is yes it would still apply. This is what I say for you its The Truth, the Truth of Oneness and I come and I will say the words, this is a truth I give you. It may be that I just given you a story of something and of how something is done and how something is achieved and then I will say to you, this is a truth I give you.

I could for example say to you that when you are in a situation and you are listening to the lord of chaos whispering in your ear with the little demons of the --- whatever, that they are whispering in your ear in order to detract you from your path of Light, from your belief in yourself and your connection to Oneness and I will say to you now, this is a truth I give you because every single time that happens to you remember Songee says, this is a truth I give you and it will be true today, and be true tomorrow and so on, so on, and so on. This is a truth, not your personal truth, not anybody else's, Oneness truth because this whisperings have the ears of everybody and talk of love. And the most holy of Hollis have this whisperings going on in the ear until they manage to master it. And this is the point of The Truth I give you from Oneness is to teach you how to master those dark --- within yourself, how to master yourself so that you truly become the Kingdom on the Earth, that Oneness is bringing to the Earth. Do you understand?

So what is your task, your task is to be Oneness Kingdom and it is to spread the love of Oneness to all that you meet and in doing this, in the process of doing this it is to learn how to master all those things within yourself that need to be mastered.

This is a Truth I give you!

I am going to go now because you have a lot to absorb and there is much for you to discuss and ponder upon, is that right? And you need to give yourself opportunity to do this because this is part of the process of growth and learning.

Have you soundings for us to join, that can be share-ed among all of you together after Songee leave you? Two, two. (Songee is giving the number of the CD in the player.) Is that right?

So, take a deep breath inside of yourselves and for a moment, just for a moment say for yourself the prayer that you have - My Father who is in the Heavens all holy is Your name to I, Thy Kingdom come, Thy will be done upon the Earth as it is in the Heavens, give I this day my daily bread, and forgive I my trespasses as I forgive those who trespass against I. Lead I not into temptation, deliver I from all forms, all influences of evil. Thine is the Power and the glory for ever and ever.

And I leave you with the Power of this knowing on this truths for you to have in your life for all time, walk in Peace and Light.

So Be It.

Thank you Songee

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Channelled by Full Trance Channel: Roberta-Margaret Wiggins
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