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Evolution of the Soul

THE SECOND WELL TRUST presents 'Evolution of the Soul'
A Teaching from Songee, at a Public Meeting on 24th March 1998


Roberta-Margaret: Spiritual development and gifts
How it is to be a full trance channel
The Many
About The Second Well Trust
The Crystal Light of Love Poem
Sister Celestine: The new born Souls she cares for at the Orphanage
How these Souls become New Born from the darkness
Our place in the Hierarchy
The Buddha
How to do the work of Oneness
The Truth
To Honour all Things
Who are the Spirit Guides
Determining our Lifetime
Breaking the cycle of Karma
End Crystal Light of Love
Bringing back inside the colours

This Public Meeting was held at the Crosslands Lounge, Takapuna, Auckland, New Zealand

The Aroma oils used this night were Frankincense & Rose and the Incense was Karma Devaya.

Roberta-Margaret: Spiritual development and gifts

Roberta-Margaret was talking about the Introduction music saying, With Light and Love and it's sayings lets be merry about meeting, let's be merry about parting because we all know we are going to meet again and that goes for the physical and spiritual as well.

Right before we start I just wanted to explain to you what happens. You right J. Now A hasn't been before so may be a little bit unsure about what happens. He's very gifted, he is able to see Spirit and talk to them which is really quite wonderful so what we are doing is helping A to understand a lot of the things that happen around him and come to terms with that and grow with it because that way he won't need to be (?) that happens.

Now A what happens when I do trance channelling is that I sort of go to sleep, it isn't a sleep but it's a little bit like going to sleep. When I go into this trance my Spirit Self leaves my body and it goes and travels around. Remember I told you about that, how it travels around when you are asleep at night? Well that's exactly what I am going to do now, right? What happens then with the permission of myself and my Doorkeeper and my Guardian and because I have been practicing for a number of years and working with them and they have been teaching and training me, I do not have any fear of the people in Spirit that come to work with me. So I am quite confident to let Spirit come and overshadow and work through me and I know that they will keep me safe.

It's an area of Psychic and Spiritual Development that a lot of people are quite leery of and it's the area of Psychic and Spiritual Development that the main stream churches are dead set against because to them it smacks of possession. OK. Now I want you to know I am not possessed however I do allow a temporary access of my body to the energies that need to use it for the night to bring teaching and love and peace and harmony to people. And that is the only reason they are allowed to come through, no-one else is allowed to come through, um unless there is a rescue in which case it is not going to happen here tonight or anything like that. However those are the other exceptions and again that would not happen were there not anyone there to be able to cope with talking the entity through into the Light. So it is very unlikely for me to actually do rescues without someone being there to be capable of doing that. I work with other people are channels for rescues because I have the ability to talk the spirit and bring the energies through into the Light, but I don't actually do very many of my own because there aren't many people out there that have the same skills on a par with my own who are comfortable to deal with the situation and keep everything and everybody safe.

So that isn't going to happen tonight however that is another aspect of trancing and it's a different kind of work. The work that I do here which is offering myself as a channel for Songee Class. And the reason it is called The Songee Class is because the energy of our Earth Mother called Songee has chosen to come a talk to people of the Earth to bring teaching, Light and Love and help people with their self awareness and their personal growth and to move forward in life. And to help them to not have fear, basically, not to be frightened, not to have fear of yourself, of life or Spirit or anything and to hopefully you will get power from this and be able to empower yourself to manage through your lives.

How it is to be a full trance channel

Now when I step out of my body and I allow myself to go away, my body goes into a sort of sleep, like a hibernation or trance and then the energies will come through. Because this is Songee Class we are kind of hoping that Songee going to come through because that is Her choice. She has indicated to us that She wants us to have these classes so this is perhaps not a presumption or and assumption on our part that She is going to be here because She has indicated that She wants to do it. And we are making ourselves available.

Now there is absolutely nothing to be frightened of or to be nervous about and you need to be able to just relax and speak out when you want to and when you feel you want to and ask questions about anything at all. She doesn't want to answer you She won't. She won't lie to you and She will answer as much as you usually want to ask.

Now you might like to have a look and see the energies and see what you can see and describe to people what you see as you are seeing it, because that would be very exciting for everybody, OK. Because some of these people don't see quite the same way that you and I do you know. Right?

The Many

Now we are not going to tune into all the people that are in the room A, because there are a lot of people here and there are going to be an awful lot more. There are going to be hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of them OK. Have you seem a football stadium? It's like being in a football stadium. We are sitting in the middle, where you play the football, OK and then you got the rows and rows and rows of seats going up like that, OK and all the Spirit people sit in those rows of seats, alright. So you need to know not to tune into all those people, alright because there are a lot of people there. What I want you to do is to focus on what is happening in here, alright around us here, the lights that you might see around people - the auras, OK and um ask any questions that you want to ask, alright, same for you OK J. (To a young member of one the weekly classes).

Right has anyone else got some questions?

Oh actually I was wondered what you were talking about when you were saying about rescues.


Roberta-Margaret: Rescues, it's a form of - um you know when you get Spirit people who don't go over into the Light and they tend to haunt places? Well we can go into places and, I could go into a place and sit and channel and allow the person to come through, right and um manifest themselves through me so that the person sitting here could talk to them and actually find out what's the matter, what's happening to them, what is stopping them moving on into the Light. You know just generally counselling them and helping them, helping them to see their people in spirit and moving them on. Um I can do that with someone else, at the moment I do not have enough confidence in people's abilities out there for me to let someone sit and work with me. I am very limited on the people I will allow to do that. I still do rescues but I do it consciously, not unconsciously. Which is very different, like I can see people, talk with them and ask them what's going on, and talk them into the Light.

Sometimes the more stubborn ones, when I say stubborn they for some reason they have blinkers on and can't seem to see past where they are at and they find it very difficult to move on. They are harbouring some sort of grudge or some sort of anger that's holding them here and sometimes that kind of entity will require what we call rescue mission, retrieval, you know endeavour to look after them. That's usually something when we go to the house, we don't usually have to resort to that, that's pretty rare.

I am a great believer in doing everything as simply as possible, keeping two feet on the ground and you know no theatrics, just do it, you know, this is what we are here to do we are just channels, and we just get on with it. Anything else.

No that's fine thanks.

About The Second Well Trust

One of the Trustees, went onto say,

Right so us, us people here we are The Second Well Trust and we are a non profit registered charitable organisation and our goal is to teach people to become teachers so they in turn can teach other people. So that we are offering tools for everybody to encourage them to develop their own selves so they can help all the people around them. We have two classes, one on the North Shore and one in South Auckland and lots of other people coming along all the time, haven't we.

We encourage people who are interested to actually join the Trust as it were, to become a member which costs $20 a year and um we have these very nice Newsletters which a dear friend of ours is doing for us at the moment, very efficiently. We have the things you see for sale. This is a transcription of the Songee Classes before, which is very informative about various things. We have copies of tapes and transcriptions from out Public Meetings which are also available there, which are also very interesting. And we have this book which is called 'The Facets of the Diamond' which are a combination of Songee's teachings in various places throughout the land.

And now we come to the Crystal Light of Love.

So we are going to read this first. This is my first Songee Class in this place, usually we are involved in another group in South Auckland however today we are on a field trip and I have bought my class members with me.

Roberta-Margaret: Which is really rather neat. We have got some of the Meadowood class members here too with is neat to, so it is a combination of two classes, it's really good.

Nice new people.

Good to see new faces.

Shall we introduce ourselves, that would be really nice. I'm Christene and I am a Trustee of The Second Well Trust and I'm a Teacher.

(The rest of the people present introduce themselves with a brief talk about who they are.)

Roberta-Margaret: That is one of the things that is important for people to know we are into teaching children and we have ideas to actually start a class for children later on in the year so that we can have children come because there are a lot of gifted children out there. There are many things the Trust would like to get up and running like Psychic hotlines and things like that as well. Where people can ring up when they are troubled and need some help. Those are all sort of things we are looking to doing in the community at same stage. And we have A and son M who is almost 12 and he is very, very gifted and he comes to Meadowood. So it is very lovely to have the children in here.

Crystal Light of Love Poem

A Teacher then took the group through the opening of the Chakras, by breathing in the colours to raise each person's energy levels, and onto The Opening Prayer.

Christene then read The Crystal Light of Love -

So Darkness leaves the land
and Light is born
and soars heavenwards,
then dives into the hearts of Mankind.
The Truth of Light within the Crystal doth lie,
to drive away the Demons of your Soul.
Hearken to the words that you hear,
the knowing within your heart.
Hear not the darkness of your mind
for reason it is blind,
it leaded you astray
and further into darkness.
So put aside your reason,
the mind that tells you lies,
and hearken to the Light,
The Crystal Light of Love,
for within your heart it lies.
No other can have charge of this,
Only you.
Crystal Light, ...
So bright, ...
Of many hues,
piercing through the darkness,
allowing none to be.
Only Light, Crystal Love, shall be
inside of Thee.
So ponder now upon this riddle that
I give to you,
and know its Truth
of Crystal Light
remain inside of you ...
Be at Peace ... !

(Roberta-Margaret offered herself as a channel and went into full trance.)
A presence was noticed to be overshadowing Roberta-Margaret.
Christene says: Hello how are you?

Sister Celestine: The new born Souls she cares for at the Orphanage

Sister Celestine: I am so pleased to be here.

It's very exciting isn't it? Would you like to introduce yourself to everybody?

Sister Celestine: Oh Yes, most certainly, yes. I am Sister Celestine, good evening how are you? Yes I have been asked to come and speak just for a few moments with the children because they are a little uncertain sometimes, are they not? Yes, how are you, are you managing very well now? Oh they are very shy.

It's very quiet too.

Sister Celestine: Children are very quiet when they want to be like little mice. Now what would you like to know about me? Anything at all.

Where do you work? Tell them where you work because they would like to hear that.

Sister Celestine: Oh Yes. I am working in Spirit and I work at ah, you would call in an orphanage, yes, for small children. Let me see, they are not children that have ah, they are not children that have died young ah that you would understand. They are not children of parents who have lost children upon the Earth, you understand do you? These Souls, these young children are usually children that are already themselves, still young Souls. They are not yet had many life times so they have not developed into adulthood yet.

So we are minding them in the orphanage and we have wonderful time. We play games and we teach and we have oh many excursions. Yes sometimes we come to the Earth and we visit families and people and see how they are managing in their lives so that the children can have an idea of what sort of life they might like to choose and what sort of parents they might like to have when they come to be born upon the Earth, when it is their turn to come back. Um so we have children from small babies in arms that are, as you would say are almost new born - new born into the Light, not new born as you have them upon the Earth. And these children they have a life time and then when they finish it they come back to us and we look after them some more and then they come back again. And as they come back, each time they return to spirit they are grown a little more.

Now do not confuse this with those people in spirit who come to be guides and helpers and Doorkeepers and Guardians to you who come in the form of a child. Ah this is just their way of communicating and being with you. It is a form that they chose to use - ah I come to that question in a moment. Yes, ah yes they chose to take this form the better to work with you. It is possible that this is the form that they had with you in another life time and so your Soul recognises them more readily when they come to be with you and it is much simpler to get to know someone that their form is already familiar, is it not? Yes. Ah when you are out and walking about in your world and you meet somebody that you haven't met for a long time and you see them, you know them because you have met them before and you wave, do you not? It is very much the same thing when these people come and work with you in child form, however this is not the children that I am talking about that live in the orphanage. Yes.

The children that pass over from the earth life and go back to spirit ah they return to the form that they had just prior to them leaving the earth and sometimes they can, they can be young and sometimes they can be older. Ah and sometimes they can be a very old Soul indeed and present themselves to you as a very young person. So it only really depends on what is most convenient, yes.

So, what else would you like to know?

So would some of us go back as new Souls and some as old Souls.

How these Souls become New Born from the darkness

Sister Celestine: Oh no. The new Souls are the Souls that are brought from darkness into the Light. Always the Souls that come from darkness, that have been reclaimed by Oneness and bought back into the Light. They come from the darkness in the arms of those who go to rescue them and bring them back and as they come across from the dark into the Light - there is a space of ... more than no time, it is nothing, there is nothing. There is not even a void, there is just nothing there, it is, it is a space. And as the rescue Soul carries the person from the darkness into the Light, the Souls that is being bought from darkness into the Light - so that Soul changes like magic, and changes and becomes a small babe in arms and gets carried into the Light. And when that, that rescue Soul comes to the Light so the Angel beings come and they take the small child that the Soul has now become a small child and take it away to be reunited with Oneness and then they are given from, into their place of being in the orphanage. And this is how we have them come to us.

And as they go through their lives, and manage through their lives, and then they come to us, and as they come back they grow and become adults, like yourself.

Where do they go through their lives?

Back here.

Sister Celestine: Oh certainly yes, they have many life times to grow into an adult Soul. Yes. Ah it does not matter how many life times they may have had before they come into the Light because usually those life times have been spent doing the works of darkness, not the works of Light. So that has to be, ah how would I say, it has to be um, it has to be made clean. And the way Oneness makes this clean is to restore the Soul to its pure state of wholeness and it is allowed to begin again.

Does it have any memories of the things it has done prior?

Sister Celestine: When it is in spirit the Soul has knowledge of all the things that it has, it has been involved and responsible for, and as it comes to learn about coming to be born and coming back into spirit, it learns about the debts that it needs to pay to those that it may have harmed and how not to incur any further debts in the process, this is important also. So that is part of the learning that they come to the earth to learn. How can a small child so manage this, yes. A very interesting question. Yes I can do it too. Yes it is very clever.

Oh well a small child, this is in spirit, is not as you would imagine a small child upon the earth. A small child upon the earth you see seems to have no, ah to the people that are looking after it, it seems to have no um, no awareness beyond itself, beyond sleeping and its mother and father and maybe some other important people in their life, um so this is not so for the children, the babies that are in spirit. Ah their awareness is wide awake. Their, their intelligence is wide awake. And indeed the babies ah that are born upon the earth plane also, their intelligence is wide awake. It is just that humankind do not do well with this concept. They prefer to believe that the babies are not aware and cannot respond, and functionally they cannot respond. And of course their bodies are too immature however their intelligence is not and inside that small body that you have here is a very bright, alert Soul.

In the children that are born special, even the children that are born special and these children that require extra care and more love even than perhaps other children, they have intact their intelligence in their spirit form, and all you have to do is talk to them and love them. Not always easy work, sometimes it is very hard work however it is very rewarding work if it is what you are called to do, mmm. However the children in spirit, the babies they are able to communicate by ah - there is not words used - in spirit it is communication by sound and colour and light and ah by the mind, what you call the mind. It is a Soul transference of energy, of information from Soul to the other through the use of light and sound to each other, mmm. So this is how the babies that come from the dark side when they are reborn, this is how they communicate and they are very intelligent and they know exactly what they have to do for the life that they come to have before returning to us once more.

Very often those Souls will come and they will be born um and have only very short life to begin with. This is so that the Soul can advance fairly quickly, you understand this? And then as they move forward into slightly older age, so they can stay longer periods of time upon the earth in different bodies.

I feel now that it is time for me to go, the Mother is waiting to come and speak with you so um.

Does that, sorry to be a nuisance. Does that mean the people that live for a very, very, very long time who are very, very old Souls?

Sister Celestine: Not necessary. And I am Sister Celestine just in case you cannot get your tongue around it.

I couldn't get it...

Sister Celestine: Very delightful. People sometimes find it very difficult to get their tongues around my name. I don't know how that is.

I have a difficulty getting my tongue around most people's names.

Sister Celestine: So I will have to go now. I hope that you will excuse me and I will, perhaps I can come again and visit you. The Mother does not always let us come in and talk to you first. However She wanted this to happen tonight. She asked whether I would be willing to come and speak with you and I would be delighted to come and speak with you. So I am going now, farewell. Oneness blessing upon all of you.

(Everyone thanked Sister Celestine.)


Songee comes into Roberta-Margaret's body and says -

Songee: I am here.

(The people present say hello and greetings to Songee.)

Songee: So I must be polite in greeting to you also. How are you? Are you all well in your life?

All except D.

Songee: I am being polite. So what are we going to discuss this time, oh many things. Ho where did you want to start with all these many things? Perhaps it is better to go one at a time. What about the little ones. We ask the little ones first. (There is muttering in the background.) You have to shout because I am very hard of hearing. I am very old you know.

No thanks.

Songee: No thank you. We let them, we let them get warm first, they are a little shy still. What about the grownups?


Songee could you please explain to us about Angels?

Songee: Oh what so you want to know about Angels? Do they exist?

Yes, I'm aware that they are, that they do exist. Where they in person form before they became Angels?

Songee: No. No Angels are not. They are separate energy. They have never had physical form, physical being. They will never have physical being, they are part of the creation of Oneness. They are as you would, more so, as you would know other creatures that are of other realms such as your fairies and the creatures of the trees, the divas of the trees and the plants. They are a different energy as these are different energy so Angels are different energies. When you look at the hierarchy of energies Angels are at the top, next to Oneness. Oneness - Angels, you understand? And Angels are there to oversee all peoples, all things and assist with all manner of things, large and small.

Do they visit us?

Songee: Oh most certainly they come visit you.

Our place in the Hierarchy

Songee um I have been made aware of something but the last week I want to make sure I got it right. Um There is God first then the Angels and then we are fairly low down the list at the moment but He made us in his image so that when we all get it right it will be God, us and then the Angels and we will be one with the Oneness. Did I get it right?

Songee: Before I answer that I am going to say ask you a question. How is it so important to know this?

Um Well it wasn't really that important it was just that I was made aware of it.

Songee: All energies together are One, even now you are all One. Do not make this mistake to believe that you are not part of Oneness because you are in physical life and because you have, whatever manner of size and shape, whatever manner of person you are, male or female, or both - it matters not you are all part of Oneness even now, every life time that you have, so you are already at one with all the energies.

Now having said for that there are many human-kinds who are not aware of being at One with Oneness and at One with the Angels and all the Spirits of Light. This does not mean that they are not part of that energy. It only means that they are not aware that they are part of it. And then you have other peoples who believe that only they are part of this and that other peoples that do not believe the way that they believe are not part of this, you understand this, that only they.

You want to hear a funny? Would you like to hear a funny?

Yes please.

Songee: I am going to give you a little picture to imagine. To imagine if you would some peoples who are passing from the earth plane back into spirit and they come back to spirit and they say to the peoples in spirit who come to meet them, the peoples of Light, "What a beautiful place would you like to help me to see where everything is so that I know where everything is in this beautiful place. I don't quite remember where everything is, I only remember that I have been here before."

So the Beings of Light say, "Most certainly I will show you, I will show you where everybody is in this beautiful place." And they take these people, these Souls and they say, "Over here is the place where the children come from the darkness and come into the Light and it is called the Orphanage and this is where these Souls that come to reside and you can visit it at any time you like and visit the children and play with them and share time with them, or whatever you want to do. And then perhaps we can go now and I can show you some other parts of this beautiful place."

And so it goes that they travel through and everywhere they go the Being of Light instructs and shows the new Souls, or the Souls who have just passed back into spirit where everything is, and everything that they encounter. And they happen to go past a particular area and there is a big wall made of stone very high, so high you can't see over the top. On the other side there are voices and there are ...


There are many of these places all over and with these big high walls and Souls become very puzzled and they say to their guide, "Excuse me Guide but what is all this, where, what is all the big high walls, and what is behind them?" And the guide looks at them and says, "Well those are all the different peoples that believe they are the only ones who are here in spirit." (Much laughter)

So there's many of these places and so it is, however the ones who are enlightened, who allow for many different ways of following the path to Oneness and find their path and retain an openness of spirit, openness of mind and an openness of heart, you don't go back to spirit and find yourself hiding behind one of these big high walls, you are able to be freely travelling through the realms of spirit.

Imagine it? This is not just a funny story?

The Buddha

Songee, according to the hierarchy where is the Buddha?

Songee: The Buddha? The Buddha is one of the evolved Souls that have moved from the Earth plane back into spirit and, is part of, part of the peoples who are, helping the earth plane towards its destination.

Ah, now, I see you wanting to know 1, 2, 3, 4, down the list. This is very, precise and exact, is it not? It is not so precise and exact! Although, I have given you example of Oneness and then Angels. Remember I say to Angels are different energy. They are not earth beings. You understand? Then you have earth beings who have transcended and learned, and moved forward. These beings then become part of the hierarchy of humankind and then you come down, you understand - to the one who is not very advanced, down at the bottom. Their awareness is not very advanced. The ability to bring from spirit to earth, from earth to spirit is what decrees advancement, do you understand? Ponder on it for a moment.

Could you please repeat that?

Songee: The Soul that has the ability to bring spirit to earth and earth to spirit is what, Ah is how you make a measure of advancement. You understand? So, you can have an extraordinarily advanced Soul in the body of a person who is perhaps physically, ah bits and pieces not working, (Songee laughs as she can't find the words to explain this.) You understand? I have not word for this.

(And the students offer some suggestions, Disabled, Handicapped etc.)

Songee: Oh the bodies don't want to do what their intelligence tells them to do, however they can be very advanced Soul, you understand? It is not - Oh that is a very interesting word, thank you Little One. Little One gives me words criteria. It is not criteria for the Soul to have, to have a fully functional physical body, or to be extraordinarily beautiful or extraordinarily something in the eyes of other peoples of mankind, you understand? The Soul that has the ability to bring spirit into the physical and to manifest it. This does not mean to make these happenings with the sleight of hand that make things appear in front of you. Although there are Souls who have managed to gift themselves with this, it is not all time this particular manifestation. The manifestation of which I'm speaking to you is the ability to bring, the word, because it is the word that is going to change humankind -


Many words.

Songee: So, to bring the word from spirit, from Oneness and to give it freely to others, to help them in their life, on their life path. This is the manifestation of spirit to earth and the manifestation of earth to spirit, is the ability, of the Soul, to move from the body freely and to go where-ever it chooses to go. Or where-ever it is told to go, to do the works. Do you understand this? Does that answer your question or would you like some more?

That's fine.

Where this Soul is led to do the work, is that where the Soul is led to do the work, is that on the earth plane, with the word, with other people?

How to do the work of Oneness

Songee: It can happen in the consciousness. It can happen in the sleeping. However when you come to a point of your awareness, where you say, "Very well Oneness, I accept. I give in. What do you want I to do now. Just don't make it too hard will you?" And Oneness says, "Oh good, I now have somebody else I can send to do some work. Isn't it wonderful". And then they will say, "This is a person, go and see this person and they will be able to help you". Or they will say to you, "Go and see this person, they need your help". And so, Oneness, through the agency of other peoples in spirit, through the energies of your acceptance and a love, it allows those peoples to come and to receive the words of encouragement, of enlightenment, of love, of things that will bring them nurturing and succour to their heart.

And it is this acceptance, that is a very important part of the development of all Souls that are moving towards the Light. Most Soul's become into this working that you are discovering now, out of curiosity and this is not wrong. This is natural, this is normal pattern, of progression. You go through your life and many things happen upon this life. Many things to make you curious. Ho that is a very, (Songee speaks to her friends in spirit) Ah yes I remember when you wrote it. About the little girl who goes into the magical kingdom and discovers many wondrous things and finds that things are very curious indeed. And this is a very important word, you might like to put it down and look at it in your book of words. Curious. So curiosity is something that humankind have and Oneness, Oh Oneness loves curiosity. Because it is this curiosity that is going to bring you back to Oneness. So Oneness feeds curiosity, and sends the Souls of Light to help you, and to help you to discover whatever it is you need to have, satisfied, within your curiosity.

Now sometimes, you may be curious about something and you may have some information from this place and information from that place, information this other place, and before you know where you are you got all of this information and you say, "PHOO its all different, what do I do with it all. How do I manage all of this?" What do you do with all so many different things?

Just leave it alone.

The Truth

Songee: You look for the thread of truth that runs through all of them. Forget about all the little bits of weeds that are all wrapped around it and look for the true vine of knowledge, as it grows. Now remember The Truth. Truth stands the 'Test of Time'. If it is true a hundred of your earth years past, it is true now, and it will be true in one hundred of your earth years to come.

Now this is not to do with your personal truth. Your personal truth is not A TRUTH. I am very sorry to disappoint, some of you. This is not The Truth. Your personal truth is something that you have learned about, in this lifetime. Something that you need to adhere to for a particular part of your awareness and your development at this particular time. You understand? And it is important for your life Destiny Path and your karma and everything else, that you learn to honour your personal truth. Even sometimes at the risk of stepping on the toes of others.

So... What might you call a personal truth?

Something that you believe, what you believe is correct and you say that it is correct to what you feel it is, to you. (And laughs as she is having difficulty explaining her truth.)

Songee: Very good. How would it be, that in your life peoples that you encounter, very often, are not courteous or honourable towards you as a human being, as an individual? No matter what the situation, big situation, middle size, little one - you can put a measure against how you feel, when, this, dishonouring of your being happens to you. And you can make it from number one, that is very small to perhaps one hundred and one, that is very large, and somewhere in between you might like to place how you feel. Oh that is a very big scale however, womankind is very complex and needs a big scale of measurement. So, when someone is not honouring you and your being, what do you do most of the time?

Be quiet, say nothing.

Songee: You don't say anything. Now, sometimes perhaps this is, the correct thing to do because you, perhaps have a sensing that the person themself is not very happy and perhaps they are, struggling with something within their own being so you allow them, out of love to have a little bit of grace. Do you not like that word? (And the group expressed that they did.) So you give them some grace. However when they persist in repeating the behaviours and the wordings and the way that they are about you and the way that they treat you, or dishonour you, then there comes a moment when you have to say, "NO MORE. You not to do this anymore". And then you have to tell them what it is they are doing. You cannot just say, "No, you are not to do that", because they did not know what 'that' is, because they are not aware of it. They have been doing it for so long, they have become habit of it. You understand? So you have to teach. It is very difficult. It is very unsettling, both for you and the other person. You understand?

Now this is a Truth, that you are going to give to them. Your Personal Truth. And you say, "Now I have to tell you this, you have just done, you have just said, and when you did and when you said it makes me feel, how-so-ever," and you say it. And you say to them, "I am not going to allow you to take that tone, attitude and manner with I any more. So be cautioned, that every time you begin this behaviours I am going to tell you, no, or I will tell you something about, not allowing you to behave this way, and treat me in this manner any more". And this is a Truth. A Personal Truth. You understand?

Is that where the saying comes, it goes against my grain, it goes against the grain, the grain of truth?

Songee: It is a fashion of this, when, you, go against your natural inclination, only you have to be able to learn how to deliver your truth without throwing it like a missile - I'm liking that word - into the face of the other person, because that is going to hurt. It matters not how much hurt the other has given to you. When you are learning to walk in the Light you are also learning forgiveness and love. Love that is compassion, however you also temper it with firmness and correctness of being. And honesty, most important, honesty. To maintain your integrity as a human being, to maintain your integrity of your Soul you owe, yourself, honesty. And when you give yourself honesty then you must give honesty to others. Now, because your personal truth maybe something now at this time of your life, it maybe that you personal truth is born out of your own insecurities, your own fears, your own self doubts, you understand? And because, of this, it is not A TRUTH because as you pass through your life and you learn to loose and drop away some of your insecurities and your fears, so you change and become different and as you become different so do your truth change and become different.

It maybe, that you have an aversion to one of my children. Who are my children? (This idea must have passed through many of the minds of the student's present.) OH my goodness, all living things are my children. The creatures of the ocean, of the land, of the sky, all are my creatures, all my babies. Maybe you do not like one of them, very much. You have an aversion to them. And you give yourself all kind of manner of reasoning for this aversion. May be you are frightened because it has big teeth and it might bite you. Because you know that this sort of creature have bitten other peoples. It might be the one that swims in the oceans and comes up and it gobbles you. (Songee claps and makes hand and arm movement to express this.) So you say, "Oh I don't like that creature. It is not a nice creature, I don't want to have anything to do with it". Maybe the creature that is half land and half water, that slides in and out and it's got a BIG mouth that goes like this, (Songee snaps the arms and hands closed) and snaps you up. You say, "I don't like that creature because it has a big mouth and big sharp teeth". It matters not what manner of fear that you have. As you grow and you learn and you become enlightened and you gain wisdom, and you learn how to acknowledge all living things as part of Oneness, so you will find that you do not have this aversion to this creature. You still may not, like, to look upon its visage. It may not be very pleasant to your eye, however you might also, acknowledge that, you would respect, that it has got very large teeth and that its instincts are to eat things that move across its path, because it has to feed to live. However you can learn to respect and love it, in all its magnificent strength and power and beauty. And I say beauty because even the most unprepossessing creature of this planet has a beauty about it. No matter what you might feel at this moment.

Some peoples don't like my babies that swim in the earth, like this, (Songee makes undulating arm movements, like that of a snake) on the surface of the earth and go down into tunnels. The little snakes, you don't like them, they are frightened of them. Because, it was given in one of the facets of this planet that this creature comes from the dark side of life. However this is not so. In all cultures, many other cultures of the planet, they acknowledge the power of the serpent. Not as darkness but as wisdom. Of strength, power, light. They may acknowledge that it has sharp teeth and it has poison inside that can kill, however, they respect it. They don't be frightened of it. And they communicate with the creatures, and the Buddha is one of those enlightened Souls who learned to communicate with all creatures of the planet, not just with mankind. All life was revered and was given glory and so it needs to be with all of mankind however that is a long way from manifesting because too many of mankind are lost in their own fears.

How many of you do not like, the little creatures with the whifferly nose and the long tail? They got little whifferly noses have they not? We have a little mouse here. Did you know we have a little mouse, a little field mouse. You have a look. The little field mouse has got a little whifferly face with little whifferly whiskers.

Ops my tail. (As she picks up her tail and puts it neatly around her legs.)

Songee: You must be very careful not to trip over your tail. Many peoples upon the earth are not happy to be in the vicinity of this little creatures. They are frightened, of what? Of what are they frightened?

They might get bitten.

Songee: What would they bite for?

I don't know.

Songee: Imagine yourself being a little mouse with a little whifferly face, what would you bite somebody, a great big giant for?

Be silly wouldn't it.

Songee: What would you do it for? You do it because you are frightened because you are cornered and because your life was in danger and the only way you can fight this is with your mouth and with your hands. Is this not so?

That's true.

Songee: So imagine this great big giant coming and reaching down out of the sky for you. Ho imagine, if you would, the sky peoples coming down in their big craft, down to the planet and they are very big peoples and they come out and they are standing over above you so much they are like the big trees. And they say, "Oh look at that little one down there, isn't it sweet. I would like to pick it up". And this little thing that is so sweet looks up in absolute terror and says, "Oh my goodness, is going to destroy I". So it gets out a weapon and stabs at the hand that comes to pick it up. Cause it would bite if you put it in a corner. What you don't do, is you don't make a corner for the little ones to be caught inside. Be reverent of all life, of all things and then you will learn to be reverent of your own life, your own being. So, don't set out the cheese on the trap too soon, this one might not like to take it. So...

And when you look at all these creatures, look at them with your eyes open wide and learn as much about them as you can. Doesn't matter when at the end of that learning you still say, "My goodness it is still an ugly creature to my eye, I don't particularly want to be near it". That's all right, perhaps it doesn't want to be near you either. Perhaps to them they see you and you are not very pretty to them. So it matters not how you perceive it, provided you do it the honour of learning about it. And not fearing it because of lack of knowledge.

To Honour all things

Ah and this brings me, to, just about the conclusion of this night of speaking because this is what I am here to tell you and that is how you must honour all things, so that you do not be afeard of them. Knowledge, goes a long way towards dispelling fear. When you are frightened of something do not run away from it. You hear this little ones? (Songee talks to the young children in the class) When you are frightened of something do not run away from it. Open your eyes, make sure you are safe and then study it. Learn about it. Learn everything you can about it. Apply this, because this, that I'm giving you is 'A Truth' which is different from a personal truth. This is 'A Truth'.

Knowledge goes a long way to dispersing fear. When you learn about something, then you learn not to fear it. You learn to respect it. You learn to honour it. You may not learn to like it however you can love it because it is part of the creation of Oneness.

Ho, that is a very happy little song. Little One is giving me a little song (Songee is talking to Sally in spirit) I'm not going to sing it however I'm going to give you some of the words and you can find the rest of the song for you-self. It is a very special little song, and it is from something that, was made by peoples, Ah the music that turned around on the machine. I don't have name for this.

Record, record player, or is one of those little ones.

Songee: Just a moment... Gramophone.

Gramophone, yes that's a record player or stereo.

Songee: So. It is one of these discs that move about and there is needle to make for it to make sound. Little One is showing I this. Ah I remember this. Oh I am seeing this now. Very good. Now this is very special little song. You tell me the word and I say it. (Again to Her helper in spirit) Very good. Here it is, it goes -

Never smile at a crocodile, never tip your hat, or maybe stop awhile,
Never run, walk away, say goodnight, not good-day, cheerio, but
Never smile at Mr Crocodile.

Do you know this song?

(Some of the students do, some do not know it.)

Songee: Do you know it? (a few of the students whisper together) I am saying I am very deaf. I am very old, you may have to shout.


Are dragons true?

Songee: Oh most certainly. They live in the realms of magic like the fairies do and the divas. They are in another place of being and also when you are very still inside, you can learn to communicate with them just as you would communicate to all living things. Mostly they are good ones. Dragons are not ferocious, as some people would have you believe. Some of the stories out of time tell of dragons flying across the land and eating up young maidens. This is not true.

When were they here then? Were they here?

Songee: Not in the physical being as you understand it. However remember that spirit beings that have come to the earth in physical form do not, now, have the same ability to communicate with those other realms as once use to in time past. You want to see fairy, you want to see diva of the tree, you got to learn. You got to learn to how to be in the right vibration of energy to communicate, with them. This is part of the knowing and the learning of bringing matter into spirit and spirit into matter. It is part of the training that you learn. Everybody has the ability to do it. You only have to have a desire and the diligence to apply themself and to be self disciplined.

Do you want to know the rest of the song? Do you know the rest of the song?

Where was it Little One? Oh this is the next part of it -

He may very well be well meet,
Lots of etiquette in your head but there's one special time,
Special place to forget etiquette...
and then you come back to the beginning.
Never smile at a crocodile...
and then you come back and say -
Don't be taken in by his welcome grin...
you know how he smiles this crocodile a big happy smile -
Don't be taken in by his welcome grin,
He's imagining how well you'd fit within his skin,
So, never smile at Mr Crocodile.

Is it not fun? It's a happy song. Thank you Little One for bringing that. So Little One is Sally. Sally is a guide to the Organism and sometimes she is permitted to come and spend some time with you. Not this night. Because now, I believe that your time is short does this be so?

That is right. Although there is quarter of an hour, fifteen minutes.

Songee: You want to keep going.

Fifteen more minutes.

Songee: Very well. What else would you like to do?

Who are the Spirit Guides

I was wondering are spirit guides, are they evolved Souls that no longer come through the physical live on earth, sort of similar to like a Buddha or...?

Songee: You would like to imagine so! No they are not!

Oh OK. What are they?

Songee: You, yourself when you pass back into spirit you could choose to be a guide, a helper, a doorkeeper or guardian to someone who is close to you.


Songee: So they are as yourself. They are Souls that have had life times upon the earth and returned to spirit. Usually your own doorkeeper and guide and guardians, helpers, are all Souls that you have known and depending upon the life they have been living, when you have been separate from each other they have acquired certain skills that you might require for you-self in this life that you live. So they will come close to you and whisper in your ear and help you with what it is that you want to do and what you want to achieve.


Determining our Lifetime

What determined how many times you come back, and go again?

Songee: Your awareness. Your ability to forgive any transgressions that are made upon yourself in any given life time. A life time is brought, brought about largely due to Karma. Karma is that, is that situation where you have perhaps, Ah transgressed towards somebody in another life time. So you have to return to earth to have that transgression brought to you. So. So all the ills of your life you might like to blame Karma. However this is not all times true. Some of it is Karma, some of it, you might choose for yourself to learn certain lessons of awareness, such as tolerance, patience, compassion, gratitude. To learn to, loose certain aspects of the human nature, such as greed, jealousy, impatience, intolerance. So and so it goes. You understand? So the Soul in spirit says, "I'm going to be born to this parents because this parents in this life are going to be able to give me the life that I need to learn all the lessons that I am coming to learn. Also I can meet with certain peoples that I need to meet with who are going to deal to me back the lessons of Karma".

Breaking the cycle of Karma

Songee: I give you a very extraordinary example of a lesson of Karma. In a previous life time a Soul is guilty of the transgression of rape and murder. The Soul returns to spirit and Oneness says, "That was very naughty, very bad. Now you must pay your debt. You must return and you in turn, must receive, this, happening to you-self. You must receive to be rape and murder you-self. Now in the previous lifetime there were Souls that were around and about who assisted with it, this transgression. So those Souls Oneness now says, "You are just as bad, you have made just as many mistakes and you also must come and receive your debt". So you have this collection of peoples who come back to be born. Perhaps they are born in different parts of the planet. It matters not where they are born. Only that, when time, is right, their paths of destiny come together to enact, the lesson of Karma. And so, the Soul, that is coming to be raped and murdered is duly raped and murdered, you understand? They pass into spirit.

The Souls...


...So those peoples who are around this Soul that have been raped and murdered, that are devastated and distraught. Now, the law of Karma can be perpetuated by those Souls seeking revenge. Vengeance, or they can break the cycle of Karma, by forgiving the perpetrator of the crime, from their hearts. From their hearts! Does not mean that they condone the act. Does not mean that they have to like the person. They have only to forgive, from their heart, and to acknowledge that no matter how much they grieve or hate, it is not going to undo the Karma. What will undo the Karma is LOVE.

Now you have upon your planet some rare individuals who already are learning this most valuable lesson. There are not many of them however you can count them because at the moment they are so extraordinary, that ordinary humankind are fascinated by their story and also find it a mystery, as to how this humankind could possibly find forgiveness in their hearts for someone who has taken a loved from them. However the mystery is for you to discover and when you discover it, you will find glory. Because therein lies true glory, therein lies the cup that you know as the Grail, that so many seek. It is the cup of love that flows over sufficiently to forgive any transgression and break the cycle of Karma. Not an easy task. This is the task that all Souls are coming to learn. Ahhh - That means you too. You are all coming to learn this task and depending upon how well you learn it in this life then you will have more or less lives to come and practise it.

You understand?

Songee how do they pick the one that does the murdering and the raping? Is it something you volunteer for?

Songee: Usually it is a Soul that is already in the dark.

Oh OK.

Songee: Has already got one foot in the dark and is very low down in their awareness of reaching this state of knowing, you understand?

I was just reading an article about what you are just talking about, I don't believe in coincidences any more, and um I was wondering how the parents would feel and I was wondering how I would I feel, I would be absolutely devastated and then, I suppose that I hope would come to an acceptance of what had happened, but still the act still sickened me. But within myself I was really sickened for the child that had it done to and I could feel the pain and the agony from that child. Just wished to share that, sorry. It was an article in the T (a New Zealand newspaper) about this little boy and he was sodomized by paedophiles and he got killed and had a tear going down his face as they were suffocating him and that... I still just feel all these funny feelings.

Songee: It is not death that is painful, it is the manner in which you die that is painful. And also too, the Soul learning the realisation of the happenings. So that although the conscious mind rails against what is happening and believes an innocent, how can people do this to I, the Soul knows and when it return to Spirit, the Soul then is the given opportunity to, either return and deliver those that have transgressed and themselves from the cycle of Karma, or, to perpetuate it.

Depends upon their awareness of where they are, and remember in spirit remember there are Souls that are at different stages of awareness and if you are on the stage of awareness that is here, then you do not have the same awareness as someone who is up on this level here. (Indicating with the hands a higher level.) You understand? Your concepts, are, very vast.

I can understand that, oh sorry. (To someone else who had spoken at the same time.) I can understand that the Soul was going back into whatever they had decided, so that did make me feel a lot better. Sorry...

Songee: It is natural for you to feel compassion for the Soul that is going and that is part of the healing process. What you can do for that Soul is to say your prayers to Oneness, and ask for the enlightenment to come to that Soul so that they do not become lost in the perpetual cycle of Karma. That answer your question?

Well I was going to ask that the Soul that has passed on, like this child then do they decide forgiveness or the perpetuation of this Karma, they can decide to forgive the acts that have been done?

Songee: That is so. That is so. However those that are left behind also have to learn to forgive. So that they do not perpetuate the Karma. Imagine the Souls that are left behind, the anguish and the pain and the seeking and the need to seek vengeance upon those that have harmed their precious one. The Soul in spirit may forgive. The Souls left behind may not. So although the one in spirit will not perpetuate the Karma, those that are left behind may do so. The one that has passed into spirit came, to be part, of a Karmic lesson for those people to learn - how to break, the Law of Karma. Painful lesson. Sometimes it requires a very hard kick in the soft place to get the Soul to open its being and its awareness enough, to say, "Oh my goodness Oneness I've come so far away from you, help me to come back".

What is the karmic reasoning with someone who perhaps dies in a road accident. It's not actually a murder as such but something, it is a shocking release, you know, in a person in the prime of their life.

Songee: To you they are in the prime of their life, to them they have chosen to pass from this life at that time, in this way. You choose many different ways to loose your life, to leave it. There are many and varied ways. As many as you can imagine, there are different ways to leave your life. The simplest one is to go to sleep and say when you get out of your body, "Oh no I'm not going back there, I've had enough thank you very much. Let them find me I'm not going back".

So with this person who has chosen to finish their earthly life in a road accident say, there is also a lesson for the people left behind in their grieving to, to understand that, is that so?

Songee: Everybody, everything that happens comes to teach you something, comes to teach everybody that is touched by it, something. You are not islands upon your own self. You are all touching each other. I have given you this description before time. I am going to give it to you once more. You can imagine, if you would, that you have a master cook, the master cook puts into the dish all the ingredients to make beautiful sweet tasting confection for you to eat. Now imagine you are part of those ingredients that are being put in to make this beautiful thing. And as you are all put together, for a little while you are all sloshing about, all mixing up, bumping together and getting all sticky. And then you are all put together into a big container and you are put into a special place that is made hot, and then something very special happens. All of you, all the different parts of you that are all different, all begin, to change. Where you have all bumped together, you have all taken a little bit of each other onto yourselves. And as this heat comes in, so you start to change. You start to change in different cells and all the little molecules start to expand and grow and get big and fat and stick together. Before you know where you are you are all one beautiful confection. All nice and piping hot and ready to go.

So. In your life you are like these little molecules that you are all bumping together. When you are on the earth plane, you are in the mixing bowl. You understand? Bumping together, taking a little bit out of this person and that person. Did you know that every time you bump into somebody, you walk past somebody, you touch them, you touch their clothes, you are absorbing part of their energies into yourself? Not steeling it, not leeching it, because as you pass you take a little and you give a little. You understand? This is natural, it happens. So that when you go from this place, where you have spent time and energy together, this is the meaning of time and energy, when you have spent this together, spend it as I give to you and you give to me. I spent some energy with you and you spend some energy with me, you understand? So you are all spending energy with each other.

So, you go from this place and you are taking with you, little, feelings and pieces of energy from everybody that you have been with. And all those little bits that you take with you, throughout your life, through - imagine just one of your earth days, how many peoples do you bump into? How many ingredients in this beautiful confection are you bumping into, that are coming to you. Now some parts, you might not particularly like as they bump into you. It maybe that one of the ingredients is a little bit sour today. (The group laughs) Not quite in true flavour. What do you do?

Sweeten it up.

Give them a remedy.

Yeah I recon.

Songee: You hold that little part of them within your being and you say, "Oh my goodness you are feeling a little bit sour today, I will ask Oneness for a little bit of love to make you feel better." So you, in turn, you give a little bit of love and energy to that person and as the person feels the benefit, you will feel it in yourself, the changes taking place.

Oh there is a whole lot of other things that we could lead onto.

And we are running out of time.

Songee: And you do not have the time, no you do not have the time.

Do you know how the Egyptians made the pyramids?

Songee: Yes I do. I am going to keep it a secret.

Next time J.

Songee: I am going to let you puzzle about it a little bit more. It is not for this night to answer this question, so I will answer it for you another night. Save it for the first thing to ask next time you meet I. Will you do that? Very good.

So. May I go now? I have mountain to shake!

Yes you may go now. (We all laugh at giving Songee permission to go.)


Songee: So. You might like for a moment to just close you eye and relax your body in your seat, as much as you are able to. And focus for a moment upon yourself sitting in your seat. Feel your body, feel every part of it. What bits are tired. What bits are a little sore. And take inside of you the breath. The Breath of Life. Take it inside of you, hold it for a few moments and release it, slowly and gently. As you let it out let all the tensions leave you and relax your body into your seat. Now I want you to spread you awareness out to the others peoples in the room, the physical peoples. Feel the persons on either side of you. Feel the energies of that persons.

Be aware of them...

Now I want you to spread you awareness out into the centre of your meeting and in the centre of your meeting is gathered a beautiful white light. So bright, it is almost too bright to look upon with your eye even though it is closed. Allow that bright light to swell and expand until all of you are within it's, its light, within its boundary. And now be aware of all the beings that are around and about in spirit who are gathered here to hear this speakings. And be aware now of this light spreading out to encompass all of them. Wider and wider like the ripples in a pond. Spreading out, encompassing all those in spirit.

And now as this happens you may feel yourself becoming very light and you may feel as though you are drifting. And from this place of drifting I want you to look back down now to the centre and to see in the centre, your home, the planet as though you are looking at it from the window of a spacecraft. All blues and greens and whites, hanging in the beautiful space. And now all of you and all the people in spirit, as one, you send your energies out and down now to the planet of the earth on which you live, healing and love and light down to it. And know that you are part of Oneness now and for all time. And feel the love. For you are now in that love.

When you feel you have finished this task, you may return in your own time, only for now I will leave you with this power, may it lighten your life and make light your step through the path of your life.


End Crystal Light of Love

Now remember The Crystal Light we talked about at the beginning -
And remember to allow the Crystal Light of Love to burn bright within your heart and
May the Light of the Oneness strike it and bring forth its brilliant colours of Light
to drive away the darkness from your Soul,

Be at peace

Bringing back inside the colours

Then the teacher of the Second Well Trust took the group through the returning of the colours to complete the cycle of the evening.

Roberta-Margaret returned to us. She had been involved in fires and moving through volcanoes. We had supper before everyone left to go home.

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Channelled by Full Trance Channel: Roberta-Margaret Wiggins
Transcribed by Christene Hart

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