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Personal Development

THE SECOND WELL TRUST presents 'Personal Development'.
A Teaching from Songee, 4th March 1998.


Why did I come tonight
Doing Spiritual work and Spiritual Development
The Words - Think and Should
Songee's Teachings - When people are ready they will come
Channelled Healing
Meditation - babies and water

A public meeting held at Papakura South Auckland

AROMA: Lavender & Ylang Ylang

The Second Well Trust had invited Jeff Clarkson to play for the first part of the evening. He played a selection of his music while Channelled Healing was exchanged between group members and given to the two guests. Jeff also played a piece of music as yet unnamed, which will be on his next album.

In the later part of the evening Roberta-Margaret Channelled for Songee, and Poem of The Crystal Light of Love was read.

Songee: I am here.

Greetings Songee

Songee: So what have you for I this night? Many things. Who is going to be brave first?

Why did I come tonight?

And ask a question.

I sort of wonder why I thought I should come along tonight?

Songee: You felt you should?

It's a bit of a vague question isn't it.

Songee: When you were pondering upon what you might do, how did you come by the idea in the first place?

I just feel a connection with the earth, I suppose...

Songee: And how did you come to know of the meet?

I saw it in the Supermarket on the notice board.

Songee: First of all it begins with the eyes, does it not. And the eyes see something that resonates within you, this not so.

That's correct.

Songee: And when you stop and you take a few moments of your earth time to consider what it is that your eyes are showing you. Then your feelings come along and say something to you. Do they not?

Yes, I think so.

Songee: Oh, that sounds very doubtful.

It's a bit vague isn't it. They do.

Songee: The feelings come and tell you something, you feel this looks interesting or this doesn't look very interesting. What ever it is the feeling come to you. And depending upon the strength of that feeling, you either follow and investigate further or you disregard it. This is a process that takes place in human kind, it is not a mystery. However it is a process that takes place. So when you are look at things, you are taking inside of yourself the image and the feeling of what it is and whether or not it is going to resonate with you. Also too, you have an interest in things of that are of a spiritual nature, and this is the biggest, the biggest thing that your feelings have resonated with, you understand?


Songee: By understanding this process then you will understand how it is that you come to be walking a path in a certain direction. So then you come to the meet, so there is something here for you at this meet or you would not be here. Your soul knows, even though your intellect, that part that you use that word 'think' for, that is your intellect. Your intellect gives you an idea of something it is your feeling that guides you further. Ponder on that for a moment, don't think about it, feel it. So what have you found here at this meet, to this point of your earth time, what have you discovered? Sometimes, Songee makes people work you know.

Just I suppose the vastness of everything, um, music.

Songee: You say you have found vastness, is that correct?

Really how much I didn't know about, the size of everything, options you have, really I suppose.

Songee: So you have discovered there are many options that you have, is that not so.


Songee: Is this not exciting.

Yeah its great

Songee: So there is much to discover, much to explore, much to learn. And as many of those who are here in this room will say to you, much at times to agonise over. Sometimes the path of light is all times smooth, because you put boulders in the way for yourself to fall over. Nobody puts them there, you put them there for yourself, you do it all by yourself. So the removing of those boulders lie with you. The responsibility of it lie with you. Not with anybody else. Doesn't matter how many times you want to say it is somebody else's responsibility someone else has caused it to happen. This is not a truth.

(We wait as a train goes past because the noise is too great to hear over it.)

Songee: Your world is very noisy. However it gives you time to ponder on what was said to you. So the responsibility to removing the boulders is yours, and part of that removing of the boulders is part of your development. Now, I say to all those who want to work in the light. All those who come and say I want to learn more, I want to do more, I want to help people, I want to give to Humanity, These are wonderful sentiments and I say to all who come, you are to be commended for having these sentiments, and certainly provided you have the courage and the diligence your path can follow that course. Because it requires courage. it requires diligence to face some of the inner doubts and fears that you have inside. You don't all time face them at once, and you don't all time have to face them alone, you can have company while you are looking at some of these painful things inside and your only look at them when they poke their nose up and say 'what's out there.' Then you take notice of them. Sometimes they don't be so gentle, sometimes they jump and they punch you on the nose and say 'go away, I don't want you to know I am here.' And you say, 'that is a little bit difficult because I know you are here, you just punched me on the nose. I didn't know you were there before. Now I know that you're there.' Then it is important to keep working on whatever it is that has got your attention in such manner, very important. So indeed, it is past there is much to learn, however you begin with the small things first. First of all you come back to yourself and you say 'what is it I would like to learn? Would I like to learn how to be a channel for healing energies? Would I like to learn more about how to know the spirit people that work with I, that walked with me in my life?' and so on. Just for a moment ponder on this, and look inside your own self, now, and ask yourself 'what is it that I want to learn?' And feel it, now feel it. What do you want to learn? Some people say they want to learn to be a better person. Who wants to shout first?

I'd like to bring things that I have learnt in this life and share with other people and hopefully assist them to move forward.

Songee: Anybody else?

Doing the Personal Development and Spiritual Work

I would like to, sort of the same sentiments as Christene, Also I would like to get to know my people, I want more, better. I know I got to do work ... This sounds very contradictory.

Songee: What else, anybody else? Who wants to be a better person?

I would like to stop making mistakes, over and over and over again.

Songee: Ahhha, How is it that you come to make the same mistakes over and over and over again.

Not listening to the lessons as they come up.

Songee: Not learning the lessons of life, not heeding the little signs that are given to you. Disregarding them.

Don't open that purse.

Songee: Now you are referring to something that is of the carnal world, a lesson that you are needing to learn of the carnal world, is this not so?

Yes Songee.

Songee: How many other people have this same difficulty?

I believe we all do.

Unfortunately it does affect how far you can go with the likes of this world and this work too. Because of obvious reasons, like running a car and getting to venues, work.

Songee: It is important indeed that you balance your Earth life with your Spirit life. That you make the balance between the two. Now that which you need for your earth life, you work and you earn for your earth life. That which you need for your spirit life you ask Oneness. And then ask Oneness to help you to achieve whatever it is you are meant to achieve for Oneness, not for yourself, for Oneness. Remember, that all of you that do the work, you are doing it for Oneness, you are not doing it all time just for your own self. Your doing it for everything around and about you. So you learn by taking one little step at a time, and uncovering one little stone and then one little boulder at a time. These things that get in the way with your communication with Oneness, your unity. Always begin small, and always with the most simple things to begin. As you move forward through your learning and your appreciation of teaching that is brought to you. You cannot be given teaching of something that goes to the person who have studied and passed their examinations, far into their training. You cannot be given this information at the very beginning, because your comprehension of it is limited to the experiences that you have in this life and the experiences of the nature of the spiritual work. Do you understand? Do you understand? Therefore, lessons are given to you at times when you are most ready to receive them, in a way that you are most ready to receive them. And sometimes you can be at the meet and Songee may give a teach to the peoples who have learned much, and the words of Songee they fly across the top of your head. Because you don't quite understand fully what is being said. You hear it. However, in here inside of you, you are not ready to receive the knowledge, so it does not stay with you. How many times have you been into an environment that you visit frequently, and then one day you go to visit this place, and you notice, my goodness, there is a plant in the corner of the room. Doesn't that look beautiful. And you say to somebody "How beautiful there is plant in the corner of the room." The person looks at you and says 'Well, where have your been for the past 3 years of your earth life. That has been there all that time, it has not moved. All time that has been there.' And you are astounded, because before time you have not see it? How is it that you did not see it?

Weren't looking for it.

Songee: You weren't ready to see it. Your awareness was not ready to see the beauty of it, until that moment and then it is revealed to you. This is the nature of spirit work. It is revealed to you in stages of awareness and stages of development. So don't be discouraged by the discovering there is so much yet to learn. Remember you will learn whatever you need to learn as fast as you need to learn it as fast as you are able to learn it.

The Words - Think Should

Songee: Now I know that this is an old message that I am giving to you. However it is not old to some. And it is the boring message about your WORDS. When you say words in your language, in your vocabulary every day of your life, you are not being true to yourself. Doesn't matter how much you argue about you are not being true to yourself. The words ...

(Another train goes past.)

Songee: Have to have a word with the peoples about this, machines. There is less noise in a large field. So the words, what are the words, those who know?


Should, shouldn't.

Songee: The worst ones are the think, the should, and the shouldn't. The most important for most people, it is the should and the shouldn't, because these are judgmental words, they are words of criticism, words of great hurting. They are like knives, when you use these word in your language about anything, you are hurting yourself, you are damaging yourself. And when you throw this word it at somebody else it is as though you are throwing a knife at them. A weapon, hitting, stabbing, ponder on it for a moment, it is very important, it is very serious to know this.

The parent says to the child "you should do this, you shouldn't do that." And every time the parent says to the child, this should, and shouldn't they are being critical and judgmental. And they are teaching the child also to be critical and judgmental. This is all part of the conditioning you have received from your parent.

So you now have the gift, to over sit this were you to apply yourself diligently to the process of learning to do it. No one can make you do it, you have to want to help yourself to learn. Those that come to speak with Songee, have this same teach given to them, it is not new, it is old teach, it will continue to be given, because it is a Truth that you are being given. And I am here to give you Truth. I will not tell you lie. I will not pat you on the head, it is alright.

You can say it as often as you like because it doesn't matter. It does matter. It hurts, it's a word that is damaging and it hurts. When you look around this planet, you look around and you see so much disharmony, and disease around you. So much is not being done to help the planet upon which you live. And as the Child of Music says it is the only one that you have got to live upon at this time. Is that not so.

So you must take care of it and in doing so you must take care of yourself. And you look at all these peoples around and about you all saying to each other, should and shouldn't, "you should do this" and "you should do that." Someone in your life is not happy, they are sad about something. They don't know how to make it right for themselves. Or indeed it is yourself, you have something that is not right in your life that is not comfortable, that you are not happy about. And somebody comes along to you and says that they would like to help, they would like to listen to whatever is going on in your life. And so you tell them, you tell them all that is in your heart, and they sit there and they say well maybe you should such and such, maybe you should go and do something else. Or perhaps they say well you shouldn't have done that.

How does that feel inside you? Do you feel like doing this? with your body. Or do you feel like doing this with your body? Feel it, imagine it, you have had it done to you. Many times you have had it done to you. Feel it inside.

The should and the shouldn't that hurt like a knife. Ponder on it. And learn to use other words in placement of it. Kinder words, gentler words, that will express the feeling without hurting. And then it doesn't matter, you can get angry, you can get sad, you can say whatever you need to say. Just don't use those words.


Songee: That there were many machines before. Did you know that?


Songee: Very much like the machines you have now only more, some were made to run with Christos on the earth. I digress, I come back to the words. And the Think word, this word closes doors and it doesn't open them. Because think implies a doubt. Would you say you think something, then you are not sure, it is possible it is, possible it isn't. And also to it is not all time very truthful. So when you want to say what is the truth of something say what you feel. Ponder on that for a moment.

So all time you are saying what you feeling inside. And those that are coming to learn how to say these words, and how not to say these words, and to find other words in the placement of them. When you have had this lesson over a period of your earth time, and you are expressing a desire to learn, and to walk forward, and then you continue to ignore the lesson and you keep using the words.

What is it you are wanting to learn? So you must come back to the first question. What is it I want to learn and how best might I learn it? And these two words will get in your way every time. So it is good to practice not to use them now, so that as you go through the rest of your learning you can uncover all those things that you need to uncover, that you need to face. They don't need to all time to trip you up. And when you get in to right area of learning and the right awareness, correct awareness, you will find that although sometimes you might make little mistake, little slip, it can be treated as a little bit of fun, among you, it does not have to be dire, it is only dire when you have a problem sorting it out inside your being. This is part of what I am saying before time. You make your own boulders to fall over. You don't have be boulders, they don't need to be so.

There is possibly much more that I could give to you however at this time, time is a bit short. Is this not so. Now is there anything else that anyone would like to ask before I leave you.

Have you got any words of wisdom you can give to us, how we may help Songee get to the people. It is very disappointing when we, ah, have the Child of Music as a guest, and so few people turn up. How may we get more people to our meetings, please?

Songee's Teachings - When People are ready they will come

Songee: The energy is already being felt, it does not come with changing large peoples all at once. It comes changing small peoples one at a time. The energy for Songee, for some is not ready yet to hear the words. It is part of what I am saying to before time. They are not ready yet to hear the words. Songee makes people work! Is this not so.


Very true.

Songee: Peoples do not want to work They want to have it given to them on their laps. They want to have everybody saying how beautiful and nice and what lovely angels there are around and about. And indeed there are angels all round and about. However, Songee task is to come to teach. Teaching is not easy. Teaching requires that somebody wants to learn. Understand? And at the moment there are only so many who want to learn.

As people come to learn about the teach of Songee, and discover how much different their life path will become once they begin to the absorb the word. They will discover that they will want to tell other peoples about it and other peoples will become curious about it and will begin to come. It is moving slowly forward. It is not going backwards. It is moving forward. Your perception of your meets is very different from that of spirit. How many of you have not spoken with Songee before time.


Songee: So there are two people more, than before time who now have had hearing the teach of Songee. A little of it, not much because there is not much of your earth time. There is much more that Songee can teach than you have heard this night. There is much more that Songee have before time bring teach to the peoples, many times, many places, many, many words even.

And those that take time of their earth to explore, and to hear, or to read the scratchings, will discover something for themself. And you need to say to yourself, there are not large numbers of peoples here, however there are two people who were not here before. And when you have meet, even if there's only one, then you have had your meet with good purpose. And here you have two. Is that not wonderful? So you have two. And supposing there was not one, not two, you have each other to enjoy each other and to be together once more. Even though it is a little disappointing to you perhaps on the earth plane from the carnal point of the purpose of your meet. From the point of your spirit the purpose of your meet, all time it is worth the energies that you bring to it. All time, there is something to learn, something to gather from it. Something precious, and that precious thing is that you are together, you are all together in one place with the light. Ponder on it for a moment. Feel it.

You have the Child of Music, with the beautiful sounds opening the doors of your spirit taking you into places that your soul perhaps has not yet been to. It is not beautiful. And it is an honour to have such happiness. And will become to be known, to those around and about who did not come that they missed something very important and very special. They might not hear of it straight away in your earth time, they will learn of it. Be content. Keep doing what you are doing, and allow the Will of Heaven to guide your footsteps.

Channelled Healing

Songee: What do you want to do?

Channelled Healing.

Songee: By yourself?


Songee: What do you want to do it for?

Because I want like to connect myself and other people to Oneness, give them light and love.

Songee: This is something that needs to be talked about with you some more, in more detail, because there is something else that needs to be overcome, before this can take place. Do you understand?

What, what needs to be overcome?

Songee: There needs to be more learning on your part before you can do this. Your skills are not trained enough yet, to do this. They are moving forwards however, they are at a standstill at the moment, and this is how they will remain for a moment until matters have been settled within yourself. You have boulders that you have to move out of your way. And you will not move forward until those boulders have been moved up out of your way. Only you can move them.

They are within you. They are things that are within you. Resistance within you. And until you learn to move that, then you can not move forward into further training of yourself. Your learning has come this far forward, now you must wait. And you must work upon this resistance within yourself. And that is where your energy must go. Were you to attempt to put into such a design as you have just mentioned you would be in effect taking the focus of your energy and putting it into something else so you that don't have to face that which is inside of that is needing to faced. It is, thanking you, it is a form of avoidance. Avoiding something that you must face inside of you. So the short answer is No.

Ok, thank you very much.

Songee: Not yet. It does not mean it cannot happen it cannot be. It only means not yet. You are not ready. Now supposing you want to disregard that and go ahead and do whatever you seem to feel you want to do. No one is going to prevent you from doing it. No one is going to say you cannot do it. However, you will discover that you will bear it upon your own self doing it. There would not be the support for you, to assist you with it. You understand? Because first you must work upon this resistance in yourself.

I, I feel, I feel need some boundaries, safety boundary, I do set up boundaries. I feel I lost my discipline, and I lost my safety too.

Songee: This is part of the reason for you not doing this work yet. You have yet to re-establish your boundaries, you have yet to re-establish your discipline. You Understand.


Songee: That is part of what has to happen and it cannot be re-established until you learn to overcome this resistance. These boulders that you need to face. Boulders are things inside of you that are troublesome things. Things of your own nature that you need to face, and set right. Part of the things you have come to learn in this life. So they are the lessons of this life. There is much more we can say about it, only this is not the time or the place to do it.

Thank you very much, I really appreciate.

Songee: So remember it, and next time we can speak, you ask again and go in to it in more talkings. You understand?


Songee: Anything else?

Meditation - babies and water

Songee, I had a meditation, and what I saw was the water, and in the water there was a baby, and then we did a dolphin mediation, and then there was a baby coming out of the dolphin and then the water I believe was the life, and then I saw these little heads, they looked like little rows of plantations. Has that got to do with my Midwifery course or is that were I am at, at the moment?

Songee: What do you imagine it is?

Well I was pondering on it being my Midwifery course and all these little babies coming out.

Songee: The water represents the emotion and then you look at your earth life and discover what it is about this, your emotion that you have about this.


Songee: And all the feelings, all the little feelings that are floating around in your emotion. And what form are they taking?

They are sprouting.

Songee: New beginnings, new births. New little births coming. New beginnings of things.

Oh ok.

Songee: Discovering new things about your self, from within yourself.

Oh that good, that's got to be good news.

Songee: There is a restlessness around you all. So are you ready to say goodnight to yourselves for the night. So before I go from you. Because it has been a quiet night for all of you from the carnal point of view. I would like for you to especially to say your feelings of gratitude to the Child of Music, who has brought such beautiful space into your awareness. Do you want to express to the Child of Music how you feel about the gift that has been given from the Child of Music this night?

Yes, I would, especially that new one I like that very much, the one about the garden that was lovely.

The first time I have heard your music, it was really great, thank you.

Thank you Jeff, for the opportunity of just being here, just watching us and hearing you play, it just wonderful.

I like your music. I love it.

I love the little speech at the beginning too.

I would like to thank you for sharing your music and your talents, and listening, it was lovely.

When are we going to get that new one, Jeff, is that?


That's next month.

Has it got at title, yet?


Has it got a name, yet?

No, I haven't been given that much yet.

Songee: Well you might just like to close your eyes. Take inside of you the deep Breath of Life. And listen to the sounds ...

... As you go inside of yourself, go inside to that place that is quiet and still inside. And in that place of stillness you will feel a small voice of Oneness.

That you harken to that voice, be aware and feel all the light and love flowing out and about to all parts of your being.

So that every cell is holding the light.

I go now, and I leave you with this beautiful light of the Oneness and its power.

So Be It.

The evening is concluded with last part of The Crystal Light of Love poem. And Roberta-Margaret returns.

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© 2008 The Second Well Trust
Email address: songee@songee.co.nz
Website: www.songee.co.nz
Channelled by Full Trance Channel: Roberta-Margaret Wiggins
Transcribed by Christene Hart

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