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Along the Path of Enlightenment

THE SECOND WELL TRUST presents 'Along the Path of Enlightenment'.
A Teaching from Songee 18th August 1997.


The Cow
Management - Control
The Words - should, think, why
The Path of Enlightenment
THE Truth

Five people were present at the Glenfield Community Centre, this was the third Monday night of these new public meetings for The Second Well Trust presenting an evening with Songee.

Songee: I am here.

Thank you Songee.

Songee: What have you for I?

(Laughing) Its turning into the many dollar question, that. Yes.

Songee: There is much that needs to be spoken...

That's right.

Songee: ...and it matters not, whom-so-ever needs to have the speaking of it. Or how many need to have the speaking of it.

Would you like to go ahead and ask a question? (To one of the guests.)

Songee: It is very difficult to begin.

The Cow

I will begin. I've got this really funny question. I have this beautiful cow, this beautiful Jersey cow who believes she is a black and white Friesian, which is pretty odd to start with. Nearly every time I go to greet her in the field she puts her head down, she makes this most disgusting noise as though she would like to be a bull and she dribbles bowls full of saliva. What on earth is on her mind? What's she doing?

She probably loves you so much.

Songee: She's sending to you the images that she would like for you to receive, you need to accept the images that she is sending to you. She's sending you images of great affection.

I know she loves me but, however I just couldn't understand what these things were.

Songee: You could always reciprocate and make the noise that she does.


She might leap on you.

Yes, she might wash my bottom like she does with her babies. MM...

Oh well. So what are the images, just images of...

Songee: Affection.

MM Peculiar cow. (laughter) Thank you.

Songee: Not so strange when you imagine that humankind when they are raised among others that are not of their own breeding, they can grow to believe that they are belonging to the breeding that they are being raised with.

That's right.

Songee: And when they discover that they are not, at whatever age this come to pass, it comes as great surprise to them.


Songee: So, when you come to speak with Songee you can ask anything what you need to ask for your life now, anything that is worrying you about your life, the concerns that you have, curiosities that you have that might, be, upon your life at this time. We have knowing of many things however some things it is not wise to give you all time, all the answers at once, because some persons are ready for answers and some persons are not.

So... let me have a look... (Songee seemed to consider the guests and what maybe on their minds.)

Management verses Control

Songee: Now, we have this question of the seeking of things. Seeking of the path to enlightenment. How do human-kind embark upon this path of enlightenment. Usually because they fall over it. Seemingly quite by accident. I say to you, there is no such thing as accident. No such thing as chance. Every time that something do happen upon your life, ask yourself what is the lesson, what is the message that is being given to me this day because all time there is a message and a lesson, there for you to learn.

Humankind go through their life, most of the time, without taking any notice upon what is happening around and about them. They do not have consideration of matters that touch their life, lightly. They only have, consideration of matters that come and smack them in the face, then they take notice! What Songee would like for you to learn is to take notice of the little things and in this way you don't have to have too many smack in the face. (Laughter) You have less smack in the face which for you is far more comfortable, than the other way. It means, for instance, when you practice this other way that, you can learn to overcome the little difficulties that come to you in your life and now you may say to yourself, "Oh but I don't have any difficulties, I manage everything". Although you will not use the word manage, you will use the word 'control'. I know this thing. It is not a good word. When you have control of something in the fullness of time, always, you will lose control.

That's right.

Songee: It is inevitable, it will happen. You will lose control, because you have everything so controlled. So how do you do, without this. You say to yourself, "I have got to have this in this way, and I have to have that in this way, and I have to do this in such and such way. And if I don't do it in all of this ways, I will lose control". I say to you, of course this is the way it is, however when you approach it from another direction, and you look at it with different eyes and a different heart and you apply your feeling to it, then you have this wonderful thing that takes place, it is called Management and you manage something and supposing it does not quite come to pass the way you first imagined it ought to happen, so what! Change it! Change yourself to suit the way that it is going. Or stop and discard it altogether and say, "Oh my goodness that didn't quite work, that's not the right thing to do so I won't do it, I will do something else".

This is not control this is management. Discard what does not work, keep that which does work. Not control. Control is, "I'm going to do it this way, I'm going to make it work and it is the only way I'm going to do it". And then one day something else comes along and it changes all the components and suddenly it doesn't work anymore and you are sitting there saying to yourself, "It should work, it should work, it had always worked before, so it should work. I don't understand, why is it not working now".

The Words - should, think, why

So how many times have you done for this? (All agree, many times.) Ah, many times, I know it, I see it, many times done for this, through time past. So, what's wrong with all of this?...

Look also at the words that you give to yourself. The words of criticism, the words of, pain. The 'should', the 'shouldn't', the 'think', the 'try' and the 'why'. How often do you say to yourself, "Why did that happen, why did that person do that, why did I do that." How often do you say this? (To one guest.)

All the time.

Songee: How often do you say it? (To the other guest.)


Songee: More often than you are owning up to. (Laughter)

So... I want you to imagine and to remember something recent in your life where you have used this word in your life. Have you memory of this?

So how do you mean, instead of asking why, you just accept?

Songee: First of all, I want this person (the other one who did not speak) to say something about when they have used this word 'why', to someone in their life, recently.

To some --- (The reply could not be heard.)

Songee: So...

Did I ask somebody recently in my life why? Why they have done what they have done. I have.

Songee: So can you remember it?

Yeah I can remember it.

Songee: And how did you say it to them. What did you say?

I'm not quite sure how I put it, just why did they do it.

Songee: And what was your feeling at the time this is taking place?

Anger and hurt.

Songee: And what was the response you get?

Um... I'm not sure.

Songee: Did you get an answer?

I don't think so.

Songee: You don't think so... Did you get a shrug of the shoulders or did you get an answer from the mouth?

Could have been a shrug of the shoulders.

Songee: Can you recall, what else the person do, when you say for this, the 'why' to them?... There is a purpose to all of this. Don't be afraid to say.

Walked away.

Songee: The person walk away from you?


Songee: So they turn their back and walk away.

Whenever I bring the subject up.

Songee: So still you are attempting to find out from this person the 'why'?


Songee: And still all time you not get the answer to 'why'.


Songee: Now first of all, let us look at the process that is taking place. Whenever you asking the why and you say to somebody, "Why did you do that". Why are you still asking the question? (Forcefully directed to the person.) How does that feel? How does that feel when I say that to you, that way?

Why am I still asking the question?

Songee: Why are YOU still asking the question?

For the answer.

Songee: How do you feel inside, doesn't matter, what do you feel? Why, why are you still asking the question?

Don't know.

Songee: And how do you feel inside?

Still angry.

Songee: So, you still feel angry, and every time the word is used to you, 'why', you feel that you must give an answer, do you not?

I'm the one that wants the answer.

Songee: However Songee say to you - why are you still asking the question - you gave response, twice. This is because inside of you, as in most human-kind, this is a lesson I'm giving you, you understand? Inside of you, there is this, programming to respond, to the 'why', to justify yourself to the person that is asking 'why'. Now the person that is asking 'why' is making the other have to make a response of some description. Quite often most of the time, the person that have transgressed, that have created this 'why' question in the first place, doesn't know, why. And supposing they have some idea of, 'why', they will not say, because they are frightened that supposing they give an answer whatever the truth may be, they will be rejected.

So you have a number of things taking place here. First of all you have person who has been hurt, wanting to have an answer and person who have created the hurting, is also hurting themselves and they don't know how to give an answer. They have no way of giving it. It can be for all sorts of reasons, the main one is because of fear.

Now, you may never have your answer to this particular 'why'. Having said that, you now have to start learning how to change your way of saying something, so that you can find out from people, why they do things, without asking why, you understand?


Songee: So... when somebody does something and causes you hurt and distress, you say to them, "Your actions, your deeds have caused me emotional pain and I'm feeling very hurt and very angry". You don't ask them why. You tell them how you are feeling and then, leave them, to manage it. You might like to say to them, "When, you 'feel', you are ready, perhaps you would like to come and tell me how it is, (not why) how it is you came to make those actions."... And wait for the different response. You may never, ever get your answer.

Then you move onto the next step and the next step is to learn to heal yourself and to forgive, you understand? And that is the next task that you will have as human-kind, is to move on from that and learn to forgive and in that process you learn to let go of all that anger, all that hurt and disillusionment. All that pain and you learn to forgive and when you forgive something wonderful do take place. All of a sudden, it doesn't matter anymore. And you can look at the person and say, "You do not have the power to hurt me anymore because I have forgiven you and I now moved on." And nothing that they can do, or say will change how you feeling about yourself and your own strength when you come to it. And you don't have to continue to deride them or be angry with them or have the strain of it anymore because you let it go. And that will help, you, in your life and give you the power in your life for what you need to do for yourself. You do not be overly concerned for (what) the other person is going to do. They must learn to come to their own healing in their own way. And when they see that you have truly forgiven and moved on and have no, no bad feelings, and perhaps no good feelings either, it matters not, it is not important anymore, you have moved on.

Sometimes, in these people, it is like a little needle going in, under the skin,(Songee shows us what this would look like) and they get irritated because this person is not reacting the way they SHOULD react, anymore. So they might come and say to you, "You're being very funny, you don't behave the same way, don't you want to know why I did such and such thing?" And you say, "And you are ready to tell me I will listen otherwise no, it matters not." And they say to you, "Well I did it because"... only by that time it does not matter what the answer is, you don't need to worry about it. It is gone.

And so then you can turn around and start teaching this person, how they also, can learn to stand upon their own two feet, with their own strength, so that they don't need to keep repeating the mistakes of hurting that they made with you. Every single one of you that steps upon the Path of Enlightenment, is beginning a journey, a journey of self discovery. Not a journey, of, everybody else discovery. A journey of self discovery. And as you learn to discover yourself and your own power and your own strength, then, again something really beautiful starts to happen. Inside of you, your Soul, that has been moving through life, at, just a gentle pace, and moving like this, (Songee makes slow rippling motion with the hand) glowing a little, like the embers of a fire that are almost going out only not quite, just glowing nicely. And most of the time humankind are content to just glow like this, understand?

The Path of Enlightenment

The Path of Enlightenment is not easy. Because when you then step upon the path, what happens to these coals? (Songee is holding them in the hands) To this little fire?

They become a big fire.

Songee: How does it do that? What does it need to become a big fire? (Songee blows air though the lips.)

Oxygen. (Songee continues blowing.)


Songee: Breath, the Holy Breath. The Breath of Life. This what it needs. The Breath of Truth and this is blown onto the embers of the Soul and then there is no looking back. Once you step upon the path, there is no going back. Know this thing, it is inevitable, that you will go...

(Laughing) I did attempt to.

Songee: ...this way. (Songee makes forward movements) Occasionally humankind will say, "Oh my goodness this is too hot, it is going too fast, it's far too hot for me, I can't manage it, it is out of control."


It sounds familiar doesn't it.

Songee: And I say to you, it does not work, you cannot throw the water on these coals of the Soul, that have been fanned to life by the Breath of the Holy Breath. Doesn't work. All that happens is that the water nourishes, and gives energy, for the coals to get hotter, to burn more fiercely, to move forward. So you begin, to glow brighter, and brighter and so when people come and encounter you, after you have been on the path a short time, a very short time, instead of finding this little coals just glowing nicely they encounter this warmth and this light that they have not encountered within you before and they are drawn to it, they are attracted to it because it is Love and when there is Love there is no room for anger, hatred, jealousy, greed. No room, there is no room because the coals of light burn it all away. Have you heard of alchemy?... Have you heard of alchemy?

(Some have, some haven't.)

Songee: So, would somebody like to explain what is alchemy?


Songee: That is the word you have this time. In times past, alchemy was a word that was applied to the magic of the realm, to things that people did not understand and what it pertains, to, is the changing, the transmutation of some substance, of something, from one way of being, into another way of being, you understand?

So what takes place when you step on the Path of Enlightenment is in the old fashion, word, alchemy, where you are transformed from this way into this way. From one way of being into a new way of being. And how do you get this alchemy to start? By learning how to use the correct words in your vocabulary in your everyday language. Changing your words, how you use them, when you use them to people, so that they hear you, differently. You understand? They don't then hear, what they have been hearing from you before, they hear kindness, they hear consideration. They hear interest, and love and not only do they hear these things they also will feel these things. And you, as the giver, of these words, also, will learn to hear and to feel inside of you, as you practice.

It is not simple matter to do this, you have to practice it. Changing the words that you are using, changing the words of 'should' and 'shouldn't'. First of all, pick a word that you would like to use, to become a habit in place of those words and use it, all the time, every conversation you have with anybody, anywhere, in your life.

And change the word 'think', I suggest you change this word first before you change anything else, you change the word 'think', because when you have the word 'think' in your language, of every day it always follows on in your language with 'should' and 'shouldn't', somewhere. "I 'think' I 'should' have done that! I don't 'think' I 'should' have done that! Do you 'think' I 'should' do this! How do you 'think' I 'should' do this! 'Why' 'should' I do this!... Don't 'think' I ought to." ... So, instead of 'should' you can say ought or ought not.

Too many times in this world that you have living in now there are short cuts of speaking words, you understand?


Songee: Many, many moons past, many moons past, humankind did not use less words to speak, they used more words to speak, and people of your planet now don't use the same words because they are, too busy going fast.

I say to you, slow down, consider your words, not 'think' about them, consider your words. Words to use, consider and ponder. These are words that take you into your feelings, not into your mind. You use the mind (Songee touches the head) to process these things however you need to use, your feelings to express how you feel about those ideas that you get in your mind. Do you understand?

So by practicing all of this, you can learn to change, how people, behave towards you, how people deal with you, or you deal with other people. It effects every moment of your time, of your interactions with others, no matter how seemingly small those interactions are. When you go to your place of trading and you want to purchase something, from this place of trading, how often do you go in to these places and you say, "Well I don't know what I want, I 'think' I want this, I 'should' get that". How much better might it be were you to say, "I don't really know what I want, however what I want to achieve is this, have you got any suggestions?" It maybe that you want to have the soft paper to wipe your bottom, not the crunchy paper to wipe your bottom, (laughter). So, you say, "I'm wanting something soft, where might I find it, where would it be in your place of trading". Then the person says, "Oh it's just over here". They don't say to you, unless of course they are ignorant, they don't say to you, "Oh I 'think' it's over there". Either they know or they don't know and you can say to them, "Well is it or isn't it, do you know or do you not know." Very simple. They can say to you, "Well I'm not sure I do believe it's over there. I'll go and look, or you go and look. Or we will go and look". And you have, communication, this wonderful thing that happens between people when they start to be nice to each other.

This wonderful thing, beautiful, and before you know where you are, over something so very trivial and small you have made a friend. And next time you go back to this place of trading the person sees you and remembers you, remembers your face, and is pleased to see you. It just happens that way because your light, is glowing, so they are attracted to you. So how does that all fit with how you were saying before about allowing? I did hear you...


Songee: Which is allowing, accepting, allowing. Accepting...

It, that what was done, was done?

Songee: And then you move on from there. Accept and then you need to heal. You cannot just accept, because sometimes when you accept you also accept the pain, the resentment, the anger, that has all come inside of you. Be careful of what it is that you are accepting. Acceptance is, good, however know what you are accepting and when you have accepted then you need to sit down and talk to yourself about whether or not you want to continue with the acceptance. This is called management, not control. Control accepts and doesn't do anything more about it and says, "I've accepted it there is nothing else I can do about it". This is wrong. This is wrong reasoning. Understand?

You accept, initially you accept and then you have to sit down and feel through everything and say to yourself, "Now I have accepted the event, I've accepted the pain, I've accepted everything that has happened with it however I'm now no longer want to have it with me so now I am going to change it. I am going, to apply, the alchemy, of transmutation, and I am going to change all this and heal myself and let all of this go back into the Universe". The energy of it can go back into the Universe and be made into something beautiful and good for others, to have. It does not have to be left inside of you, you understand?

This is the art of management. Not stopping at something, controlling gives you boundaries that are inflexible, walls, around you. Management allows those, not walls, boundaries yes. You need some boundaries, some discipline. However they are flexible, they move. They flow and they move around you. Whatever way they need them to move, you understand?


Songee: And as you learn more and more it will make your light glow. Those boundaries move out further and further...


Songee: ...And you can feel them moving out, (Songee moves the arms slowly outward to the fullest extent) until they are so far out, that it doesn't matter where they are, because anybody that comes withinside of them, comes into this light that you are sending out. Comes into this love that you are sending out, that you are allowing to be out here... (Songee extends the arm out wide.) I hear this little voice saying that sounds very beautiful, and very nice however, it sounds far too difficult.

END OF SIDE OF TAPE (We all wait as the tape is turned over with not a word being spoken.)

This is understood however before you can get to this, (Arms expanded wide) you understand, before you can get to this, you must practice these little steps, as you move along the Path of Enlightenment and that will lead to this, expansion, understand? In the fullness of time you will come to this expansion. All you have to know is that it is possible and then forget about it and, practice each of the little steps, one at a time. Before you know where you are, where you have been like this (Songee makes the hands close together) you will be like this (And expands the arms outward) then you will be like this. Do you want to know where you are?

That already went through my head. (And the rest of us wanted to know too.)

Songee: So I am looking at you! When you look and you feel inside yourself, close your eye and feel inside. And imagine that inside of you is a little ball of light. Now feel for yourself, put your hands together in front like this (and Songee cups the hands around the ball of light, in front of the chest) as though you have this little ball of light in front of you.

Now feel with the knowing that you have, that you have accumulated, of spirit knowing, and spirit light, and allow your fingers and your hands to relax and let your hand come out, until they stop. Feel your light, your light between your hands and feel where your light is, feel it. And when you have reached where you feel you have to stop, hold the position where you feel your hands have to be. And open your eyes, and look at each other. (We do and each has their hands in a different position, and we laugh.) Now talk about it, how did you feel with your little ball of light?

It felt like my Soul, and as my hands went out I felt as though it was expanding itself, to while, because of all the work that was being done and it was expanding with more work that was done it was um feeling more freedom.

Songee: Who is next?

Expanding and growing all the time.

Songee: (Puts a finger behind an ear and says) I am not going deaf. I can't hear anybody else. How did you feel? (To one of the guests)

How did I feel, (Laughs) I felt my head was getting in the way.

Songee: So where were your hands?

My hands...

Songee: What did they do?

I have to tell you I felt an oval rather than a circle of a ball. An oval ball rather than a round ball.

Songee: And where did it go to, where, how big is it?

Um about almost the width of my body I suppose, but it went up above my hands rather than wanting to go out.

Songee: And what was the feeling inside when this was happening?

Ah that I didn't know what I was doing. Just didn't feel like, I just felt like I was guiding it myself rather than it was happening.

Songee: What does this say to you?

My head is getting in the way.

Songee: What does that mean?

Too much thinking. (And laughs)

Songee: And what is 'thinking'?

What is thinking? It's a control.

Songee: It is also a product of fear, in the way it was used, frightened. "Will I beable to feel. Will it be big enough. Will I be able to feel how big it is. Is it very big. I don't 'think' it's very big. I don't 'think' that I have got, am..." and so on. All the doubts and fears they climb into your head...

Um mm

Songee: ...that cause you to go, now you went in this shape (Songee holds the hand together one above the other) that way (and draws one upward, the other downward).


Songee: So when you looking at it, that way (hands side by side) what is it encompassing?

What is it encompassing?

Songee: (Demonstrates the same again) What is this encompassing?

I'm not sure.

Songee: Put your hands together this way (hands side by side) now take your hands out, this way. What is happening?


Songee: When you do this (hands one above the other) this way (and move one up, the other down) what is happening? (Everyone is demonstrating this with their own hands for themselves.) It is being retained within your own physical form.

It's not the same expansion because you are keeping your vulnerability at bay.

Songee: It is being contained, you are controlling it.

But my hands didn't go that way, I, my hands went that way (sideways) but I just felt that the ball was bulging out at the top.

Songee: It is telling you something. It is showing you something, showing you your containment.

Mm because it couldn't go that way (sideways) if had to, it was going that way (upwards).

Yes it was actually, yeah coning it at the top.

She was visualizing it.

Songee: Now what about this lady? Where did you...

Not out very far.

Songee: So, you are looking at yourself containment and you looking at where you are with your development. You would not be, here, were you not on the Path of Enlightenment.

I felt it going out but it just didn't go that far.

Songee: It matters not, this is only for you to get a feeling. There is no right or wrong, only it is, and for you to have an awareness within you of where you are at. Not for Songee to tell you where you are. I could say to you, you have a ball, it is this big and growing. I can tell Little Goose she has a ball that is this big and growing. (Songee makes the hands to the same size this lady's had been.)

I can tell this other person that they have a ball that is this big (same size as she had) and it doesn't know which way to grow. It wants to grow, doesn't know quite which way to grow. That's all right.

And Little Mother, you have a ball that is this (same size this person had experienced) and is growing.

So, how you are, is not fixed and where you can be in a very short space of your earth time is not fixed. You can move from here to the Universe in a matter of seconds an you desire to. However it would take a tremendous amount of work to overcome so much ingrained habits that have been driven into you over a life time and it would be very, very, traumatic and stressful and for most humankinds it would finish their life. So they would have to come back and start all over again. They would have this enlightenment, however, at the price of them having to leave their earth life. So that is not very practical. Oneness says, "Not very sensible". So you are given the opportunity to learn slowly and gradually and to build on your knowledge and to grow with your knowledge and to become strong with it. How is it that you do it this way, it is not just because, you aren't meant to live this earth life all of a sudden. What do you suppose Oneness wants from you?

He wants us to do His work on the earth plane. To bring the love...

Songee: What for?

To help other people, to teach other people.

Songee: To teach other people, as other people are teaching you. So you will learn and then you teach other people by example, by being, a new person. By being, different. By living your life in a new way. By having, trans-formed, from how you were into a new, substance. By the magic, art, of alchemy, you will change. This is the true meaning of alchemy and magic. The mysteries, that are written of, in your history, of your peoples. The secret teachings of all your different wise men, they talk about the magic, they talk about alchemy, they talk about something very special called the Philosopher's Stone. Have you heard of this?


Songee: The Philosopher's Stone. The Stone of the Philosopher it has the power to transmute dross into gold. What is dross?


Songee: Impurities, is dross. Impurities, and gold, for the people of this planet is the representation of the most pure substance that you can extract from the rocks of your planet. Certainly for the people who understood about this Philosopher's Stone, it was of that time, the most pure substance. So the Philosopher's Stone has the power to eradicate impurities and to transmute them by alchemy into gold. Gold, purity, golden light. The Golden Light that shines around in the auras of the pure of spirit. Not pure of body. Don't confuse pure of spirit with those, of body. There is no such creature as pure body. So, and there is not all time such thing as creature of pure mind.

However there is a pure Soul. This reflects through in most parts of their earth life, it colours most of what they do, and allows still the room for the humbleness to be, so that they can make mistakes still as other humankinds do, and not be, seemingly perfect humankinds. And then their hats do not get too small for their heads. You understand?

So purity of Soul is the alchemy that has come about the Philosopher's Stone. And the Philosopher's Stone is what people through your time past, many, many people who have studied and studied and studied, refer to the Philosopher's Stone, refer to the alchemy and the magic. Refer to all the different... (Songee holds the hands up) I have not the word for it (and waits for the word to come from Her Spirit helpers) ah, instruments by which human-kind can divine how to find the Philosopher's Stone. Many times there were persons who would labour through their lives to discover the substance of the Philosopher's Stone and all time it would elude them, and so was built up this picture of this un-obtainable thing, this object. Do you know what it is?

I have the word conduit in my head.

Songee: That is not right. It is something that have defied the logic of all the great brains, through, history of your peoples, and many have conjugated about what it is and how to find it.


Songee: The philosopher's Stone is affiliated to love, it leads to love which is the ultimate goal, so you are not wrong. And it is a conduit through which this can be reached, however it is not the stone itself. Have you not pondered upon, how it is, that the Holy Breath have speak to you about the Foundation Stones?


Songee: The Foundation Stones give you the foundations upon which things are built...

That's right.

Songee: ...And the Philosopher's Stone that causes transmutation of the Soul is...


Songee: Truth.

(Laughs) Very clever.

Songee: That's it. Now you have the secret of the Universe and many, many people throughout your history have been looking for it. Now you have it. Many people are greedy for it. They will not accept it. They will not see it. They will not feel it, because it is too, simple, for them to accept it and to feel it. And when they do attempt, they will mis-interpret it and condition it to suit themselves, so the Philosopher's Stone will not work for them. Now how is this?

Well they have controlled it.

Songee: The attempt to control by dis-allowing, truth, to prevail and instead placing in its place their version, of, the truth, which becomes their truth not...

THE Truth

THE truth.

Songee: THE Truth!

How do you know what THE truth is?

Songee: The truth, what does the truth, what happens to the truth?

It stands the test of time.

Sorry, it what?

It stands the test of time, what was true yesterday, is true today and will be true in the future. How do you explain it?

True, do you mean right?

In all its absolute, with no errors of truth.

Songee: So, when I say to you, you are a Soul, that has its origins in Light...

Mm Mm.

Songee: ...that is A Truth, I give you, that your Soul has its origins in Light. Because it is A Truth, it was just as much A Truth, when you were a small child of this life, or a child of another life or one before that. It is just as true now, in this place you are sitting, in this time that you are in now and it will be just as true at the end of this life that you are living and into the next that might come to you and the one after that. That is the meaning of A Truth. Something that stands the test of time... Man-kind, is greedy.

That's a truth!

Songee: You believe it to be A Truth? Mankind is greedy?

No I don't believe that is a truth because not all man-kind is greedy.

Songee: That is so. Were I to say to you, mankind has within them the capacity for great greed. That was just as true past and it is now as it is in time to come. That's all right Little Goose, how do we manage to change all the people that are coming, that are going to be greedy in the times to come. (laughter)

But I believed we were improving in times to come.

Songee: Don't forget there are Souls that are being reclaimed and come from the Dark and bought back and these Souls need to be assisted, as they move forward through time. No I'm not going to go into dimensions, it is too late and there is not time. I'm not going to go into that. (laughter) You have to save that for another time, we could go from one thing to another thing to another thing...

That's right.

Songee: ...to move on like that and you would forget to go to your beds.

That's true. That a question for next time.

Songee: So... That is how you find, what are the truths, it will stand the test of time. How do you know if somebody loves you, how do you know that (is) their truth?

Feel it.

Songee: They will love you at the beginning of time, they will love you all through time and they will love you through time to come. Now, supposing they have loved you at the beginning and the love is true, and you travel along through time, and something goes wrong and you come to believe that you don't have that love anymore, through some, lack of communication, does that mean that the love have gone away?


Songee: What has happened to it?

What has happened to it?

Songee: Where has it gone? What has happened to it?

It has been veiled, by illusion.

Something, fear has got in the way, some fear in life.

Songee: It has been betrayed. It has been betrayed. It does not change, love is a truth, love will stand the test of time, provided, it is given the opportunity, to show itself. This does not mean, that all time, when you are, have a love in your life that you are going to be with, that one person all of your life. It means only that love stands the test of time and will always be there and will always be there until the end and beyond. Because love is not governed, by, the restrictions that human-kind place upon it on the earth plane. It transcends time and space. So it is a truth, love is a truth, in itself, in the essence of it, the energy of it. Love, is a truth.

When it comes along and reaches this point and it gets lost and betrayed all that has to happen for it, to be, revived, nurtured, comforted, is for someone, one of the parties to begin the process of self healing, you understand? It is in the process of self healing and then the love can learn, to come out again. How that love is expressed, maybe different from how it has been expressed to that point. However that is not bad or wrong, it is only different. It means, only, that up until that point somewhere just prior to that, something happened that creates it. A lack of communication, disharmony, dis-allowing, all of those things. Disillusionment. Because of wrong reasoning, this is where the head gets in the way, this is where mankind creates so many problems for themself, because they let their 'thinking' and their 'shoulds' get in the way.

Begin the process of self healing yourself. Get rid of your 'thinking' words, get rid of your 'should' words and 'shouldn't' words, and lose your 'why', altogether and stop 'trying'. Don't try anymore! Just do it.

That's all I'm going to tell you this night. You are running out of your earth time.

Thank you Songee.

Songee: So. Putting on the music with the moon of it.

The Moon?


Songee: And I take you on a short journey. (The music is found and begins to play.)

You will have to ignore the noises of the people, the selfish people. You might like to make it a bit louder so that you can feel it better. Now notice I say to you to feel it. You feel the music, you don't just hear it. You understand?

Allow it to come into your being and resonate. Close your eyes and relax your body and focus your attention upon the music for a moment.

Now imagine that you are standing on the shores of a mighty ocean. It is evening time, and up ahead of you, coming out of the water is a very large beautiful Moon, emerging slowly from the waves...

As it rises up into the skies, slowly, a path of silver light shines across the waters and shimmers its way to your feet...

And as you look at this beautiful silver light you see coming towards you down this path of silver, figures of Angel Light, gliding towards you, out of the silver light and they reach out for you and they lift you up into their arms, and smiling they gently bear you, back along the path of silver light, until you become one with the light of the rising Moon.

And as the light of the rising Moon encompasses you, it becomes brighter and brighter and fills your Soul with Light, and beauty...

And the Angel Wings of Love surround you and carry you light as a feather deeper into the Light, until you come to the presence of the Oneness. And in the presence of the Oneness all that is within your heart is known, all is forgiven and all is given the Love and the healing that you require.

Breath it into yourself. Rest for awhile with the Light of the Oneness...

And while you are in this beautiful light I will go now and leave you with this Power, it is yours to have, to hold in your daily life.

And when you are ready, and in your own time then and only then, return back, and be prepared to your earth life and with the Light of the Oneness be forever bright for your path.

As the Moon shines its light, this Path of Light on the waters to your feet.


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© 2012 The Second Well Trust
Email address: songee@songee.co.nz
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Channelled by Full Trance Channel: Roberta-Margaret Wiggins
Transcribed by Christene Hart

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