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The Night of Crystals

THE SECOND WELL TRUST presents 'The Night of Crystals'.
A Teaching from Songee 3rd July 1997


The Crystals
The 'Should" Word
Go fly a Kite
Helping Others
Different Names for Songee
Finding God
Meditation - The Crystal Within

This evening was recorded at a Public Meeting held at the Glenfield Community Centre on the North Shore of Auckland in New Zealand. There were 30 or so people present.

The night had seen the room at Glenfield filled with the resonance of many crystals and gems from the Earth, shared with us by Kay and Rick. They covered two large tables with boxes of crystals, all for sale and many people did not resist the temptation and most went home with a treasure or two. Kay then gave us a very informative talk about the different crystals and their colours, vibrations and what action this created when used as aids with the healing energies.

After supper Charlie Ashe a Trustee of The Second Well Trust informed everyone about Roberta-Margaret as a full trance channel for the Energy of Songee and asked people to consider the questions they would like to ask Songee, and also mentioned how the information that came from the words spoken were recorded, transcribed and then put into book form.

The Crystal Light of Love poem was read while Roberta-Margaret prepared herself, then entered into trance for Songee to come and talk with the people present.

Very quickly Songee was with the channel saying -

I am here.

Thank you Songee. Welcome.

Songee: So what have you for I? I will remain with organism in the seat.

It did present a few problems last time. (Laughter)

Songee: When Energy is used to, and accustomed to, more space it is a little challenging to move in a smaller space and this is something that I am yet becoming acquainted with... Ah indeed there are small spaces on the planet also and also I am part of that, however I am more so the larger part. Someone ask that question so I answer it for you. So what have you for I?

The Crystals

I have a question about the crystals, of course, of which are all behind you there. I have this very strong feeling that a lot of the crystals and other different things like that are bought to the planet by the star people, is this so and what is the purpose for it?

Songee: ...I am silent for a moment, I am formulating how to begin it... It is important to begin at the beginning... All through the Universe and the many that are beyond this one that you know of, there are, physical forms that are made up of different elements, you understand? Just as this place upon which you rest is made up of many elements, you understand? What you ask, your question, was two fold...


Songee: ...There are the elements that are an intrinsic part of the planet that you walk upon and there are elements that come also from the skies, that have travelled, a great distance through that stars to get to this place, you understand? These come by nature, they arrive at this place. And then you speak of the elements that are bought to this place by those who come from another system of living.


Songee: These people do not bring, large pieces of their own planet, to import it into the structure of this planet. They do have with their being, with their self when they come, elements of their own place of being from the star that they come from. Sometimes a piece of this matter will be gifted to one of human kind. It does not, it does not say that this element, this piece of matter is going to be discovered upon your planet however they have the ability to transport material in a manner that you do not, so they can move matter as you do not move it, to bring it to those who have worthiness of it, appreciation of it, feeling of it. Now there are deep inside the center of this ball that you live upon, the center is liquid, it is not hard as it is on the surface. It is liquid and everything inside of it, all those elements, those pieces of matter are all there like they are in a big cooking pot and so they can come to the surface and as they come to the surface and cool, and come together with other elements so they mix and they grow and they change and become what you find under your soil... Does that answer your question?

Yes Songee.

The 'Should' Word

Songee can you see and can you tell me what work I should be focusing on right now.

Songee: I don't know whether to begin by chastising you first or giving you your answer first. I am going to play with you. I am going to say to you, WHAT DO YOU THINK YOU SHOULD DO? (Laughter as Songee emphasizes the bad words.)


Songee: What do you...

I am not clear.

Songee: And how is it that you are not clear?

The things I feel I might be very good at I don't feel confident to do at the moment and the things that I feel I can earn money at, at the moment do not enable me with a great sense of self, or self esteem and I just wonder if I should, what I should do. I think I'm just keeping going but I'd like some direction.

Songee: So, first of all notice that at the beginning that you answer your question very well. You know exactly what it is, the difference between things. And then you come to the part where you start 'thinking' and 'shoulding' all over the place again, and that says... books about what is happening.

Now I want you to go back to how you express yourself about this two things. On the one hand you want to do something that gives you pleasure however it does not bring you... it does not bring, the rewards to you that enable you to function in your world. You do not have the money. I use the word eggs, they (the people in spirit advising Songee on words) say use the word money. So, on the other you have this, where, you can do this and earn the money however it gives you no comfort inside your being, is that so?



Songee: This is the two things. Now this is lesson for everybody to know, not just for you. Here you have two opposing things. And because they are opposing what do you have?


Songee: Conflict.



Songee: Conflict, imbalance. Conflict, imbalance. So what you have to do is to address, this bit, address the imbalance, address the conflict. And something that will give you that which you need to manage you earth life and as also something that you enjoy doing, is this not so?

That's what I'm after, that's the question, can you see what it is for me.

Go Fly a Kite

Songee: Moment, we are working towards this. So I want to help you to discover for yourself. It is not for I to say, you must go fly a kite, this will give you lots of money and it will give you lots of pleasure. What you have to do is to discover are you any good at flying a kite? Do you really enjoy it? Is it something you want to do from when you wake up to when you go to sleep?


Songee: So what is your kite? You have to examine for yourself, what is your kite? What is going to send your heart and your spirit soaring up to the skies? What nature of thing?

For me?

Songee: Not for I! (Laughter) I don't need to do this, you need to do this. So what nature of thing?

Singing, singing and moving and helping others, I don't know about massage and dance. I don't know how to use those or whether they are what I need to use. I'm not sure. I must explore more.

Songee: So, you must examine the nature of your kite before you send it soaring up into the skies, you must examine every bit of it, all the strengths, all the little weaknesses. It you send it up into a big strong wind, is it going to stay together or is it going to fall apart, pff like that and come down around your ears.

You must examine it. Check it out, very thoroughly, in all ways and then you need to sit - quietly, and ponder upon it. Not to 'think' about it - to ponder about it and feel it inside and the answer will show itself to you.

You like to sing, you like to dance, how deep it your desire to help other people? How far are you prepared to move along that path of helping others? For anybody who choose the path of helping others in your earth life there is something that all of you must first recognize and know, and that is, that if Oneness call you to do the work of Light, your path will not, of necessity, all time, be smooth beneath your feet. How is this, you say, it is because inside of you there are impurities and I use that word, with great purpose. There are impurities within all of human-kind. And for you to strive towards the Light, each step that you take, it drive out of you the impurities of your Soul, of your being. All those little bits of matter that come from previous time upon your living, upon this planet and also of this life that you are living. The things that you have come to learn now, in this life. All of these things, first must come to the surface so that they can be examined, looked at, recognized and then what happens to them? What happens to them, when you get them all there?

They can be transformed.

Songee: There is something you have to do for that to take place.

Accept them.

Honour the lesson of them.

Songee: Love them, honour the lesson, love them. You love and honour and accept. Each little piece of matter as it comes. Now you need also to know that this is going to take all of this life time that you are in now. Don't imagine that you are going to start this and then in a few years say, "Oh this is wonderful I have finished now". It doesn't happen this way. Your learning, it goes on. However what is really so beautiful about it is that as you learn, so you become stronger in yourself, more sure of yourself.

Helping Others

You stop saying 'should' and 'think' because you are now sure of yourself and know where you are going and know where you want to place your feet on your path. And you can teach it to others and in this way you bring help to others. Now how you bring help to others depends upon the different skills that you have brought with you into this life. So you use the skills that you have, your singing and dancing and anything else that you got and you employ those skills to help other people, you understand?

Yes, thank you.

Songee: Now ... so now we have a little glimpse of the nature of your kite, do we not?


Songee: What you need to do now is to go away quietly to yourself and write down the scratching on the paper about all this things that you have in your heart and then you need to put them so that you can see very clearly what is strong, what is weak, where you need to make your kite stronger. And then you need to examine how you can bring that together, and remember, the bringing together is the desire, to pass on to others the knowledge that you have gained to this point in your life. Everybody have gained knowledge in their life and depending upon where you are in your life, you have gained knowledge to that point. And everybody have gained large amounts of knowledge even though you consider that you do not. If you sit and examine you own kite you will discover that you have indeed a very substantial kite, and that it is stronger than you perhaps imagined it to be. So...

Thank you.

Songee: So do you now have an answer to your question. Not quite the one you wanted, however something for you to ponder upon. And make practice of not using those other words because when you do, it shows you where your doubt is about yourself. So to learn not to doubt yourself don't use them. Every time you are tempted to use them, hear the word and then put another one in its place and this will help you to grow and to form into a new shape. You understand?

Thank you. It is in my best interests to continue to be open and trusting without discretion. In doing so, around some humans, it brings nothing but condemnation and hatred.

Songee: Oh my... To find the origin of this you must go back and this is how you need to focus yourself is to find the origin of when this first began to take place. It is not something that took place all time in this lifetime that you are now upon. It was in a lifetime before it. It was in more than one... You must follow me... to go backwards, on the journey back down through time, to a life wherein you live, when this was something that you offered and gave to others in your life. Upon this planet there are many races of people that live, you understand?


Songee: A long time past, in this other life, in which you live you were a being who condemn others for the colour of their skin, the nature of their faith and because they were different to yourself. You were in a position of authority and for you the people that you have this emotion about were often slave. In those lifetime you did not treat fairly those that were in your care. You were cruel to them, you were uncaring of them as human-kind. And your view of them was that they were not even worthy to be called animal. You care of your animals was greater than you care of this human-kind, you understand?

Now this happen not one lifetime, it happen in several lifetime. Each time that you come to the earth you come to learn how to be different. Each time that you come the lesson become more difficult. And now in this lifetime beginning from small child, have come now, from those around you, from other times past, you are now receiving back the karma of all that you sowed in the life before.

Now having said all that dire news to you, I can say for you it does have not, all time to be this way. You understand? Understanding the origin of something is very important because when you understand where something comes from, then you understand how you (are?) and do something about it. First of all you have to lose your resentment of how you view yourself as being treated in this life. When you ask your question, in your voice, and in your being, there was anger and hurt. That is your karma, to feel the anger and the hurt. Now feel it with understanding, feel it with Love, acknowledge it, understand? And as you acknowledge it, acknowledge the origin, love also all those people that have come into your life now to teach you how not to be this way.

The actual point of my question was, is that I am very open to a lot of people and they can discredit my viewpoints a lot, and submit condemnation to my (?), and should I be so open with these people at different times or whether I should sometimes(?) ?

Songee: Well you are saying this 'should' again which is not a good word to use. It is like taking a big stick to yourself, and part of your karma is to be open so that you can receive all this, you understand? So you must not close down, if you close down you will not learn your lesson, you have to come back and do it all over again. So no, you do not close down, that's a short answer.

To continue with the long answer, you remain open, you continue to love, you continue to accept and you continue to give.


Songee: This is the true meaning of turning the other check, you know that lesson?


Songee: Knowing, before you do something, for somebody, you know that they are going to betray you. You know that they are going, to follow the path, of that One so many of your earth year past. However, at that time, although the knowing was there, the forgiveness and the love also was there, and the understanding of the origin, of the need behind it. If there had not been a betrayal, there would not have been an arrest. If there had not been a arrest there would not have been a crucifixion. So, you must be open to what you can learn, otherwise you will not learn.

Every time you are aware that something might happen, put it aside, it is of no import, what is important is that you continue to focus on putting your energy there and loving, knowing whether it comes or not to betrayal, it matters not, you love anyway and when it is going, you continue to love, and in this way you will redeem yourself, isn't that a beautiful word, no-body knows the true meaning of it. It is what redemption is, to redeem yourself, back, into the Light.

(The next words of this person could not be heard.)

Songee: What was that?

Is it a good idea for me to thank the people for the persecution, acknowledge it and to let it go?

Songee: Acknowledge, accept and love. Same thing.

So, and then when you have done that, to sit quietly and to ponder upon it a little and to look at the pattern. It is always better to look at the pattern after you have gone through it. Sometime cannot see the pattern when you are right.

Oh thanking you. Little one (Songee is speaking to Sally a spirit person who is Roberta-Margaret's helper and often gives information to Songee) say you have words of this, is that you cannot see 'the wood for the trees'. You understand? So you cannot see the pattern, because you are too close to it. When you have gone through it and you can step back and look at it you can see the pattern.

(A child at the meeting who was a student of The Trust was coughing and attempting not to let it disturb the meeting.)

The child needs something to drink. (The mother goes for a drink and gives it to him.)


Songee may I ask a question? The, there is an ancient language called Sanskrit, could you give us some information on it, where is originated and as it is supposedly a pure language, that I could use, explain it all to me.

Songee: Long answer or short answer? So, I like to do this long answer or short answer, there is big difference. (Laughter as this is one of Songee's jokes - the long answer goes on forever often giving information we may have been better not to hear!)

First of all I have to say to you - all languages come from one origin.

(The boy is still coughing and Songee beckons him to Her.) Come to me, come, I not, I not bite, come, sit, sit (And he sits on the knee) there, you sit, that's it, you take inside of you deep breath, deep breath in, big, big, big, hold it, gently let it go. Very good. You sit there for a moment. You will be all right.

So all the languages of your planet, all the peoples of your planet, they have their language from one source. As they spread out among your different places of your planet, so, they become a little changed, you understand? This only one such language that have been fortunate not to be unchanged by the passage of time. Many other ones have changed with the passage of time.

(Songee says to the boy who coughed again) Take a breath, through your nose, hold it, when it, when you feel it to tickle hold it a little more, that dies so, very good. You need some medicine, you have the thing running down the back of your nose. Ah yes, don't stop it, you must not try to stop it, let the cough come it brings all the bad humour out. Very good.

(Songee has had one hand on his upper chest and the other hand on the upper back.) You need a tissue for your nose. Have you got something. (To the mother who went to get some tissue). Good you have to get it all out. This is lesson for all to know, when you have the ill-humour coming from the deep down into the chest, you must not hold it inside, you must allow it to come out. You understand? (The tissues arrive) You are getting very warm now, are you not.

So, now back to your language. What else would you like to know? ... Keep going bring it all up ...

Who spoke it at the time? Did it come from Atlantis or another part of the...

Songee: Before Atlantis come to be, there was other culture upon your planet.

(To the boy as he continues coughing) That's it, make it all come out of your head, not down into your chest, you come it out of your head, it is good.

So, before Atlantis there were the peoples of the, of the sky that come, and the language they bring with them is part of that called Sanskrit.

Right, thank you.

Songee: It is only one aspect of it, other aspects of it were changed and moved around your planet and became changed as the people changed.

Yes, thank you.

Songee: There is the language of those that you know as, you have many people interest at this time, of the Mayan Indian and many people who are interest in those of the Pharaohs. All these people all have their origin of language with the People from the Stars.

Oh, yes.

Songee: All the ancient culture. How is that? (To the boy who is starting to look and feel a lot better.)


Songee: Stay put for a little while.

Thank you Songee.

Different Names for Songee

Songee is there any relationship between you and the Dasira Narada?

Songee: It is another name.

You mean Dasira Narada is another name for you?

Songee: You want to let others know about it?

Could you please talk about it, more?

Songee: The energy that is I, is all around you. It is of the Earth, the water, the sky, the mountains, the rivers. It is part of everything. (To the boy) don't hold it in. What part of it, is it that you are not sure of? ... Is it, it is in the way which you are viewing it, that you are looking upon it. This is different...

(To the boy) You can't do much if it is too small (As he pulls off bits of tissue from the roll his mother gave him) There won't be any left.

So, what, what else would you like to have?

I don't understand.

Songee: You don't understand, which part is it that you don't understand? ... The Energy, or the way it is looked upon?


Songee: So, I have then to say to you, for you what is the...

END OF SIDE OF TAPE (some words are lost)

This is, seems to me it is the same, they are the same but in different ways. But my question is, ah why are they in different ways?

Songee: Only because of the way that, as a people, different peoples view the Energy that is I in different ways. This is how I mean. The peoples from another place, different to your own, will have different names for I and will have different concept of the Energy that is I and how I am expressed to them. There are some people of your planet who have name for I who view the Energy that is I, as very angry. You understand? (To the boy) It is beginning to slow. It does not mean that they are wrong...


Songee: ...it is only their concept of, of how they see the Energy that is I. They view the Energy that is I with malevolence. You understand?


Songee: They have name and they call me in that, in that concept that they have of my Energy, as dark, not of Light, not the same. They do this because they view anger as a strength, as a power and so they view the part of the Energy that is I. It is only one small part, that it is dark. It is not dark, it is only part of the Energy. You understand? Their understanding of it is different, it does not mean that it is not I. Only that their concept of it is different.

These peoples have name for I in this part, and it is only one part of your planet, and they have name for I. it is Kali. You know this word? There is two name Kali, one is Kali of darkness, one is Kali of Love and Light. These people have taken one part of the essence that is I and choose to only honour that one essence, not all parts of it. You understand? And in doing so they are travelling the path of darkness, it does not mean the Energy that is I is dark, it is their intention, their concept that is dark. You understand?

So, when I say for you that what you ask is the same, you are talking about the Energy of Light, of the Mother of the Earth, of creation, of nurturing, of loving, of Mother - not of destruction.

So the concept is different. And each different peoples of your planet will say a little different thing about it. Does not mean it is wrong, it is only different. Same thing. The difference lies in the concept. Does that answer your question?

Thank you very much. Yes.

Songee: Not confused now?

So they say different name for you.

Songee: Different name, many different names for I. Every peoples of your planet have got different name for the Earth, for the Mother Energy of the Earth.

Thank you so much, I really appreciate.

May I please ask a question.

Songee: Certainly. One moment (To the boy), are you all right now, you can go back and sit down now with your mother. (And he gets off the knee and goes back to his seat). Mother, you need to give this child something for this in the head, it is needing to be bought away. So ...

Finding God

A friend was meditating and she said that in meditation she was given a word that God is just a gateway. I sort of thought God was everything, would you please give me some help with that?

Songee: First of all you have to stop the 'thought'. You have to go to the feeling. Close your eye ... Close your eye. Now go down into, in the side of you, inside, and say for yourself, "What do I feel about my God?" What do you feel about...

God is Love and Love is everything.

Songee: So what other answer is there?

Thank you.

Songee: Very simple. All you have to do is to go to your feeling, so go to your feeling and find out what is your kite. So go down inside of you and find your feeling. All time your feeling will tell you truth, it will not tell you lie.

Yes I understanding, it is time for I to leave you. Before I do the man in the white coat (One of the Doctors in spirit, Dr Sven who works with the Homeopaths associated with the Trust) want to say for you something to give for this child.


Songee: He say for you, he say for you to give Kali Bich, Hepa Sulph, Drosera ... Oh Drosera 1M? You are to give the ten, until it is all better.


Songee: So how is your time?

It is time now Songee, thank you.

Songee: Before I relinquish my Organism (Songee fondly calls Roberta-Margaret this word), I would like first for all of you to close your eye, to close your eye, to relax your body. (Someone yawns) That is very good, I was about to say take inside of you the deep breath and you are already doing it, very good. So take the breath inside and hold it a moment and then release it gently. And as this breath flows out of your body, letting go of all the tension in your body, leaving you feeling relaxed and comfortable because of all the excitement that you have had tonight.

Meditation - The Crystal Within

Now I would like you to come for a little short journey. You have been talking tonight and learning about the crystals of the Earth. You have heard the words of the Crystal spoken to you. Now it is time to feel, feel the energy that is here, gathered in the presence of all these small little pieces of your planet.

All these little energies, all gathered together in one energy and as you feel this energy building and growing in this place, feel inside of you the crystal in your heart beginning to glow, to shine, to vibrate, pulsate.

Feel it becoming stronger now. And feel the Light shining out from this crystal inside of you. Out more and more. Going to each other with Love, with Peace, with Harmony and Healing.

And now all together joining with this beautiful energy, raising your awareness now up into the Light, and feeling the Oneness, surrounding you, encompassing you and blessing you. And if you are very still inside the Light you mayhap you will hear the Angels sing.

And as this beautiful Light, surrounds you, give thanks now to the Oneness, for your being, for the time you have been together, and for the times to come for when you can all be together. And from this beautiful place of Light.

I now say to you, may the Light of the Oneness always be with you in your part on this planet, in this life you walk. May you feel it at all times in your heart and in your Soul. Carry it with you now at all times, and blessed-be.

I go now and I leave you with the Power.

Charlie Ashe came forward and thanked everyone for coming and for the knowledge bought to us about the crystals and completed the poem of The Crystal Light of Love. Roberta-Margaret returned to us.

Reference no 19970703


© 2012 The Second Well Trust
Email address: songee@songee.co.nz
Website: www.songee.co.nz
Channelled by Full Trance Channel: Roberta-Margaret Wiggins
Transcribed by Christene Hart

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