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Sister Celestine with Wise Words

THE SECOND WELL TRUST presents 'Sister Celestine with Wise Words'.
This very special meeting took place on the 23rd October 1996.

It was a rare event to have Sister Celestine channel through Roberta-Margaret to offer council to one of the students of The Second Well Trust. On another occasion Sister Celestine bought to us, by Songee's request, our most celebrated poem 'The Crystal Light of Love' to the same student. This poem was used for years at the beginning of our meetings.

Sister Celestine has been one of Roberta-Margaret Guides for many years. It seems that she works in the Orphanage where the new born Souls are taken when first being retrieved from the dark. Sister Celestine has channelled through on a few occasions as where possible her teachings are transcribed.

Permission has been given by the student for this transcript to be offered to the people who are interested to read it. It was felt by the student that many people experienced this same dilemma and may find the wise council helpful in their own lives.

The session began with the student sitting to receive Channelled Healing from Roberta-Margaret who had been instructing the student how to breathe in the Chakra colours to aid a healing process as the student was unwell. When the channelled healing was complete Sister Celestine was found to be with the channel.

A voice says Hello.

Hello, I have not meet you before.

I am Sister Celestine.

Have you come to talk with me?

Sister Celestine: Yes I have, yes...

Oh, lovely. I have heard about you. I (The music is turned down) That's better.

Sister Celestine: Um... I don't know where to begin, Oh perhaps we'd better begin, as The Mother would say at the beginning, yes... mm... yes... It's very difficult to find the beginning, unfortunately... yes... um... Where would you like to begin?


Sister Celestine: How are you feeling now?

How am I feeling now... ar, a little more peaceful that I did before.

Sister Celestine: Yes. Do you know... um... how it is that you were not feeling very peaceful inside?


Sister Celestine: You do,... yes, you know the origin?

Finding the words to express it is not any easier for me that it is for you.

Sister Celestine: However you must... yes. For yourself.

I felt as though I was, um was beginning to withdraw again because I was not able to cope with what was necessary, particularly with communicating with people... um, I just, that I couldn't be bothered, I get the feeling that I just can't be bothered to try, trying to communicate with them.

Sister Celestine: Now we must have a little talk about this because you don't have to do this all of the time. God gave us voices so that we could speak when we have something of worth to pass onto others, and when we do not then it behoves us to be silent. If you have nothing that can be of assistance or of worth to another, then be silent.

Mmm. May, maybe the things I was trying to express didn't actually have any worth.

Sister Celestine: OH I perceive I have said something not quite correct for you... yes... you...

It's usually...

Sister Celestine:... have worth, things of worth to say however they may not be of worth to the one who you would like to direct the words to... yes... and sometimes they are not worthy of your words... yes... that is better.

Much Better.

Sister Celestine: I couldn't quite put the words together... yes... um this way you dispense with all meaningless chatter. There is no need, it uses a lot of your energy if you chatter away. If you are silent and consider your words before you speak them, then those who are to receive those words are more inclined to listen, because the words are not given to them too cheaply, then... mm very interesting isn't it?... mmm I tell that to my children when they chatter to much... yes.

Yes. I hope they listen.

Sister Celestine: Sometimes, sometimes I have to call them to account to be quiet. However you cannot be responsible all of the time to inform people who have no desire to be informed.

That's the problem.

Sister Celestine: Oh no it's not a problem...

It's not a problem!

Sister Celestine: OH HO no...

I've made it a problem because I've tried to make them hear.

Sister Celestine: Yes indeed you have, and this is coming out of the kindness of your heart. However in this instance it is a little misplaced... yes... so now you won't do it anymore, will you? You may attempt to do it perhaps... mmm just to see if someone is ar going to listen and then if they do not then, wait. When it is time they it will come back to you, or find it from another. Right. Now I have an understanding of what was happening.

Sister Celestine: Yes you must, you must try, no, I must not use that word, I'm very sorry Mother... Oh... yes I will have to practice, She says... ah we must not use that word. You must, ah yes, you must endeavour, that is a better word, isn't it?

Yes it is.

Sister Celestine: You must endeavour... now I have forgotten what I was going to say to you... (laughter)... oh gracious... Oh... thank you. (It seems that the Spirit people are helping her out) You must endeavour not to make yourself become so embroiled in this... Oh um... miasm of self pity. Yes that is it, yes, you must not do that... Um. Can you not do that?

I don't know that I cannot do that. It's like a little trap...

Sister Celestine: Yes.

...and it spirals downwards and it is very difficult once you get in there, it's hard to get out.

Sister Celestine: That is quite correct, and you know who set the trap for you, don't you?

I set it for myself.

Sister Celestine: Oh. Um, yes you can do it very nicely for yourself however you do have some assistance with it, do you not? Yes... mm... you must be very careful of who is assisting you to this because,... ah you, you are quite capable of overcoming this.


Sister Celestine: You have the strength, oh indeed yes you do... (laughter)... I know you doubt it.

I don't feel it, you see.

Sister Celestine: You do have the strength... yes, and you must now allow yourself to feel it, you must allow yourself. Part of your not feeling is caused because you, um you still want to punish yourself. You um... seem as though you want to... um..oh dear me... yes... It, it comes to your feelings of unworthiness... yes... that is what I'm trying to say, and your feelings of unworthiness are not worthy of you. So my dear you must put them to one side now and if they start to s l i d e back in front of you again then just pick them up and very gently say, "I do not need you in my life now I'll put you over here, you can be made into something better, yes, you have served your purpose, you have bought to my attention, my need of not needing you anymore". That is all they are there, to teach you that you do not need them anymore.


Sister Celestine: You have to practice... yes...Oh Oh Oh... certainly... yes. As when you were a small child you had to learn how to catch a ball when it was thrown to you... yes, it is the same. Now you have to learn to catch this new ball, this ball of Light that allows you to do whatever you desire to do in your life, and if the words that you need to speak to achieve this, are not being heard then quietly do what it is that you need to do...


Sister Celestine: And when the other person is ready to hear they can come and ask the question and then perhaps they will hear you at (? Word not heard on the tape)

... Right.

Sister Celestine: The answers are not, they are not shrouded in darkness, oh no, oh deary me no, they are in Light for all to see them, to hear and to know and to rejoice with. Those who do not want to hear or do not want to see or do not want to share the Light, that is their choice. You cannot make them... oh no.

I understand that it is not my responsibility anyway.

Sister Celestine: Yes, though it does require a different form or strength from you, and it is a different form of strength that you must practice, however you are must better at this than you were before (laughter) Oh so much better now, yes indeed. Ah.

I have been endeavouring to develop this.

Sister Celestine: So rejoice on how you have become and how far forward you have become instead of allowing yourself to become lost in this miasm of self pity because that is not needed in your life.

No. I have been aware of that these last few days that I have been, um I have been putting it aside, I did realize that I could walk past it and just carry on.

Sister Celestine: However you have become, when you walk past, you look back at it and wonder if perhaps you ought to have that with you... no, this is not for you. Remember they are only there, it's only there to show you, that you no longer need it and when it comes you can say, "Thank you for reminding me that I don't need you any more, isn't that wonderful, thank you for coming and showing me this, I don't need you anymore". And that is much different than becoming lost in it.


Sister Celestine: Yes... oh much different.

Yes it is. A totally different point of view of it.

Sister Celestine: Yes. Also to, it doesn't do you any great harm to understand the purpose behind your putting it there in the first place. You choose to put it there...


Excuse me, (To the Sister while the tape is turned over.) so that we may have the words you say. Sister Celestine laughs and says, for prosperity and also says she is going to be coming more often.)

Sister Celestine: It is most exciting... yes.

So I choose this, to learn the lesson of it.

Sister Celestine: Yes aren't you clever, yes to learn, so that you would have this to teach you and that when you came to this point of knowing... this point of Light that you are now at, that, "Oh how wonderful, I, I put this in place myself so that I could be reminded that I don't need it any more at this point". Isn't that clever of you...

So is this the same, is this the same thing that is preventing me from being able to feel the Love of the Oneness?

Sister Celestine: Oh it is... Urn... it is not preventing you. What is happening is that you get yourself lost in it and when you get lost in it then you, you do not feel the Love of the Oneness. Yes... Oh by putting it to one side and by acknowledging it as a very important part of your learning and having contributed most greatly to your learning you are honouring it. It is part of you, you choose it to be part of you so honour it, however do not get lost in it anymore, do not allow it to rule your life anymore because it does not have that function now. It has, um, it has completed that part of its function now it is not there anymore for that. Only to remind you how well you are doing...


Sister Celestine:... and how well you have moved forward. Do not allow, um, I don't like to talk about this, however do not allow that um... um... that shady character (the Dark Energy) to...

Yes I know who you mean.

Sister Celestine:... I prefer to talk as little as possible about him, however you need to understand that he will make that stronger feeling inside of you, in view of you to come entrapped by it... mm... yes... very shady... yes not nice shade like a tree...


Sister Celestine:...No... So don't allow it to happen, you be cleverer than the shady one.


Sister Celestine: You are more, more smart. That isn't a word that I am usually use to using, that is a word that the young girl (Sally) had suggested that you would understand... mm...

Now... very importantly, when this happens and you learn to recognize it, learn also to love the absurdity of it... yes... the absurdity being that you created it so that you could learn... Oh yes you did, yes, and allow yourself to have the enjoyment of that because it was very clever of you.

And the same is true of many of those things that you like to get lost inside, yes... Look for them. Do not allow yourself to be trapped by them and decide if they still hold a function in your life, and if they do not do the same as for this, put it to one side, honour it and then put it to one side... yes... oh yes. And then you will allow inside of you the Light to come... to light you up through every cell of your being, so that when you walk into a room, the room will light up and people will say, "Oh my goodness the sun has come out". And then they look outside of their window and discover oh nothing has changed much outside however the light is much brighter in here now and don't understand it, however they enjoy it... yes... You have experienced this, have you not?


Sister Celestine: Yes... Mm... Yes... So have we begun at the beginning?


Sister Celestine: And have we travelled through?

Yes. It is a very interesting lesson, thank you very much.

Sister Celestine: Ah, so what are you going to do now?

I'm not sure.

Sister Celestine: Are you going to dance?

Oh I don't believe I feel like dancing.

Sister Celestine: Oh, that it such a shame. Allow yourself to dance inside, this will assist you,...yes (Sister takes hold of her student's hands, holds them tightly and leans towards her.) When my children are very sad, they come and we dance and we sing and dance under the trees and we turn around and we sing and we do so much better when we have finished it... yes.

So practice that also my dear, practice that too... yes. And if you want to you can always ask me I will come and dance with you... yes I'm very, very happy to dance,...yes.

God bless you my dear.

Thank you Sister Celestine.

Sister Celestine: God bless you.

Reference no 19961023


© 2012 The Second Well Trust
Email address: songee@songee.co.nz
Website: www.songee.co.nz
Channelled by Full Trance Channel: Roberta-Margaret Wiggins
Transcribed by Christene Hart

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