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THE SECOND WELL TRUST presents 'Mastering'
A Teaching from Songee 9th May 1996


Bumping into each other
Learning to be a Master
The Word 'But'
Caring for each other

Songee began the meeting by asking the pupils if they had anything to discuss with her about the daily happenings in their lives over the past week.

Songee: What of (name)?

There is so much that I don't know, I don't know where to begin. To many painful places this week, discovering this knowledge, though I do not know very much at all.

Bumping into each other

Songee: Now, what you need to do is to look upon these events as they have transpired and look upon how you 'bump' into other organism into your life. How is that, what do you feel when that happens?

When I let other people?

Songee: How is, do they respond to you? You do not have to answer for this.

The lesson lies in this direction for you to look upon it. Now have you, when you 'bump' into this other organism? is the feeling there? Does the organism that share your life path 'bump' against you in same manner as before time or is there a difference.

There is a difference.

Songee: Then you look upon what has happened inside of you and see the changes that have taken place inside of you and observe no. All those changes make the 'bump' different the other organism. So that before time however you were inside, your 'bumping' was a particular way and now the 'bumping' is changed.

Yes it is much softer.

Songee: So also too it is important that all of this transpire for you so that you cease to resist. There must be no resistance and then you will truly hand over to the Oneness. As long as there is resistance in the Soul. Then it is very difficult to hand over to the Oneness and then the 'bumping' is not so harmonious. Then you discover that you have achieved this there is no resistance. You will then discover that those Souls that do not vibrate at the same level as yourself will only come and 'bump' against you gently one time and then move away because they cannot come and be absorbed. So you do not become made Dark by their negative energy, it cannot happen.

It will be something to look forward to.

Songee: It is already if you look upon it you can observe it is already in process. So it will continue this way, even more so. So that your resistance becomes less and less to the change.

The resistance is to the change. The resistance is to the handing over to the Oneness, in total, your whole being your whole Soul all of it to the Oneness.

I need to do this, so much.

Learning to be a Master

Songee: The human organism is such that it can achieve this small little bits are given only to begin. To give incompleteness, without doubt, without fear, without becoming immersed in the negative feeling within. Of not being in control of your own self. Then you truly have learned to master. This is the true meaning of being a Master, you master all of this it does not take away your Destiny Path, it does not take away your humanness and your ability to make mistake for that is part of your process of this earth life that you have come to learn. However when you become the master of these other things then the others will become and will become very easy to do. They will come for a moment, you will live the emotion and you will learn and then inside of you there will be a change like so and then you will move on. Until that change it come, it cannot move on. So the ability to make that change become easier the less you resist. Then you get into the coming of the Master.

(Name), there are birds flying in around your head.

I am following what you are saying but there is not a question.

Songee: It is not that there is one, there are many. All the birds flying around. Until one comes to roost then you do not know what the question is.

I was pondering on the Master. Does that... as you were saying "You become the Master". Is that the physical Master which we know of as the Masters in the mountains, the Himalayas who are in Spirit.

Songee: What you are trying to learn is how to master the skills of awareness that will bring you closer to a more pure being than you have been before time. This is the purpose of all that is being done. This is the purpose of your teach. This is the purpose of being sometime hidden from those who come to seek. This is the purpose of wanting to learn although some will understand and be able to voice it, some will not. So the purpose becomes what? The purpose of development becomes what?

For the Soul to come to the Oneness.

Songee: So what is it?

It is Enlightenment.

Songee: Is a Truth. So the purpose of the development is a Truth. So if you put it to everything; it will be true. So to learn to come to this place, is learning to master all those different steps of awareness that you need to have to achieve that goal.

So, how do you do for this? You do for this by learning, by learning not to resist, by learning to hand all of your being over to the Oneness. Now the Oneness is there waiting for all Souls to come to visit. however, those upon the earth plane, because of their human form and their humanness can only achieve small bit of this and then arouses within them the need to control. To be in control of their own life, their own Destiny. To be the one who decides what will happen at this time or that time at different times of their earth life and also some, a large number of some would control others also. So this has to be changed and the way to begin the change is the change in the word that people use when they are speaking of their word every day to each other. If they are kind on the word they speak to each other and they give deep consideration to the words that they are going to use every day of their speaking, then slowly this feeling of the need to control, it slip away. Very slowly in its place come this learning that is called mastery. So the Soul learn how to master themself first. How to master their anger, their fear, their feelings of smallness, their feelings of over largeness, of over greatness, their feelings of jealousy, their feeling of wrong love, their feeling of right love all these things the Soul come to them in different degree and most Souls spend many lifetimes learning this.

The Master is one who comes and lives the earth life, who honours the earth life and yet manages within their own organism of themself as they are living the earth life to bypass the controlling of others, by allowing the others to have their mistake, to make their mistake and to still love this type. Do you understand?

Yes I do now.

Songee: Then this is achieve it by not resisting, giving the self in total to the Oneness and this is the method that is used by all those who would aspire to be a Master. So there are different degrees of Master. Those who have come to this point have achieved the first step of master in. So therefore if you wish to achieve the mastering you must change how you speak and how you respond inside yourself to the adversity that the Destiny Path presents to you and each must do it in their way and in their own earth time and achieve it as best they may.

The teach that is given is there only as a guide. It does not say how long one Soul will take to achieve. Only that thesis how it is done and as you go through it you will discover that this is so. Now apply all that has happened with the pain you are feeling and have been feeling. It is important to feel this pain, you must not try to negate the pain. It is part of your growing, part of your moving forward and you must not take the pain away from someone who is having it for this reason. how do they learn to become master of it, instead of trying to control it if you try to take it off them and then if you do for that then you are controlling if you try to take their pain away.

Those who you speak of before time. The organisms of the high places they have come to the earth and they have set for themselves the task in their Destiny Paths to follow this Path and to dedicate all that earth life for that one purpose so they achieve their mastery much sooner and live their earth life in full knowledge of that mastery much longer than those of the rest of your planet. However when they return to Spirit and there are still things for them to learn because they could not learn them in that place they were at that moment and they come back in another form and in another place. The Destiny Path is the same as anybody and they have to practice as hard as anybody else. So it does not mean that if you become a Master in this place of high living, that you will always be Master and be above everybody else, it is not so.

Many masters come back to the earth and they come in an ordinary form with all the failings and all the faults of the other people of the planet. So that they very quietly continue working their mastery and this one are the teach that we bring to teach others. So the teach come and teach the others and then when the others reach a point where they can go out and in their own way pass on this knowledge and teach. They still require teaching so that they can continue to move forward. So therefore the teach must continue to teach the teacher and then those that have become teachers and teach the babies. The babies grow up and one or two of them go out and become teach. In the fullness of time all those and all of those must come together so that they can continue to be taught by the teach, the Master Teach. Then all those that they have connected to and are teaching one and two and three go out and they teach. Now by the time they get to this of this, many of the earth year away, then the Master Teach say to the next lot of teach, "There is now this particular level of teach, it is now time for you to become a teacher of the teaches."

That is how it comes to pass. How for this to come to pass, there needs to be e place of learning. There is no such place of learning here upon your planet for this in this manner in just this way. That is how it is to come to pass and then there will be 'Songee' teach and the Organism will teach the teachers and then those that the Organism, that Songee has teach in the fullness of time will come to a place of learning within themselves they let in, that they will be considered master enough now to take upon themself the role of the Teacher of the teach. So you have now those who come to the meet, there are two, who at this moment learning to teach as you learn to t e a c h.

When the Organism first come to teach for you, now remember at that time when you first come, there were many who come to learn. How many are there, so many, are now teaching in this way. Also, because of the Earth Path Life and Destiny that need to be honoured, the time cannot be taken into consideration. What must be taken into consideration is the amount of time that have been given of the earth to teaching. At the beginning there was for you, small earth time number of the earth year. Then there was nothing and then began once more the teaching of (name). it is important that you allow for this shift to come inside of you. This moving, this changing, It needs to happen more rapidly than has been happening before time. Therefore the event that you have had to experience have been given to assist for this to bring you closer to letting of your 'control'. You still do for to control, you still have a need for to do this. Little things in your earth life, as you discover them you will learn to let them go. It is important, this is not 'smack on your hand' or 'kick in the soft place'. This is letting you know of what is still to transpire with you. So until to learn to master you will continue to control and until you let go of control, you will not master. Now all the lesson that have been given, before time was to lead you to the point where you would learn not to control.

The Word 'But'

There is another lesson for this day for all to know so you may put it upon your paper as you desire when you are ready and it is to do with this word that is coming to you out of the mouth. Many is coming to the mouth that sometime the people say something about a particular thing in their life and then they say this word... 'But' ...and then they say something else. Before they say the something else, become sensitive to that word 'but'. Whether you say for it or for somebody else say for it, become very sensitive of it, very aware and then listen to what is to come after it. Always that which come after it, is negative. Always, without fail, it is negative. Therefore you go with what is positive not with what is negative. In this manner you learn to identify within yourself your own doubt, your own fear, your own negativity. If you find yourself being the 'Butt' of another then you are becoming the 'butt' of the Dark one as a joke. Remember that, it will help you to remember, so do you understand how that can come to pass?

Yes, It comes to pass very easily.

Songee: Sometimes the words that are given sounds so good and sounds so very clever and sounds so very special that you find yourself believing them and just perhaps they might be the right way. Ooh... very dangerous!

At times I find the first statement and the second statement with the 'but' in between, contradict each other.

Songee: So now you understand how that is. It is because the first is usually the correct one, the first one is usually born of much consideration.

Sometimes the first part of the words might not be something that you want to hear. It might be words that are telling you or helping you to understand that something that you desire to do, is something that you will not do, or must not do. however that does not matter, that is still positive and is the one to listen to the most. The one that comes after the 'but' you may listen out of politeness, however stand back a little from it otherwise you get caught in the middle. This is one way to learn how to master. Not to use the words that cause fear, the words that cause doubt, so what I am giving for you is how to learn little masters. Mastery of little things first. You learn to master the little things and then you will discover that the bigger things are becoming mastered all by itself.

Do not fit the crown, the eminence of mastery. For if you choose this crown it will always be illusive and if you chase it for the wrong reason also, it will be a trap. So be aware of it. This lesson is for your next writings.

Good that is wonderful.

Songee: So if there is no more for you at this moment then perhaps there is needed in time for the channelling of the Energy for Healing. How say you?


Songee: So this time it is for (name) to channel the energy for the (name) and do it with mastery, that is you do not control. You know to do this, not what you desire but what the Oneness desire and Songee will assist. You may like to switch off the machine or you might like to put it on.

(When the channelling of healing was completed. Songee continued with the teaching.)

Songee: Sometimes at this meet you will discover that when you are speaking of the others that come to you about the machine the work that they do.

The TV.

Songee: I must remember those two letters. So T.V. when come for you and you are saying about for it, you are saying, you speak to them about what you do. How this is for the words coming out of your mouth - I do for this and I do for that and I do for something else. When you come to speak for them and you are saying for this, you are speaking as though you and you alone are responsible for what is happening. This is not so. The Oneness has make for the Energy for to take place for this to come to pass. The Oneness has moved the people to where it is needed to be for this to come to pass and you would not be achieving if you have not first come to the teach to learn and then the teach not be doing and teaching for you if those in Spirit have not move that one with the will of the Oneness to that place to begin for. It is done, so it is not I - it is we.

So the meeting of the teach that is happening at your home, it is happening at your home with your permission for this to be. This is acknowledged however those who come to you to be taught, some you have been given teach before time. So it is the Energy of the Oneness that have bring it all to pass. When you are doing for this because although it is your hone and you have given permission for this to be. You are supposed to have given yourself as a servant to the Oneness. Which makes you one of many servants. So again you are 'we'. So the meet that you teach, it belongs to yourself, it belongs to those who come to be taught, it belongs to the other ones who come to help you teach, it belongs to Organism and it belongs to all those who have taken part both in the physical and the spiritual and so therefore it becomes 'we'.

When you talk to them you must change the speaking, this way you will learn to hand over this part of you that has learned in this earth life and like many others to control. You have learned the need to control, now you have to unlearn it. It is born out of fear, it is a fear that must he allowed to go away and then you will he master of that.

However if I give for you this word, this lesson many of your earth year before time you would not have understood for it. It had to come to this place for it to happen this time of earth life after all that has prevailed and all that you have passed through. So I have word for you now before I go it is very simple.

Caring for each other

It is important that to have caring for each other, to have consideration of how you 'bump' together, how your words are spoken to each other. You are to be gentle with each other and you are to learn how to understand the mistakes of others and how to prevent... how you feel to the other without breaking the skin and I mean by this also the skin of the Aura if you shout, if you make force with your word in a manner that can be sharp, then you can cut and damage the aura of another, this you must not do. If you have to make correction of another you must do it gently and with Love and consideration and also to understand what the other was saying for you also. So that there is true communication and not just that you pick up the boulder and drop it in the lap of another and then turn away and go about your life. You do not do this, it is not correct. You must not dump a boulder of you into the lap of another in this way, because damage to them if you do for this.

So, and while you are pondering upon this, ponder also upon how it can come to pass for you in future time, that has been given to you that you will deny the Organism once more. So that you have full awareness within your being, so that when it transpires there will be minimal damage because of the event that transpires damage do occur, however Organism before time, in another life have become upon the earth a Master of this thing that you are now learning. So although the life is difficult and although the life is scattered with many mistakes the Soul retain the knowing of the Mastery. So Love prevail over all things. So the damage that is done is to your own self, so therefore to minimize the damage so that you can move forward more swiftly. You need to be fully aware of all this so that you can turn yourself around and make for that little movement inside of you and then that will push away the Dark Force that is trying to make for you to move in another direction. Remember that the Dark One will use the fear inside you and fear is doubt and doubt will lead to denial. So know the pattern and then you will be better equip for it, and also too it becomes shield that you can hold in front of you but most of it will hit the shield that go around you. The shield of Spirit, of Spirit Light.

Much for you to ponder on.

Let the Crystal Light shine and be at peace with one another.

I leave you with the Power

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© 2012 The Second Well Trust
Email address: songee@songee.co.nz
Website: www.songee.co.nz
Channelled by Full Trance Channel: Roberta-Margaret Wiggins
Transcribed by Charles Ashe

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