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Sally in Spirit
THE SECOND WELL TRUST presents 'Sally in Spirit'
Words from Sally James - 1st May 1995


Sally's life in Spirit
Rescuing Lost Souls
Lost in Spirit
Help from Sally

This teaching is published in 'The Facets of the Diamond'.

This talk took place in a circle meeting of The Second Well Trust around mid 1995. The pupils finished their journey of self discovery with Songee the Earth Mother. Discussions about their feelings and experiences they encountered were told to Songee who discussed each part with the pupils.

At the finish of the teachings Songee left the Channel and was replaced Sally, a helper to the Channel.

Sally: Well - ain't staying.

Sally were you watching?

Sally: Coor! Was I ever?

Wasn't it great?

Sally: Pretty exciting eh. Coo them colours and things coo, it's marvellous ain't it?

There was a lot of Power at the meeting.

Sally: Ooh, its lovely there ain't half a lot of codgers around here you know.

They have been here from the beginning.

Sally: They have been here an awful long time waiting. Well, not really 'time' eh!

What were they waiting for?

Other than to see what we were doing.

Sally: Well, cos, cos... well just waiting.

Were they waiting for us to do something?

Sally: Well everyone was watching, see. They was all watching.

Everyone learned a lesson tonight, those in Spirit and those in the physical.

Sally: Yeah, ain't it marvellous, ain't it?

This must be 'old hat' for those in Spirit.

No, those in Spirit must learn these lessons also. It is the same as when you pass over into Spirit. You don't realise and when you are in Spirit you still don't realise.

(Sally tried to speak at the same time as the pupil was speaking.)

Sorry Sally but isn't that right?

Sally: It's all right, I'd better shut up, I'll leave you to it, you're doing alright, I'd better shut up.

(All the pupils laugh at Sally's outburst.)

Just give me a kick on the leg if I say something wrong. (There was more laughter with Sally and the pupils.)

What would you like to talk about tonight Sally?

Sally's life in Spirit

Sally: Nothing, I'm keeping my mouth shut I am.

I took the words out of her mouth.

Sally: I felt that I'd come to cheer you up. I know that you might be a little bit miserable or something. You can't go home miserable can you. I might have to chase you down the road.

With a bottle of gin in her hand.

(There was much laughter and many comments from the pupils.)

Sally... I can always sit in the seat next to you and drink it. Boozy breath all over the car. You can't drink and drive Sally.

Sally: I won't be driving.

As soon as the traffic cop comes you take off.

Sally: I can always stay and blow in his ear and he'll be going like this. (Sally rubs her ear with her finger).

Sally: I've done that you know it ain't half funny. It's good fun and he don't know what's tickling him. It's even better if you use a feather. You can do some real funny things with it. That's when I was being naughty. I'm not allowed to be naughty no more. Ooh! but I did have some fun.

Don't you do naughty things like that anymore.

Sally: Who me? (In mock surprise as all the pupils laugh.) I don't do nothing like that no more, it ain't allowed.

I'll tell you what you could do...

Sally... If a cop stops me, you blow in the bag instead of me.

Sally: Aw, now that's cheating, that's cheating that is. Anyway if we go around doing that, we ain't doing you no big favours are we?


Sally: That's right, ain't it your being naughty. We can't do nothing what will bring hurt nor harm to anybody by thought word nor deed, alright.

That's correct Sally.

Sally: So you don't have too much booze in ya eh! It's pretty dangerous. Ere, have you been behind a runaway cart when you had some?

(Pupil teasing) A runaway cart, a thirteen year old with a skinful, shame on you.

Sally: I'm not talking about me. Tell you what, it ain't fun it's quite scary it is.

It's just as well that I'm not your mum.

Sally: I didn't have a bleeding mum, did I!

What was scary Sally?

Sally: Riding behind them horses, that runaway cart when you've got a skinful.

(Pupil jokingly) It's better than the horse with the skinful.

Sally: Now that's a good idea. Here I'll tell you what, Ned put some gin in the oats one day.

Did he!

Sally: Yeah, it was the men what goes around that used to bring the milk and the cream to the posh houses and he put some gin in the oats in the bag and the poor horse, he weren't half fiddly. (Sally laughed uncontrollably at the memory of it.) It was ever so funny. He couldn't walk straight and the man what was driving him (Sally could not speak clearly while telling the story) didn't know what was wrong.

Oh, that was funny. Oh, we laughed about that, Oh ho, for ages, oh dear never mind.

The horse must have liked it.

Sally: I hope he's forgiven him.

Yes, I hope he has.

Sally: I hope he did otherwise Ned won't half gonna cop it, ain't he. Oh my, Oh my oh that were funny. I'll never forget that one. (Composing herself) 0h well, I gotta go now.

By the way Sally, how is Ned now? It's been a long time since we first met and we have not seen him since his 'rescue'.

Sally: Oh he's alright, he's doing his things, he's gotta 'toe the line' a bit, ain't he?

Is that your 'mate'?

Sally: Well I wouldn't exactly call him sort of that, no!

Do you have to 'toe the line'?

Sally: Who?

You! I wondered why Ned had to toe the line and you...

Sally: Well, because he was the one that murdered that bloke that I got hung for.

Oh gosh! I see.

Sally: Didn't you know that?

She is a newcomer to the Circle.

l knew you bumped that old matron off, didn't you?

Sally: Of course not, of course you didn't know that. That's alright, sorry about that.

I'll tell her in the car when we are going home tonight.

Sally: I already told her now.

I thought you 'bumped off' the old matron.

Sally: I didn't bump no one off. I didn't do nuffin.

(Pupil explains) She was blamed for something that Ned did, you've got the wrong person.

Sally: I never did it, no I never did it.

I thought she had pushed her down the stairs. Wasn't it the matron of the orphanage or workhouse or somethings.

No, you have got the story wrong.

Where did I get this story from?

There was another time when the kids came through and they were from another time and in an orphanage, they all 'bumped off' the matron.

Sally: That ain't got nothing to do with me. I did nothing like that. In fact, I was a good girl I was, sort of...

(Pupil teasing) Only when you had a skinful now and again.

Sally: (says jokingly) Don't tell no one about that. We had to have some bit of fun didn't we? There weren't much fun, you try and live in bleeding packing cases in a dirty, stinking... underneath a river. Well on a path on the river it was. The river was under the bridge and we sort of lived on the packing cases. Well there was a lot of us and we had to cuddle up to keep warm. I was their 'mum' you see, there was a lot of little nippers there.

Did you sing songs at times?

Sally: Yeah, we used to sing songs just to keep our 'chipper' up a bit.

Where were their parents, had they died?

Sally: Some of them got put in the 'Pokey' see and in the workshops and all sorts. Some of them just buggared off, didn't they!

And left the kids.

Sally: Yeah, why not? Nobody wanted them no more.

Wouldn't their conscience bother them going off and leaving their kids.

Sally: lt don't really matter do it? Cause they are going to get it all back anyway ain't they? Well how do we know that they don't deserve it in the first place. We might have deserved it, cause we might have done it to them sometime. You don't worry about it.

The little kids that used to be with you on the street, are they all there with you now?

Sally: Oh no, not all of them, some of them have got reborned again. I didn't get reborned again because I didn't go into the Light see. I was hanging around making a nuisance of meself for an awful long while. I hear it was a hundred years or so.


Rescuing Lost Souls

Sally: I used to put the shivers up a lot of people. I had a lovely time.

She came here and was 'Rescued' in a Circle one night.

Sally: That was E.

It was E and Roberta-Margaret that did the rescue on her. That happened about fifteen years ago.

Sally: Not long in your earth years but I tell you what, it ain't half a long while. Where I am now it sort of... it was like yesterday, yet it was an eternity ago - sort of strange it is. I can remember it but it ain't important no more cause I ain't in there no more, cause I ain't lost in it any more.

Can people who are in the Light not help surface it?

Sally: No 'cause you see, when you're stuck there you can't see them. You ain't see them at all.

When you are in the Light you can't see 'Lost Souls'?

Sally: When your 'lost' you can't see the people what's in the Light.

No, no you misunderstand me.

Sally: Oh no, when you are in the Light you can see the Lost Souls, but they can't see you.

Can you help them to go through?

Sally: No because you can't reach them see because they are lost. You can't see it, you can't reach through to them see because they can't see ya. So what we does is, we go and get somebody like yourself in your sleep and we take you along and you reach them.

Is that the only way to get them into the Light Sally?

Sally: Well that's a beginning. Once we get them sort of in contact with someone, just a little bit in the Light, not right in the Light, but just a little bit in the grey bit would we say. Then they can be brought along for a 'Rescue' if it is needed.

The Doorkeeper don't leave them when they are lost. No, that's the first person you get introduced to again is your Doorkeeper and they take you right into the Light, its lovely.

So what happens with your Doorkeeper then?

Sally: They stay with the Lost Souls.

They stay in the Dark with...

Sally: No not in the Dark. They are in the Light, but they can't reach them.

They are sitting around waiting?

Sally: That's right, they're sitting around in the Light twiddling their thumbs sitting on their... okay, so I won't say it.


Sally: On their Bums.

When you are in the Dark like that, does it feel a long time?

Lost in Spirit

Sally: No, there is a different 'Dark' see. There is a 'Dark' because you are in the Dark, Because its evil and its wicked, not nice. Then there is 'just lost' like and what it is, is you get sort of... you stay where you used to live, see.

Yes. Now I get it.

Sally: You stay around all of them places where you used to live and you are still there and everybody else is all a big dream. Your dreaming everybody being different see and everything changes around you and it is most unsettling.

So you saw the changes in that place where you stayed around in that area.

Sally: Yeah.

A hundred years of it?

Sally: Yeah sort of, there's little gaps see because I didn't always stay in that one place, I sort of moved around a bit.

How did you get on in the war Sally? That would be terrible, all the people being killed bombed and maimed.

Sally: It was a dream.

There would be a lot of Lost Souls running around there.

Sally: Yes, but they was all 'dreams'. They thought I was a 'dream' we thought each other was a 'dream', a bad one. Only you don't wake up from it.

So when you pass over and you are lost and you might be another Spirit sitting beside you, do you acknowledge that they are there?

Sally: Well you can talk to them but they think they don't, that you are `not real' like they are 'not real' because we are 'real' when we are there. Like I'm 'real' now, I mean I'm 'not real' because I'm in Spirit. I'm more 'real' now more than I ever was, sort of. I ain't 'real' by what you understand, am I?

It's hard for us to come to grips with the different dimensions.

Sally: It is, ain't it.

You seem very real to me right now, but if I was to try to explain to my husband, he would think that I was loopy, because he wouldn't understand, it's too difficult.

Sally: Well what would you want to try to explain it for anyway?

To explain what you do in Circle.

Sally: I don't see any point in it.

No, what the point is, you seem so real to me. When I go home, you seem...

Sally: You don't feel that I'm real no more. You feel I'm in your head.

Help from Sally

Don't you realise that when I'm on the golf course. I think about you and say, "Come down and clear this patch up".

Sally: To hit the little white ball.


Sally: And your wearing them funny shoes.

Yes that's right.

(Pupils laugh and say that she's likely to put the ball in the wrong places.)

Sally: It goes a long way that little white ball.

Not if I hit it, the grass goes a long way.

Sally: Here, what about when it goes into the bushes and you go to look for it in the bushes and it's not there anymore its back out on the turf, out where it's all clear and you think I'm sure it went into the bushes.

Have you thrown it out for me?

She's not going to say but look out the next time.

When I've got behind a tree and I haven't got a shot. I'll expect you to put it onto a nice clean bit.

Sally: Well, if you expect it then I won't do it.

(Pupils all laugh and one says) You're a tease.

Sally: That's right I like having games.

When I ask Spirit - and I've been asking a few times - to nag me to death, to keep reminding me; to stand still, to keep my eye on the ball, keep my arms straight and all the things that I'm supposed to do.

Sally: Here, we don't have to nag her to death, she does it all on her own.

(Everybody laughs at Sally's joke.)

Sally: Anyway, I've got to go ain't I? I can't stay anymore.

She (Roberta-Margaret) may be here soon.

Sally: Oh she's an awful long way away.

Well while you are waiting, you might as well sit and talk to us.

Sally: No, you gotta close down now and I'll go away and give her a kick up the... alright I'm not allowed to say the other word.

You can always say 'The soft place'.

Sally: You can say it for me the next time and all.

I will say it for you the next time and all.

Sally: Alright I'm going to give her a kick up the...


Sally: That's it.

(All the pupils laugh at the banter.)

Sally: We could come to a real neat arrangement here. I'll say what I want to say and you all say the naughty words and you can get hit on the head with the newspaper instead of me.

You hit me over the head with the newspaper anyway. So it's not going to make much difference.

Sally: No I suppose not. Alright, well hurry up then, I'm going now.

(The pupils give thanks to Sally for all the information that we received during the evening.)

Sally:TA RA

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