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Destiny and Karma

THE SECOND WELL TRUST presents 'Destiny and Karma'.
A Teaching from Songee 27th September 1990.


Sister Celestine
What is the Soul
The Destiny Path
Soul Mate
Testing Friends at Death
Destiny and Karma
Remembering Songee's Words
Recognising the light of the Soul
The Dark Energy
The Soul enters the body at Conception
What are the Poltergeists
The Facets of the Diamond

This teaching is published in 'The Facets of the Diamond'.

The section where Sister Celestine speaks has been publish in 'The Facets of the Diamond'.

When Songee first manifested through Roberta-Margaret it began with a group of 3 people. The then leader of a Development Group received information from Songee that could then be passed onto the larger group under tuition.

Roberta-Margaret seems to have had for many years two Nuns often walking with her, Sister Celestine and Sister Marie Teresa. (Sally irreverently refers to them as the two penguins.) One wears a blue habit the other black. This is the first of many visits Sister Celestine makes to come as talk with us.

There were a number of Spirit people who were asked by Oneness to channel through. This event was then allowed to proceed by Roberta-Margaret's Doorkeeper and Guardian. The Leader of the Group noticed an overshadowing taking place and spoke to the Spirit person -

Welcome to the Circle. Do you wish to join us? You are welcome.

Sister Celestine

Peace be with you.

Thank you.

You have not met me before. My name is Sister Celestine.

I'm Sorry.

I am Sister Celestine.

Oh yes Sister.

Sister Celestine: I have been requested to come and greet you tonight.

Yes we are quite honoured to have you with us, and you have never been with us before.

Sister Celestine: No.

Have you known Margaret before?

Sister Celestine: No.

Oh that's...

Sister Celestine: I am only visiting here.

That's very nice to have you. This will be quite an experience for you.

Sister Celestine: It is not something that they prepare us for in the convent.

(Laughter) No.

Sister Celestine: I find it most entertaining.


Sister Celestine: And quite intriguing. I would very much like to discuss this with Father Paul.

Ah yes.

Sister Celestine: However I think that his mind is a little clouded at the moment. I don't think he would listen to me.

Mmmm, yes.

Sister Celestine: But we would have some most excited discussions about this if we could.

Yes it would certainly change your attitude, certainly change your thinking.

Sister Celestine: He has yet to join me. We have known each other all of our lives.

Very nice.

Sister Celestine: He does not know that this is possible any more than I was aware that it was possible. This is beyond words for me to express how I feel.

And um when...

Sister Celestine: I hope I am not being too formal with you.

No, no we are used to it now. We speak to many people - many, many join us in our Circle who have been in Spirit and they come to our Circle and they learn and they get the experiences, and we get knowledge as well as those who are in Spirit get knowledge by just being with us.

Sister Celestine: I understand this now but I didn't before I came here.

If you look around I think you maybe see quite a large number of...

Sister Celestine: Oh yes indeed, they are all here.


Sister Celestine: So many, wonderful, look at them all, it's so gratifying. I wish they would teach us this in the convent, though, they do not teach us these things, and we are left in ignorance, all of our working time. And all of our devotion time is lived in ignorance of this wonderful, wonderful (gift?).

Yes but the time is right for you now to learn this.

Sister Celestine: Of course, of course. I am so looking forward to meeting Father Paul when he comes. I am so looking forward to having big discussions about this. I have been promised that I can go and met with him.

Ah yes. (Much rustling.)

Sister Celestine: Have I offended you?

No, No. Just my little machine here slipped off the bed. Sorry about that. I am taping the conversation so we can listen to it later on and discuss what has happened. It is one of our learning methods. So we can discuss it later. And how long have you been... when did you pass over to Spirit, Sister?

Sister Celestine: Oh I'm not sure now. I will have to think about that.

You do not have time over there now, no Earth-time.

Sister Celestine: No I have not thought about it, it's that wonderful I have not thought about it.

And which country did you come from then?

Sister Celestine: I, I am (-). Greece. Oh very nice. I am Irish, I have a lot of friends.

Sister Celestine: There are many of them (- -). There is a question to come back. I can't think of anything else at the moment. I will have to ponder upon it for a moment. Is that alright? (Sister Celestine's words are very hard to hear. Her voice it very high pitched, hesitant and faint.)

Oh yes.

Sister Celestine: Oh Thank you. I have been here since 1906.

Oh very good and you don't look any older.

Sister Celestine: Oh my, (- - -) it's very kind of you. Oh my, I have been here since 1906, Father Paul might be just about ready to come and be here.

And you and Father Paul are...

Sister Celestine: Oh my goodness he has been incarcerated, in a different place. I did not know, I have to go and get him. They told me I could go and met him when he came and I haven't been to meet him. They say it's because he's in a special place. Oh my goodness. The poor man he has locked himself behind some wall, oh the silly man. I know he was very young and most (-) and I know we used to have a lot of discussions about things but there was no need for him to put himself behind walls like that. Oh my goodness I will have to go and talk to him. Oh... not just now, he can't come just now.

When his time is ready.

Sister Celestine: It seems so. My they do things different than here.

Oh yes.

Sister Celestine: I still have to get used to everything, no.

Yes well now you have been taken out of the convent you will be given a job, would you like that? Work to do, helping?

Sister Celestine: I felt I already was.

Oh I'm sorry you may have, what type of work do you already do?

Sister Celestine: What are we talking about? What work?

Well would you like to help with children? With you like to help the sick and the elderly? And people who have just passed over that have come into the Spirit world.

Sister Celestine: Are you talking about where I am now?


Sister Celestine: Oh I am already doing work here.

Oh yes. That's very nice. I felt you had just come out of the convent.

Sister Celestine: Not always in the same place, I have been moving about um. Before I came over here I was teacher, used to teach the children in school. Is that what you mean about my work? Did you want to know what work I did? That's the work I do.

Oh that's very nice. No I was wondering about the work you are doing now? While you are in Spirit.

Sister Celestine: Oh I still teach the children. I come and teach the children that are behind, they see me but the parents do not see me. Most interesting... but I don't, but I haven't done this before, this is very exciting, I haven't done this before.

A new experience.

Sister Celestine: Yes, most incredible.

Well yes you can come to us anytime again if you wish when we have a meeting here.

Sister Celestine: I can only come if I am allowed to come. I did not ask to come. I was asked by Father Cam (-) to meet you.

Well you are most welcome anytime.

Sister Celestine: There is one of my colleagues and she says that she has made herself known to you at different times, but you did not hear her for some reason, she does not understand why you do not hear her.

Was she speaking to me or speaking to the Group?

Sister Celestine: She says you have trouble with machine, I hope you want have so much trouble hearing me.

Oh no that is Sister Marie Teresa.

Sister Celestine: Yes that is correct, she's my friend.

Yes how lovely. Well you will have plenty of work to do there looking after the children.

Sister Celestine: Oh they are beautiful children, most beautiful children, very bright, a little naughty.

They have to be. Have you met my dog Wally?

Sister Celestine: Oh with the children, oh is that your dog, I did not know that was your dog, oh. You are most welcome with the children he is very happy, very happy dog.

He loves the children.

Sister Celestine: He is a bit naughty too.

Oh yes well, he has plenty of life and likes to run around and play.

Sister Celestine: I am not there all of the time you understand. I am never there a lot and visit other children who are still on the Earth and visit them, the ones who are lonely and have no-one, I visit them. They see me and they believe I am an Angel. But that's alright, I don't mind if they think I am an Angel. I'm alright.

You are with them anyway, you are pretty close to them.

(A lot of words not heard. There is a sound recorded on the tape of the tape going around which has gradually been getting louder, and this over rides the sound of the words.)

Sister Celestine: I think it is time for me to go. Oh it has been most delightful to have talked with you. Thank you for letting me come and talk with you.

There is nothing else to tell you at this time.

Maybe they will let you come again when there are more questions for you.

Sister Celestine: Oh mercy me I don't know if I can handle too many questions all at once. Oh I will have to get used to this, or I won't be coming again.

You are most welcome if they ask you.

Sister Celestine: I will try and answer your questions if I am allowed to come again. Thank you.

Thank you very much.

(It appeared that Sister Celestine left the Channel and Songee comes to talk with the students.)


The Leader of the Group says - Good evening.

Songee: I am here.

That was a very pleasant surprise with the Sister.

Songee: I already said begin, so begin.

Ah can I ask you a question or two Songee?

Songee: I have already said begin.


The ah, you mentioned last week about the Law, ah the Cosmic Law. How can I begin it? A person accepts their misfortunes, anything that happens to them, they have already accepted that before they come to this life. Well my question is what about the person who commits these crimes - are they told about it or are they given that job to do - they must do these cruel things to that person?

Songee: Everything is planned before you come. Everything, every single thing. Every breath you take, every beat of your heart is timed to the last one.

Even for the person who came to do the evil thing, that's part of his life. Oh that's not...

Songee: Remember it is Kama. We have not even discussed Karma yet. We haven't even touched on it. I have not gone near it yet for a reason.

Well this is getting to class level... However...

Songee: It will not clash. It is only that you have many questions with regarding it and there are many misconceptions regarding Karma.

Right. Yes, well I have come up against the barrier again. I have taken my 30 years studying the Karma and such and then I have to start right at the beginning again.

Songee: It is better for me to explain to you as you bring the questions rather than me give you a long dissertation on Karma. Right, and more questions that you have the more (I will bring it here?) to you and the more sense it will make.

Yes, well with the Karma then Um does it go, well the person who does the evil, well when do they get paid back? It happens to them? So when does it stop or when does it...

Songee: You are asking the right question however you are going in the wrong direction.

Right. (Laughter)

Songee: You must ask how does it begin?

How does all this violence begin? All this sexual abuse we have got which is escalating, and (all?) these murders at the moment.

Songee: You have souls - in the beginning they were all together as one and they separated at the time of the Chaos and many went into the dark. Many of the souls that went into the dark also have earth life.

And are these the ones that are being the victims today or are they the aggressors, the perpetrators?

Songee: It is a mixture of both, not a fine line between. It is not as black and white. There are those souls who went into the dark who have earth life, they inflict injury, they commit negative deeds to those of the earth plane. They began by doing it before they have physical bodies. They were angels of darkness, perpetrators of Evil One of the negative power. He infiltrate into the minds and emotions of those who are living, who have physical bodies, and they corrupt them. This is how they win souls into the darkness away from the light. The souls that did not go into the darkness at the time of the Chaos are dragged into the darkness in this way. Some will resist and may take many life times for them. The Law of the Light of Karma says if you commit an ill deed then you must receive it back. The ones who succumb to those of the darkness because they are becoming corrupt, they commit an ill deed. Before they can be taken away into the darkness they have to make some reparation while they are still in the light. When they are returned to the darkness, or they are taken into the darkness there is no reparation at that time however they do not remain in the darkness forever they are bought back into the light and then they must begin their lives again. They must begin the cycle of learning and that is when they pay their debt.

Are there still people, ah the question I had last week, are there people now who still sell their souls to the devil as they call it now, in their physical life?

Songee: There are more than you can imagine.

They still do it?

Songee: There are many throughout this planet.

And they sell it just to get Um to get a physical betterment of life here?

Songee: That is so.

Mmm... And then they get taken away in the dark and then they have to repatriated and go into the circle of Karma after that?

Songee: Only if they are returned to the light.

If they want to return to the light.

Songee: When they are returned to the light...


Songee: ...then they must begin to pay back their debts. While they still live in the darkness they do not have to pay back their debt. They only perpetrate more.

So what pulls them back into the light?

Songee: You do.

We do!!

By the work we are doing now?

Songee: The work you are doing now.

I see.

Songee: By the children.

What I mean... you are referring to the spiritual work we're doing, aren't you?

Songee: The spiritual work you do, also through teaching, teaching others, to teach the children, to set the example, to open the way for their souls to come, to open the mind and souls to the Power of Light. Do not confuse Karma with Destiny.

Right. (Laughter)

Songee: Remember there are things that have been chosen by the individual that is destiny, they have chosen for an experience for them to forward their soul on the path of learning. There are also the times of Karma.

Karma then would intertwine with the destiny path?

Songee: The destiny path, if you are referring it to the life that you live each time you come to the earth plane, then that is correct. The Karma is incorporated into the destiny path.

Right, yes.

Songee: But it is not destiny.

No, that is my own free will.

Songee: All of it is your own free will.

Yes, ok.

Songee: But the debts you pay, are the debts you pay because of the influence of the darkness on your soul from other lives before this one.

Now we move forward, that which you do in this life will not be Karma for you in this life, unless you have reached a certain point. Most people have Karma in the next life for the one before.

The Karma I have now is for the past life or a past life?

Songee: It is from the one before. The amount of influence the negative power has had over your soul in your past life, you pay for it in this one.

But even if my last life was a child?

Songee: It still applied (-). Oh yes that's a...

Songee: The fact that your life was only short was in itself a Karmic thing, born about because of something from the one before it.

I died a natural death, not a natural death the one before. I don't know if I committed suicide or not, but it seemed I had an accident and died the one before.

Songee: Your life finished before it was ready to be finished.


Songee: You had a choice to return, you did not.

Oh I see, I could have, I could have returned to the...

Songee: You could have recovered, you could have returned, you did not.


There's someone at the door.

Songee: Do what you wish to do. I will stay here. (Someone goes to the door and comes back.)

Thank you.

Songee: I am still here I have not gone away.

Well can karma and destiny both be the same things in karma and destiny?

Songee: Only in the way that you choose to live your life, your destiny path of the life you living. You can choose to have a destiny that is the same as your Karma, however it is not usual because you will be wasting spiritual time. The purpose of your life is to learn the lessons to put yourself forward. If you choose the same destiny as you do Karma you are living the same lesson twice. There is no sense to that. There is nothing to stop you doing it but it is not sensible. Karma you must do, it must be paid. Destiny you can choose to have or not to have. You cannot choose your Karma you must pay it, that is the difference.

That's better. Now why is this teaching not been given out in the past. We have only learnt the basic of Karma but this is a different concept all together.

Songee: This is not different. It has been given out on many occasions in different times, different places, different people and everyone interpret it as they wish and puts it forward. What I would like you to learn is not to do that. You must be exact in how you teach, it is the thing I stress to you at the beginning of this that you must be exact, all of you. You must not move away from that which we give you. Do not change the words to suit yourself for if you do you change the meaning...

Meaning, that's yes...

Songee: Karma is not choice. Karma you must pay - it is a dept you must pay to the Cosmic Force. Destiny is something that you choose to do to forward your soul path.

That's it. Gawd back to the drawing board. (Laughter)

Songee: It is not too difficult.

What is the Soul

No I know it is quite good. Right - going on for this now, Songee please. Um there's another I was asked about on Monday night about the Soul. What is the Soul and the Spirit and such, now was my definition of the Soul correct?

Songee: The Soul is the continuation. It is the force that is born. It is the energy in which Life, the truth of that Being, it is the Soul. As it grows and it learns it becomes more powerful, it becomes more beautiful to look upon.

But is it the guiding factor of the personality, the mind, the emotions and body?

Songee: It is, it is the Power, it is the Being that continues so it must be all of those other things, for without it those other things do not exist. Remember those other bodies are only there as a shell for the Soul to enter to express itself. And you choose your shell before you come. You choose what anatomical structure you will have before you come to this earth. Everything you choose before you come, it is all very carefully worked out by you before you come.

I wish I had chosen a better mind.

Songee: You didn't choose Karma, it is included.

Yes right I can understand that.

The Destiny Path

Songee: I will put it very simply for you. One of the high ones comes to you in spirit and said, "It is time for you to go and be born, come with me." So you go with this one and they take you to a special room and in this special room there are many, many, many books and you look through and you find the ones that you need, the ones that you review with your life, the one that you have had before and before and before. It is the Akashic Record.

Akashic... Thank you.

Songee: You look and you say, "Oh yes I have done this, I have done this, I have done this, Oh my goodness I did not do this." So that gets written down - "Did not do this, and this and this was not done very well. It must be done again, put that down". Oh my goodness look here, you got caught with that one from the dark side. You were very naughty, this one is Karma, you must pay this and it is marked so. Then you are, after all this is done, then you are given what do you want to do with all of this? How do you want it to be presented? Well then you have to think, am I going to be man or woman? Am I going to be big or little, fat or thin? Who were my parents last time? Do I want the same country? Do I want the same family? Usually no. Do I want to go to the family next door? Sometimes yes. Sometimes it is necessary to remain in the same area for repayment of Karma. It may be that on your list where you have been negative to someone you are deserving of something negative to happen to you as Karmic pay - it is done to you. The one who does it is one who has been infiltrated by the dark. Now do you understand where you start at the beginning.

Ah yeah back to the beginning again yes.

Songee: You start at the beginning. You do not start at the end, there is no end there is only beginning. We have no end yet.

That person in the dark has to do that then...

Songee: When it is time they will in turn...

Get theirs. Right. Oh boy.

Songee: You do not get good souls inflicting bad on other good souls. It does not work that way. It is not sensible. Most un-sensible. So. There is your life, you plan it.

However you wish. Right down to the last little mole on your bottom.

(Laughter) Right 0.K Sorry.

Songee: Go ahead.

Soul Mate

The question that follows on from that then is the Soul Mate. Um do you meet them every life or do you, they come occasionally, or could we start off at the beginning, what is the Soul Mate? Please.

Songee: In the beginning, when all was One, all Souls were male and female. When the Chaos occurred they became a spirit. In all Souls there is male and female...


Songee: ...the expression of either. If one is expressing male then the other will express female...

Oh I see.

Songee: ...and will come together. It is always so.

Oh and then you become one person at the end. Are they...

Songee: In the coming together you are one person.


Songee: That is the meaning of it.

Ah. That's a new... (Laughter)

Songee: And those who are together they are never separated.


Then you run into your Soul Mate as you go along the path? Occasionally to...

Songee: If you have both chosen it.


Songee: Remember there is choice that you may not meet. For the soul progress may not require that you meet.

Oh yes.

Songee: So you will have another partner on your earth travel from that life.

Then how does that ah come in with divorce. Ok after two wives now it seemed that at first step with a family and then I started with the present person and I wondered if that is, that was a Karmic thing, was that agreed on.

Songee: It has all been planned...

Plan, oh yes, yes.

Songee: ...by both, by all parties...

All parties.

Songee: ...even the children involved planned it. They planned who their parents would be.


There seemed to be a special link between my first son and myself and then it was broken away with the break up.

Songee: There is a strong link with different Souls with each other because they were close at the time of the Chaos, before the Chaos began. That closeness never goes away. The Souls that were close then will always be so even if they do not meet for many life times. And if you have lived a close life with one of those Souls then you will automatically recognise each other when you meet again. Somewhere, on some level you will recognise each other. It may be strong, it may not, it does not matter, it is noted. Sometimes you need to continue with that and you will continue with it, if you have chosen to do that, if not it will be noted and go different ways.

Now we are getting into it. Yes.

Songee: That is all that you need to know at that time, is that you know that one, and let them go live their life.

And they are also aware that...

Songee: That they know it. Not always in their own fore mind but they know it.

And that's the suffering, suffering of parting then, in the physical, the sadness of parting.

Songee: That is part of it. It is the physical expression...


Songee: ...remember the Soul does not have that problem when it is not in a physical body. I told you all of that...

Yes I...

Songee: ...there is no pain, there is no sorrow, or sadness, no joy.

In the Soul level?

Songee: There is only being in the Soul. We only experience the emotions the closer we come to the physical body.


Songee: I can experience the emotions from this physical body that I come close to, otherwise I do not.

What I'd like to do is put all this into writing that will be quite a job.

Songee: Just remember not to misquote me.

Right that is the big problem, but however I would work that out, I think...

Songee: If you do not, it will disappear.

The words will disappear, sorry?

Songee: The writing will disappear. The writing themselves will disappear.

Oh I see.

You will lose it.

Oh right.

It wouldn't be published, it wouldn't be read.

Oh, good.

But Songee what about some people talk about a twin self?

That's the Soul Mate.

No not the Soul Mate, it's something different. Is there is difference? Between a twin self and a Soul Mate?

Songee: There are many ideas that people have of the Soul. The energy of the Soul is it is singular not double. You have those who are intending to be together not to be separate. The ones that feel that they have another Soul that is like themself are not correct and yet they are. There is, there is a way that the Soul can become two. It is if the High Self decides that it is going to be good for the Soul for it, for its progress, for it to have two lives. What happens then is some energy goes and is born into one and other half of the energy goes to be born into another.

Is that how twin children come into being?

Songee: Twins know that the Soul of twins is two Souls. Always two Souls born into the body of one that has split but it is two separate souls, it is not one Soul. If it were one Soul, one would go and the other it would lose part of itself. It is not so. It is all one. You remember you have a young man who use to sit with you who died?

A young man who sit with me?

Songee: In circle with you...

Oh Yes, yes, yes.

Songee: ...and his brother died...

That's right.

Songee: ...they were twin Souls, they both died the same time more or less, within a matter of weeks with each other.

Yes that's right.

Songee: When they returned to us they became one again.

They became one Soul?



Songee: There was only the physical expression of two whilst on the earth.

Two different personalities and everything?

Songee: Opposite personalities on the earth plane and return to spirit and become one again. To return back to the High Self.


Songee: It is very simple.

Oh now, come on. The mind boggles. After this, we'll have to sit and work these out. Ah yes.

When I was doing some work, some recalling myself, sometime back, I recall that I was actually a twin in the womb, is that correct? In this present life.

Songee: You have correct memory of that. The other Soul has gone home.

Yes it didn't stay, wasn't born.

Songee: That's correct it did not come. It has gone home.

So that Soul has not been born in this life either?

Songee: It has been born...

Have I meet them?

Songee: ...not here.

So I have not meet up with that person?

Songee: No, it is not in this country.

Testing friends at death

I have a question to ask you, another one that's slightly different to what we have been working on. Ah my friend died on Tuesday at a quarter to four and she's being buried tomorrow and a couple of us wondered whether she really wanted us to be at her funeral. Could you answer that for me please?

Songee: She does not.

Want us there?

Songee: No.

I thought so, so would it be unwise for me to go to the funeral or not?

Songee: You have personal choice of what you wish to do.


Songee: We have that one, she is here, not HERE.

I know what you mean.

Songee: She is at present, she is with us in spirit. She believes herself to be walking through the rooms of a beautiful mansion.

Oh, will she meet up with her late husband?

Songee: Not at this time. There are things that she needs to know first before she will encounter her own that has a mirror image and in that mirror she will look at the things of her life and she will study it and she will also see the decisions that she has made at this time and she will also see the decisions of those around her. It is not necessary for you to go to see her body away for her Soul to know that you were willing to change part of your life for her at that moment. Do you understand?

Yes, yes.

Songee: That is all that the Soul has a need to know. The others will not change their plan and will continue.

The others, you mean the other friends?

Songee: They will continue, even at a late date, they will continue although it was a late date. You will not but you do not need to go to prove to the Soul of that one that you did it. It is already done, you do not need to go but if you wish to go.

I'm not very good at funerals to be quite honest and ah...

Songee: The Soul of that one already knows. Or will come to know it is already done, it is already written.

Thank you.

Songee: In a way it was a test that she was making of those around her to see who really cares.

Is that why she choose 11 o'clock Friday when Bridge starts at 11 o'clock Friday?

Songee: To see who really cares.

Oh. (Laughter)

Songee: She will find out, she will see.

It was a little bit inconsiderate really because people had committed themselves and to uncommit from that it's such a short time.

Songee: That is what I have just told you.


Songee: That is what I told you, she already knows and it is written, she will find out when she looks in the mirror and sees it all. Remember it is all planned right to the last breath, all of it.

At least I was right in what I thought.

Songee: You do not have to go, you go if you wish to go, the test has been passed and you do not have to go.

No I realise that, thanks.

(There was talk between Songee and the people present about Roberta-Margaret's personal life. These comments have been removed from this transcript.)

Destiny and Karma

Oh, could ask you something about destiny and karma? I have always been very good with children and I always wanted to have children but I haven't in this life is that a Karma thing or destiny?

Songee: The choice of not to have children in this life is your destiny choice. The way in which it happened is karma.


Songee: You have a life when you were corrupted by the dark force.

I see.

Songee: Not all that that life only for one part of it. You caused another to lose a child.

I see. Intentionally or...

Songee: Yes it was deliberate.


Songee: You did it out of jealousy.

I see. What, did I murder the child?

Songee: You caused the mother to become very sick so that she lost the child.


Songee: She came to you not much more than a child herself and wanted your help. You did not give help. You gave pain and sickness and the child was lost.

I see. Um was I in some medical field at that time or...?

Songee: No definitely not.

Just a friend, was I?

Songee: A backstreet surgeon.

Oh an abortionist you mean?

Songee: That is one name you have.

Oh yeah right.

Songee: It was done out of jealousy. You were not male, you were female and the one who came to you at that time was your own child of that life.

I see.

Songee: And that child was bearing a child of a man that you coveted.

Right, so I give it up in this life time, reverse it.

Songee: The choice of not having children in this life was destiny. The method by which you did not have children was Karma.

I've just wondered about that because I have always been so good with children.

Songee: There's a lot been taken away from you, only the physical manifestation, but that spiritual manifestation has not been taken away. The debt is paid. It does not need to be paid twice. Next time you may wish that it did.

Oh yes. I've had a few bad times haven't I? Been a bit of a girl.

Songee: It is only a very small thing in one big life time but it counts.

And was that my past life, my previous past life that that happened in?

Songee: The Karma was incurred from the one before, the destiny choice was not. It was your choice for this time. You could have paid the Karma and still had children later if you had chosen. There are different ways to arrange these things.

Remembering Songee's Words

Now all this information that you have been giving to us, Um my problem is the memory and the recall. How can that be made better as it is one of my problems throughout life, I think. I can't get into my subconscious to recall it.

Songee: You write it down, you must write it down exactly and then you can read it any time you wish and not change the words. Do not add some, do not take some out, put it exactly.

You can type it from the tapes.

Oh! That's the way.

Songee: That is something I was going to say to you, for you to listen to your tape and to write it exactly from your tape. As soon as possible, much as if you were going to school and doing homework. Same thing.

Same thing, right I must do that. I'll type it all out and then I'll have to get myself a word processor.

Or get the word processor and do it in one go.

I've got the typewriter but I haven't got three thousand dollars for a word processor.

Oh that's different.

Songee: There is questions that come from those of Monday.

Yes, I'm getting it all the time. See this is the point now, this is what's beating me is, they ask me questions so I'm relating it to what I have already learned, and ah I know that that's wrong but I'm trying to give an answer from my past teachings. So I have to go back to the basics of what I'm learning now and this is where my confusion is.

Songee: Give them the answer as you know it, as you understand it to be...


Songee: ...and offer them the chance to ask the question again and to have it answered by us.

Right yes.

Songee: It is not wrong for you to have your own opinion of something and to put it to them. Do not say that it is from us though, that it is from your own mind.

Recognising the light of the Soul

Oh yes I can realise that but I seem to get confused when I try to answer the questions which they give to me. Like ah, I answered that question of the Soul, what is the Soul and I gave it in my way.

Songee: It is the energy.

Now I know that it is the energy, now I'll have to go back to them and explain what, that it's an energy. That...

Songee: They already know that, why do they ask if they already know it.

Testing once more I think.

Yeah well.

Songee: It is given, it is energy, it becomes more as the Soul progresses. It has more power as it progresses. It becomes purer and more beautiful as it progresses. It is only made grubby if it is corrupted by the dark force. It only looses it's power and it's light if it goes over to the dark force. Don't now make a mistake by believing that those Souls that are in the dark do not have any form of light of their own, they do. They are granted the power of light by the one who rules them. It is a very brilliant light and can be made to look like the light that comes from the Oneness but there is something that is not quite right, and something that is missing from it - and that is the Soul. The light does not come from the Soul of that one, it is coming from the one who danes to give it. The light that comes with the Soul that lives in the Light is a light of its own. It is not light that is dane to be given by the Oneness. There is a big difference but you must learn to see it. They must all learn to see it, they do not look hard enough. They only see the light that is being given. This make me very sad when I am in this body or anybody.


Margaret got a broucher today, or this week anyway, from this (-) Programe that you thought we should go and see but it seems to be getting very commercialised structure rather than a spiritual one.

Songee: It does no harm for you to go and to learn to see the different light. It is essential that you learn to see the different light. It is one way for you to learn. You go, you look, you see, you come away, you do not go back. It is a way of learning to see the light - they are not the same.

They have turning their light to the physical and the...

Songee: They have already been corrupted by the darkness. Already it is there. It is there in great quantity.

That was one reason why we were a bit hesitant about going.

Songee: You can come to no harm. Those who work within the Light can come to no harm. When you go you let your light shine...


Songee: ...you hide nothing, you pretend not to be one thing you are not. You go for yourself as you are. You do not join, you go only to observe and to learn. The Souls that are to be bought back into the light they will know who to come and see. Whether it be now or later matters not, they will be brought to you.

So are they aware that they are drifting into the dark?

Songee: No, they believe that they are going closer to the Light. Remember the Light that is given by the one who rules the darkness is very bright. It can masquerade as the real thing. Ha, it is only a thing of its own, in its own right. It is most powerful and very bright and very beautiful to look at but it has no power of its own, it is given.

Well it looks as though I can't let them hear that tape.

Songee: Oh no. It grieves us, for we see these Souls who are taken from the Light and we know we have more work to do.

Now it seems as though R is ah she's catching on to the, well she's aware, she must be aware of the Light in our circle.

Songee: There is a struggle going on.


Songee: I have already told you what it...


Songee: The Soul is not very developed...

Right, you mentioned that yes.

Songee: ...and that is why there is a struggle going on. Remember that all things are planned...


Songee: ...for the growth of the Soul. Sometimes it teeters on the brink, sometimes it becomes lost and we have to go find it again.

Oh well, the more times she comes to us then the better it is for her?

Songee: The more she comes into the Light the stronger her own light will become. She must also do some work to help herself. We do not give the Light, we do not dane to give the Light. The Light is within each of you.


The Dark Energy

Songee: Listen to your own prayer - The Light within each and every one of you joins together with us and the Light within each and every one of us is joined with you, and we are all joined with the Oneness. That is not so with the darkness. The one who rules the darkness says, "I will give you this light. It will make you shine really good for the people of earth. And when I'm ready I will take it away from you."

But the Oneness does not do that, you have your own Light in you. It is up to you to make sure that you have enough fuel and enough wick to keep you going.

Well I'm surprised we are not being interfered with by the, the other side?

Songee: What makes you think you are not?

(Laughter) Well we must be doing very well.

Songee: Every time we have those of the Light from the Brotherhood, the Dark One would like to corrupt them. He does not do too badly, he manages - everytime that you think a bad thing of someone he has got you, everytime you get angry he has got you.

Oh that's the crash with...

Songee: Every time he has got you because you allow it to be.


Songee: You can disallow it. You are allowed to disallow it. It is the learning that your Soul must have. That is why there is always the struggle between the Light and Dark. It is no big thing to be angry, to be jealous, to be sad - the big thing is what you do with the emotion. If you are angry and you hit and you hurt someone because you are angry that is not good and the Dark One has you. If you are sad and you feel so sorry for yourself that you make everyone around you miserable then that is wrong you have the Dark One has you there. If you are jealous and you say bad words to other people of the one you are jealous of then the Dark One has you there too. It is not an easy path that the Soul will tread.

Yeah, I realise that now.

Songee: You have to live in a human body, with human emotion, in a human world and you are tempted every step of the way, every minute of your life. Every single day that you draw breath. From the beginning time when you draw breath to the end time when you lose your breath. Even before you draw breath you can be tempted, even in the womb you can be tempted. He can get to your Soul before you can be born. From conception you are attached to your physical body and that is your body from that moment. You can be corrupted from before you have made your entry into this world.

The Soul enters the body at conception

So does the Soul come in at the time of conception?

Songee: The Soul enters and leaves the child within the womb at different times.

I see because some theories said they been at the time of conception, some say at the...

Songee: Before birth. It enters the first time at the time of conception, the very moment of conception...


Songee: ...the Soul is attached. It does not leave until that physical has been put in the ground and is decaying.

Oh until it is decaying. It doesn't leave at the point of death?

Songee: It leaves at the point of death...


Songee: ...but the body must be disposed of either in the ground or to be burned, or to be left to decay...


Songee: ...or given to the fishes, decay that way, it doesn't matter, it is disposed of.

And the Soul stays with that body until it's disposed of?

Songee: It doesn't stay with the body but it will remain close to the earth plane until it is gone.


Songee: That is why you can have those bodies that hang around and don't go anywhere after they leave their physical body. They can hang around and be most devious. It is better if the physical body is destroyed more quickly. It releases the Soul more quickly to go on. Even those who have died by violence. Remember there are those Souls whose physical bodies were blown into pieces. All those tiny little pieces have to wait till they rot, because there is nothing to collect to put in, in a casket for burial, or to cremate. The fastest way is burning. The next fastest way is to drown...

Why does the body decompose quicker with the water?

Songee: ...and the fishes eat it.

Oh right yes. I hadn't thought of that.

Songee: It is much, much quicker. The Soul does not stay on the earth plane so long. Do not make the mistake of believing that all Souls stay in the earth plane and do not move away. What happens if, if the Soul is enlightened it will move to the higher plane and come back now and again because it is drawn back. If the Soul is unenlightened then it will hover and will not go away. That is why you have Souls who remain in an area where they have died. It may not be exactly where that body is but the last place that they remember being. I think you call it haunting.

Ghosts, my sister has ghosts in her place.

Songee: We do not call ourselves ghosts, we are not, I am not, I have never been.

(The others laugh, Songee is not a Soul.)

What are poltergeists?

Right then we asked about um poltergeists, that question was answered wasn't it. What are poltergeists then, what we class as poltergeist?

Songee: There are many different reasons for that kind of activity. Sometimes it is manufactured by one who is living of the earth plane already and they are using their own energy for it. Other times it is an angry Soul. One that has not gone away yet.

And they can use the forces to do all these things?

Songee: They can use their own or they can use those of those, the people who are there that ah, have ah the energy within them, to be used. Sometimes it is the energy that is around the physical object that they are hovering around.

And then that brings in the ah, the person that can move objects, he can get in touch with that power of the object and make it do the things...

Songee: That is correct.

That's how your brother does it.

Is that a poltergeists?

No but that leads onto it to the moving of objects by the person. Oh right that's... Um And the only way then that you can get rid of the poltergeists is to break the power of the people around it or do um what is it?


An exorcism?

Songee: Where would you call an exorcist? It is something that should not be undertaken by anyone who does not know what they are doing, by anyone who only think they know what they are doing. It is not a task that should be undertaken by one on their own. You need to have more than one. Preferably a few of you, there will always be one who will rule it, who will be the, who will guide it and the rest will be the energy upon which that one will draw from the earth. And then from all of us (- - -) standing around while doing this work. So you draw not on your own energy but on the energy of the spirit realm and so, so the more the merrier. Another party, it is good.

(Some discussion that cannot be heard.)

Its time anyway.

The Facets of the Diamond

Songee: There is something I have to tell you. You will be asked questions they will be pertaining to the validity of psychic work. You will have questions of people who are testing their faith. Those who know and have faith that there is a Oneness that they can bow down to, however they have no faith in much else. They look around and do not know what to do with their faith. What do they do with it. What is the use for it and where does it fit in. There are many things that are (-) about that subject. They cannot be given to you to know. I will give them to you or maybe someone will arrive naturally, but there are others that (-) that need to be given before the questions can be deemed to be asked out in the open. The questions are already being asked but they are not being bought into the open.

There are those who have followed the different Facets of the Diamond...


Songee: ...and still they seek, they do not know how to put the diamond together.

That's the problem.

Songee: They do not know where all (the?) words that you are given refer to it. I tell you they are the cement the binds the diamond facets together, if you wish - it is only a way describing it you. It is the diamond itself. All of those other things bought too, they are not false when looked at will be seen to be true. It was given a long time ago by the Christos when upon the earth, before He returned to the (soul/spirit?), the day would come many would speak who would teach in a language they do not understand. This is that language. It was given that he would not be here in the flesh to give the teachings, to continue giving them. That there would be those who would come to give the teachings in a different language. And to uphold the (lot of you?), all of you and all of those from that time to now - would come a Power that will uphold everyone. That Power was given a name, it was given the name of The Holy Breath. It is in all persons of all races, all colours, all creeds and it speaks. And it will not be withheld, it will always be, it always has been and it does not have light of its own. And it is often referred to as She.


Songee: It is often referred to as She. The feminine aspect rather than the masculine aspect although it is neither and it speaks through many, and then come to many.

And then the word, the word of the Christos to the children, so that the children can go to Him. It take a lot of earth time but it does happen.

Remember the Holy Breath it is only energy it has no form (of?) its own. It permeates all things and it is the companion of all the Souls and they need it. They have only to talk to it. It is there for them. It is the mission that it has been given on this earth plane as long as it is necessary. It is there for eternity. And that will be true of now and (onward?) for time to come and not just for you who are here but for those in other places. The same word are being given to others at the same time.

Oh! There are no boundaries to the question then.

Songee: There are no boundaries. It will be given on a level of understanding that the groups of people are ....

(This is the end of the tape and no further tape of this teaching can be found)

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